Gose Beer: Everything You Need To Know

Gose Beer

Beer has remained a favorite beverage for millions from different countries. If you go back through history, you will know that some breweries have been in business for centuries. You will find century-old breweries in the US and the UK. These age-old breweries manufacture beer very carefully and with maximum precision.

Beers can be classified as stouts, ales, lagers, pale ales, and pilsners, among other variations. Taste, level of alcohol, and smoothness vary between these. Only a tiny percentage of you might enjoy all types of beer. Others may love to drink pilsners, while some may favor lagers. The number of breweries that make a variety of beers is also minimal. Hence, you might need to hunt for other beer types if you want to drink various beers. Nonetheless, Gose beer is one type of beer that has millions of fans.

Brief History

The Gose beer was brewed for the first time in Goslar, Germany. It belongs to the sour wheat beer family that was brewed in the Low Countries and across Northern Germany in the past. It was in the 13th century when Gose beer was brewed for the first time. It got its name from Goslar, the town where it was founded.

Soon the beer became very famous in Leipzig. This prompted all the local breweries to copy the brewing style of Gose beer. Since all the local breweries in Leipzig started manufacturing similar beers as Gose beer, the brand was soon considered the local beverage of the town. As time passed, the brewing technique of Gose beer also changed.

Initially, Gose beer was spontaneously fermented. In other words, the beer ferments itself without adding yeast to it. However, in the 1880s, brewers started getting a similar effect by combining lactic acid bacteria and top-fermenting yeast. Despite the change in the brewing process, Gose beer maintained the same taste and flavor.

What Type Of Beer Is Gose Beer?

Gose beer is a type of sour wheat beer. It is a top-fermented German beer with marginal alcohol content. It is one of those beers that have been around for ages. Unlike many other old beer types, Gose beer has maintained its old and original taste and flavor. This is why people still love to enjoy beer despite several new brands available in the market.

What Does It Taste Like?

Unlike many other German beer types, Gose beer has an herbal characteristic and lemon sourness. You will also get a strong saltiness after having a few sips of the beer. The fermentation process of Gose beer was changed several years after it was founded. Despite the change in the fermentation process, the taste of the beer has remained the same.

Gose beer does not have the usual flavor and bitterness associated with beer. This uniqueness of Gose beer makes it different from all its competitors.


Different ingredients are used to brew Gose beer. At least 50% of the total ingredients used to manufacture this beer are malted wheat. Some of the other ingredients used to brew Gose beer are lactic acid, coriander, and salt. The saltiness of the beer may be due to the addition of salt or the use of local water. The usual bitterness of hops is missing in this beer due to the non-usage of hops.


Gose beer is different from its competitors in many ways. Apart from its unique taste, which sets it apart from other beers, Gose beer is also brewed differently. Another point of difference is its calorie content. Unlike most of its competitors, Gose beer has lesser calories at 125 calories. This means if you are health-conscious, you can still enjoy this beer without worrying about gaining weight.

Alcohol Content

Do you usually have beers that are low in alcohol content? If you do, then you should love to have Gose beer. This is one of those beers that does not have much alcohol content. The percentage of alcohol in Gose beer ranges between 4.2% and 4.8% ABV. Considering other beers with higher alcohol content, Gose beer is pretty low in its alcohol percentage.

 Is It Healthy?

Drinking alcohol every day can never be healthy. Alcohol causes plenty of damage to your body. If you have alcohol every day, you may suffer from digestive issues and high blood pressure. If your blood pressure rises beyond a certain limit, it will put excess pressure on your heart. As a result, your heart may get weak, and you may suffer from heart ailments and stroke.

Although Gose beer does not contain much alcohol, drinking too much of it can make you drunk. This will cause health problems for you if you have too much beer every day. Thus, you should always enjoy your beer and not aim to get drunk. Gose beer also has 11gm carbs and 2gm of protein, which is beneficial for your general health.


The price of Gose beer depends on the seller and the place where you stay. It may also depend on the size of the pack. However, the cost of Gose beer ranges from $5.29 to $59.99.


Gose beer is one of those types of beer that have been famous for many centuries. It is a German beer that started around the 1800s. Gose beer has a unique taste and aroma, which is not like any other beer. The best part about it is that it has maintained its original taste and flavor despite the challenges.

Many people love to have a beer. Some like to have a bottle of cold beer on a hot and humid day, whereas some prefer to enjoy a beer at a social gathering. Due to the rising demands, brewers have manufactured different types of beers for their customers. However, whichever variety you choose or prefer to drink, you should always remember not to drink too much alcohol. This may lead to health problems that you can easily avoid by not drinking too many alcoholic beverages. After all, avoidance is better than cure.

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