Oskar Blues Guns ’n’ Rose Beer Fiasco Explained

Guns ’n’ Rose Beer

If you love floral flavors, why not try a Rosé-style Pale Ale? Guns ‘N’ Rose takes your taste buds to a whole new level, where every sip provides a soothing vibe.

Oskar Blues Brewery’s Guns ‘N’ Rose is a nice twist on a pale ale. Packed with prickly pear and hibiscus, it’s got this awesome tart and fruity flavors that offer a unique taste.

Now, there’s some legal drama with Guns N’ Roses claiming trademark issues, but the Colorado brewer still stands strong with high-quality beers and a loyal fan base.

If you wanna know what Guns ‘N’ Rose tastes like and why folks enjoy it so much, keep reading the post to find out.

About Oskar Blues Brewery

Oskar Blues Brewery gained popularity as the trailblazers in the craft beer world, being the first to “can” their own brews. Originally a brewpub in Lyons, Colorado, starting in 1997, they quickly moved to producing beers in 1999.

Today, Oskar Blues operates in Longmont, Colorado, Brevard, North Carolina, and Austin, Texas, crafting fresh and captivating beers cherished worldwide.

Their diverse small-batch beers are exclusively available at family-friendly taprooms. Beers lovers have the chance to explore certain sections of the brewery while enjoying their drinks in the taproom. 

With over two decades of brewing expertise, Oskar Blues isn’t just about making beer; it’s about making you go, “Works for me!” with every delightful sip.

What Does Guns N’ Rose Taste Like?

Guns N’ Rose is crafted under the umbrella of Oskar Blues Brewery. While it may not be your go-to drink, it’s a crisp and refreshing option featuring a prominent hibiscus herbal flavor and wine-like character, making it a unique and fun experience to enjoy on different occasions.

It pours a clear pinkish-amber color with a generous, slowly fading white foam head, leaving abundant lacing on the glass.

The flavor profile includes gentle berry notes, a sweet malt base, and a mix of sweet citrus and floral hops, finishing clean with a touch of sweetness. The beer smells strongly of hibiscus, and as you taste it, you get hints of grape, grain, and a bit of prickly pears.

Why Do People Love Guns ‘N’ Rose so much?

Does Guns N’ Roses ring a bell? It is one of the biggest rock bands of the 80s and ’90s era, with AXL Rose as the lead vocalist.

No doubt, beer lovers can easily feel connected to the drink as the name reminds them of the epic rock band.

Overall, it’s a funky drink with 6% ABV and light carbonation with floral tastes that gives an easy sipping experience, ideal for a hot summer day.

Lawsuit Over Guns N Roses 

The popular band, Gun N’ Roses, have been faced with many controversies and lawsuits, including trademark disputes.

They took legal action against Oskar Blues Brewery for unauthorized use of their name and selling merchandise like T-shirts and bandanas associated with it.

The band was furious by watching their goodwill getting sabotaged. They believed that the fans were under the impression that both the band and the brewery were official partners.

A lawsuit came in May 2019, leading to a subsequent settlement. The beer was then renamed from Gun ‘N’ Rosé to Rosé for Daze.


Despite all the lawsuits, beer enthusiasts just couldn’t keep their hands off the awesome drink. As long as it tastes good, fans are really not bothered by the name. 

Whether you’re at a party, hanging out with friends, or looking for something refreshing to pair with your favorite cuisine, Guns ‘N’ Roses is a good choice for all events.

With its wine-like character, it’s a cute gift for your partner. Enjoy your special moments together!

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