How To Get Rid of a Drunk Headache [Steps & Tips]

Get Rid of a Drunk Headache

Drinking might be enjoyable, but the after-symptoms are worse. Especially a drunk headache is very unpleasant. When you drink in excess, it is a common symptom of getting a headache. There is no such magical cure that can instantly treat a drunk headache. But specific methods can help you relieve a drunken headache. 

In this article, we will let you know what drunk headaches cause and how to get rid of the drunken headache. 

How are Drunk headaches caused? 

The toxins in the alcohol disturb the activity of blood vessels in the brain, causing headaches. Another reason is that the blood sugar level drop while drinking, causing migraine. 

If you are already susceptible to migraines, even a tiny quantity of alcohol will source you headaches. Alcohol contains a chemical called ethanol is the primary reason for triggering a headache. They are a natural diuretic that makes you frequently urinate, dehydrating your body. Once you get dehydration, it automatically causes a headache. 

How to get rid of a drunk headache 

There are no scientifically proven treatments to treat a drunk headache or hangover symptoms. However, the below-mentioned approaches are effective enough in easing a drunken headache. 

Choose light-colored drinks 

It is better to opt for a light color drink since the darker the alcoholic beverage is, the worse the side effects you have. It is because the darker drink contains a massive amount of Congeners. Congeners are tiny compounds in alcohol that occur during the fermentation process. Experiments say that choosing clear liquids like gin and vodka tends to cause fewer effects on headaches. Know your moderation level when selecting beverages such as tequila, whiskey, and red wine. These contain higher levels of congeners together with ethanol and methanol. They are very toxic and worsen drunk headaches. 

Cold Compress

Get Rid of a Drunk Headache

Applying ice packs to treat headaches is the ancient traditional method. Cold therapy often cures inflammation and pain. So logically, you can use an ice pack when your head hurts. The cooling effects will cool the blood flow passing through the carotid artery, reducing the inflammation in the brain. In turn, it will reduce the severity of the headache. You can apply the cold pack to your forehead and at the back of your neck to relieve a drunk headache. 


Get Rid of a Drunk Headache

Ginseng is another ancient traditional Chinese method followed for over a thousand years. Ginseng is a herb used to treat hangover headaches. Even there is research stating that ginseng is one of the effective remedies to treat drunk headaches. This herb is available in powder, liquid and even as a capsule. Mix the ginseng liquid or powder with warm water and have a shot.

Vitamin B

A small study stated that people who had food containing B vitamins made them treated with drunk headaches. Vitamin B helps to metabolize your body. Pick supplements, drinks, and foods containing vitamins. These vitamins boost the brain and nervous system. It also benefits immunity strength. However, consulting a healthcare provider for a safer side while taking supplements is better. 

Drink Water

Drinking water is the common myth behind hangovers since water makes one hydrated and helps treat numerous side effects. Alcohol suppresses the hormone release called ‚Äúvasopressin.‚ÄĚ This hormone affects the capacity of the kidney to reabsorb water, which causes headaches. When you are hydrated, the severity of the pain might be low. Try consuming about eight glasses of water. It may help in flushing the toxins out of the body. Keeping you hydrated even before drinking would also be safer for eliminating headaches.¬†

Eat Nutritions

As alcohol will lower the blood sugar level, making you dizzy and causing headaches. Taking nutritious, rich food will be a good choice. Choose food that is rich in carbohydrates to make your brain fuelled. A healthy diet will make your body active, offering antioxidants and nutrients to aid recovery. You should avoid food that is acidic and fiery. Drinking alcohol puts down your vitamin content in the body. Eating nutritious food will balance your body’s sugar level and your vitamins. So to avoid drunk headaches, eat carbs, vitamins, and nutrition-rich foods. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is the standard treatment followed by people who face hangovers. As a known fact, ginger contains anti-inflammatory and has numerous health welfares. The chemical compounds present in ginger help ease headaches. When you mix ginger with lemon, it has added benefits. Both have anti-solid oxidants that can lessen the free radicals produced by toxins.  

Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt bath is a distinctive strategy for those who are too drunk. When you take a hot bath with Epsom salt, that relaxes your physiques and calms you. How to do an Epsom salt bath? In warm water, add some Epsom salt; make sure you add it 20 mins before for the salt to get soaked in water. It will relieve your mind from the stress caused by a drunk headache. This approach also helps detoxify the alcohol, and the body will eliminate all the nasty toxins. 

Adequate sleep and rest

When it comes to drunk headaches having a good sleep and rest is the best medicine. It might again lead you to severe headaches. Try to sleep at least eight to ten hours so get your system gets the time to metabolize the alcohol. Some people will take pain relief pills and directly get back to bed. It is also an effective way to get rid of drunk headaches. Good sleep recovers your body from the side effects of alcoholic drinks.  

Bottom Line

The key is to drink moderately to avoid a drunk headache. Give the system its time to remove the alcohol from the blood. However, these headaches make your day terrible as they may be hostile and upsetting. You could track simple strategies such as drinking plenty of water, eating healthy foods, taking rest, give a cold massage to your head. The above tactics are effective and tried by most people, so when you want to get rid of a drunk headache, consider these steps.  

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