10 Reasons Why You Get Drunk So Fast

Get Drunk So Fast

Have you ever questioned why you act entirely sober when a friend drinks more than you do, yet you feel drunk after just a few drinks? Many factors, like your body size and what you did before drinking, have a role in this. Read on to learn why you get drunk so fast if you frequently get drunk a lot quicker than others or if you’ve found that your tolerance has fallen. 

How Do You Get Drunk?

Drinking more alcohol than your body can handle gets you drunk. The liver changes alcohol to acid. After this, your brain makes serotonin, cells interact slower, and you encounter its effects. Signs of intoxication are:

  • Slurred Words
  • High Pleasure
  • Lack Of Fear
  • Balance Issues

Others get fuzzy and pleasant with one glass of wine, and others may consume all night without effects—your blood alcohol level counts. Several variables impact your BAC and how quickly you become drunk.

Top Reasons Why You Get Drunk So Fast

Get Drunk So Fast

Below are a few explanations of why you get drunk so fast or show signs following fewer drinks:

1. Got A Cold

Dehydration grows BAC when you’re unwell. Your blood carries less water to dilute alcohol. Therefore, your blood alcohol concentration is more significant and stronger. Since alcohol can be sedating, giving antihistamines or anti-nausea drugs with it may make one feel drunk.

2. Diet Soda Was Added To Your Drink

Diet soda in drinks boosts blood alcohol levels quicker than standard soda. Participants in a study drank three to four mixed drinks. Their maximum blood alcohol level was 0.077 after drinking vodka with typical soda, just below the legal level of 0.08. 

They got 0.091 blood alcohol after vodka and diet soda. Diet drinks made people score significantly poorer on computer tests, yet they feel the same.        

3. Losing Weight

After dropping 10% of your Weight, alcohol affects you quickly. Small people have less H20. Drinking the same amount as when you were bigger will make you drunk quicker. Picture your body as a glass of water. When you pour an ounce of alcohol into a 12-ounce glass, its concentration will be less than within an 8-ounce glass.

4. Your Drink Tasted Good

Taste impacts behavior. A tiny sip could start your brain’s “more please!” reward process and make you desire more. New research offered men a half-ounce of low-alcohol beer, their beverage of preference. Beer taste made participants want to consume more than Gatorade.

5. You Are Over 25 Years Old

Once you are 25, you may find it harder to finish glasses than you did in college. Adolescents and young people consume alcohol differently versus those in their mid-20s. Researchers are unsure how alcohol is processed to render it different. Younger men will feel less sedated.

6. You Eat Foods With Fat Or Without Fat

On an empty stomach, alcohol goes to your brain quicker. Even low-fat or fat-free meals may impact your drunkenness. High-fat foods take longer to leave the stomach and hinder alcohol uptake. Pick bar nuts over low-fat pretzels to get healthy, unsaturated fat.

7. Your Sleep Is Poor

Tiredness slows your brain, letting you think and act slower. While exhausted, drinking alcohol as a sedative can make you feel drunker. While your blood alcohol concentration won’t increase when you’re tired, you’ll get drunker. Alcohol causes tiredness, leaving you less aware. One night of poor rest can cause this.

8. You Were Eager For A Nice Time

Searching for an enjoyable date night? You could get “drunk” faster. Perception, not actuality, impacts how drunk you feel. When told their glass has alcohol, people act drunk. They won’t behave drunk if they are unaware the drinks are spiked.

9. Genetic Elements

Gender, race, age, and genetics influence a person’s chance of getting drunk. Women display symptoms sooner than men, and older persons are more likely to get a hangover.

10. Taking Medication

Several medications influence alcohol metabolism. You may have drunk 4-5 drinks without getting drunk. It can take 1-2 to feel the same impact on an unfamiliar drug. When drinking alcohol with new Medication, see your doctor.

Can You Have An Intolerance To Alcohol?

Get Drunk So Fast

A genetic condition known as Asian Flush, or alcohol intolerance, renders it more challenging for the body to process alcohol. Although the ones with alcohol intolerance endure similar challenges with alcohol metabolism as they age, this condition has been present since birth.

Only a few sips of alcohol can cause adverse outcomes for people with alcohol intolerance, causing them to believe they are “just drunk.” In reality, they are suffering from an alcohol flush response, with the following signs:

  • The red face includes red skin on the shoulders, upper chest, and neck
  • Nausea
  • Limited breathing
  • Feeling hot
  • Dizziness
  • Congestion

Others with this condition lack any or all of these signs, or at all. Yet, when symptoms of alcohol intolerance develop, the person is not genuinely drunk. In reality, they are negative consequences of alcohol that Asian glow pills will minimize.

Drinking Alcohol Carefully

It may seem like a lot, but don’t be nervous. Drinking can be pleasant when appropriately taken and while keeping a watch on oneself. Before you decide to drink, consider the following advice and suggestions for security precautions to prevent a bad drunken night:

  • Avoid mixing drugs and alcohol.
  • Drink water.
  • Before leaving, eat a nutritious meal.
  • If you can, sleep before drinking.
  • Track your reactions to every drink.
  • Don’t drink when unwell.

When you pay close attention and don’t get too drunk, you can enjoy a fun yet responsible night.


Why do you get drunk so fast? Is it because of multiple problems? Gender, age, size, diet, and drink all affected the event. Drinking alcohol safely and recognizing the risks and adverse effects is essential. 

By drinking in limit and monitoring your intake, you can prevent alcohol’s harmful effects while having fun. This lets you enjoy yourself safely. If you’re worried about alcohol’s effects, go to a doctor.

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