100 Best Helen Keller Jokes That Keep the Laughter Alive

Helen Keller Jokes

Our collection of 100 Helen Keller jokes is sure to put you in a good mood.

Our carefully curated collection is designed to add a dash of laughter to your day while presenting a playful twist on historical narratives. 

These jokes serve as a lighthearted tribute to Helen Keller, one of the most inspiring figures in history, showcasing how humor and learning can indeed go hand-in-hand. So, buckle up and prepare for a laughter-filled journey through history.

Tickling Your Funny Bone: A Dive into the World of 100 Helen Keller Jokes

Helen Keller jokes funny

Helen Keller Jokes

Step into the lighter side of history as we delve into our collection of amusing Helen Keller jokes, guaranteed to leave you laughing

  1. How do I get even with Hellen Keller? Head on over to her place and give her a hand rearranging her stuff.
  1. How did Helen Keller sense that a terrible event was about to occur? She sensed it while reading a story to her children.
  1. Just how come Helen Keller aced the game of golf? Her handicap was 2.
  1. When Helen Keller and a zebra have a baby, what do you get? The role of a referee.
  1. The new biography of Helen Keller is fantastic. However, the audiobook is completely incomprehensible.
  1. How come Helen Keller didn’t believe in God? She didn’t trust anything but her eyes.
  1. Why does having Helen Keller at bondage events seem to be so popular? The ‘code word’ is never an option for her.
  1. Helen Keller once farted in the middle of a presentation about hereditary deafness...The volume of scientific discussion was astounding.
  1. Helen Keller learns when to stop wiping. After the toilet paper loses its unpleasant odour.
  2. What is everyone’s most-loved tidbit about Helen Keller? The departed may still hear her. The topic was popular enough to inspire a film, The Fourth Sense.
  1. Did you know that the studs dildo was created by Helen Keller? This allowed her to simultaneously read while masturbating.
  1. What do you hope to see in a film adaptation of Helen Keller’s life? Darkness for ten straight hours.
  1. Find the fastest land-based object possible. Helen Keller’s motorboat.
  1. How come Helen Keller didn’t get the fish joke? Simply enough, she lacked a sense of watery humor.
  1. When Hellen Keller first visited the seashore, she noticed what? Quite simply, a volleyball net.
  1. Pigs are disgusting to Helen Keller because…? Looking at them gives me a headache.
  1. How come Helen Keller lost her mind? He examined the scraping intently, hoping to make sense of the message.
  1. How will Helen Keller protect your secret? Shattered finger.
  1. Can you tell me her favorite hue? Black.
  1. What better way is there to forget about her than with a few jokes about Helen Keller? Moving some pieces around in the family room.
  1. Why don’t Helen Keller’s friends like playing hide and seek with her? Because she always finds them in ‘touch.

Best helen keller jokes

Unearth the top selections of Helen Keller humor with our curated compilation, promising the perfect blend of history and hilarity.

  1. Helen Keller’s parents punished her for disrespecting them in what way? She was given soapy handwashing in the restroom.
  1. Helen Keller’s parents scolded her for rudeness. He was given an empty basket and told to “read this book” aloud.
  1. When Helen Keller’s parents overheard their little daughter using foul language, what did they do? They used soap to clean her hands.
  1. What was the cruelest prank played on Helen Keller by her companions? The plunger was forgotten in the commode.
  2. I refuse to allow anyone to diminish Helen’s accomplishments. Any claims that her success was purely accidental will be disregarde.
  1. The first friend says, “I know a funny Helen Keller ‘knock knock’ joke…” May we begin?  “Knock knock,” says Friend B.   A friend looks at B with a blank expression.
  1. Helen Keller responded to the store clerk who offered assistance by asking, “What can I do for you?” The phrase “I’m just looking” is often heard.
  1. How come Helen Keller constantly had a damp, yellow leg? The reason was that her dog was also blind.
  1. Helen Keller can’t be confused, right? … You rearrange the pieces of furniture and adhere the door handles to the wall.
  1. Helen Keller’s husband frequently argued with her because…? Simply put, she wasn’t paying attention.
  1. How would you characterize Helen Keller’s famous fist pump? Killing without no reason at all.
  1. In what ways did her companions tease Hellen Keller? The instructions included “read this book” and a basketball.
  1. Helen Keller enjoyed reading, but which book was her favorite? The Whole Neighborhood in Eighty Days
  1. Helen Keller’s reason for crossing the street. As if she could find her way there.
  1. Changing the diaper on her baby: why didn’t Helen Keller do it? So that she could always track him down
  1. Where did Helen Keller get her driving instructions? Keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road.
  1. Who would win if Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller played tennis? Unending devotion.
  1. Why did Helen Keller’s parents beat her, and how did they do it? Wrap the bowl in saran wrap.
  1. Helen Keller’s parental punishment consisted of what? With her golf shoes on, she walked on her Braille books.
  1. Helen Keller’s yellow fingers: a mystery. From adorably cooing into her boyfriend’s ear.

Dark helen keller jokes

Navigate the edgier side of humor with our assortment of dark Helen Keller jokes, offering a unique, satirical take on historical narratives.

  1. Have you seen the latest Helen Keller Doll? She keeps running into walls once you wind her up.
  1. I’ve never heard of Helen Keller before. When she was alive, she was a beacon of hope, but in the age of the Internet, she’s just fodder for terrible jokes.
  1. When Helen Keller accidentally fell down a well, what did she do? Her hands got blue from screaming so much.
  1. What was Helen Keller’s worst day like? That one day when she had a bad mouth fire and couldn’t taste anything.
  1. When Helen Keller accidentally knocked over a product display at a store, what did she remark to the sales clerk? Only curious.
  1. What went wrong in Helen Keller’s last attempt at a relationship? Her lover said she never listened to him when he had issues.
  1. Why did Helen Keller’s fingertips always look so purple? Since she learned it from a rumor going around town.
  1. Def Leppard and Blind Melon worked together on a song. Songwriters dubbed it “Helen Keller” in her honor.
  1. Who was the most frustrated ghost ever? The ghost that supposedly inhabited Helen Keller’s home.
  1. Have you heard about the guy who spent 300 hours on the “Helen Keller Simulator?” After a while, he realized that his TV wasn’t plugged in.
  1. How come Helen Keller’s pants are so constricting? So that I might read her lips.
  1. When did Helen Keller experience bullying? They said, “That was the most awesome thing!” You truly missed out if you didn’t see it.
  1. I think it was a really bad joke that I made.

What if Helen Keller caught sight of that? Not funny at all.

  1. It’s Helen Keller, *gets thrown to the ground.

Wow, I didn’t see that coming. —Helen Keller, internally.

  1. What motivated Hellen Keller to use the n-word in her sign language? To her, blackness was a given.
  1. For Helen Keller’s 12th birthday, I gave her an Oculus and AirPods, but she was not happy.
  1. What connects Helen Keller to orphans?

Their parents can’t communicate.

  1. When Helen Keller entered the pub,...And into a desk, and a seat.
  1. Explain why Helen Keller finds the national anthem so obnoxious. How about you tell me if you can see anything.
  1. Why did Helen Keller not scream as she went over the edge? As a result of her mittens, obviously.

Dirty helen keller jokes

Helen Keller Jokes

Brace yourself for a ride on the wild side of humor with our collection of dirty Helen Keller jokes, promising a bold twist on the historical figure’s legacy.

  1. Why doesn’t Helen Keller go to an optometrist? Because she’s dead.
  1. what part of the Earth does Helen Keller not have? The sea.
  1. Why did the archaeologist bring a ladder to the Egyptian tomb?

Because he heard the Pharaoh’s treasure was “highly” prized.

  1. Helen Keller and her lover broke up, but why? She saw no hope for a positive resolution.
  1. Helen Keller’s slurred fingers begged the question: why? They found her intoxicated.
  1. What drew Helen Keller to LSD? She had tried LSD after hearing that it enhanced psychic abilities.
  1. How come Helen Keller only uses one hand when she masturbates? So that she can use her other hand to moan.
  1. Helen Keller enjoyed the color red. Corduroy.
  1. Helen Keller plays the piano with only one hand; why is that? She uses her other hand to sings.
  1. Helen Keller’s dog mysteriously disappeared; why? If your name was HHNNGHGNNGGNGNH, you’d probably flee, too.
  1. How did Helen Keller break her arm? Just try to read a stop sign while traveling at 60 mph.
  1. Helen Keller hates music; name her least favorite song. Vision and hearing.
  1. Is there a way to track Helen Keller’s whereabouts? Hearing someone trip and fall on the stairwell.
  1. I don’t see why people assumed Helen Keller was a brat as a baby. She never did the “peek-a-boo” game.
  1. If Helen Keller doesn’t like the winter, why not? Because of the cold, she can’t use her hands to speak.
  1. Why did Helen Keller become so enraged? Someone advised she look at the bright side of things.
  1. Helen Keller didn’t make it home on time from school, but why was that? Not even the bell could wake her up.
  1. What were Helen Keller’s parties like? Discos in the dark.
  1. Helen Keller’s sexual assault arrest raises many questions. She was attempting to decipher a person’s nonverbal cues.
  1. Helen, can you sum up your friendships in one word for the interviewer? Quite, Helen Keller.
  1. If John Cena met Helen Keller, what would he say to her? You can’t see me.
  1. Which day did Helen Keller most enjoy? It’s Black Friday.
  1. What did Helen Keller say when presented a cheese grater? When asked, I always give the same answer: “This is the most violent book I’ve ever read.”
  1. Helen Keller’s iron burns on her cheeks beg the question: why? Because someone had called them.
  1. Why did she burn it a second time?They called back.
  1. Why did Helen Keller never show up for court hearings? She lost her hearing.
  1. Has anyone here actually read any of Helen Keller’s writings? My favorite is the last one “around the house in 80 days.
  1. Who among the dead was the angriest? The ghost that supposedly inhabited Helen Keller’s home.
  1. Which sweet did Helen Keller most enjoy? Skittles. She may be blind to the rainbow, but she can still taste its sweetness.
  1. What caused the holes in Helen Keller’s face? She used a fork to eat.
  1. When playing Pin the tail on the donkey with Helen Keller, what is the most embarrassing thing that could happen? Her companions are debating whether or not to blindfold her.
  1. Helen Keller: What book gave you the chills the most? The waffle maker.
  1. Helen Keller’s method for killing the bird was…? She flung it from a high place.
  1. Why, exactly, is Helen Keller wearing such skintight jeans? To facilitate lip-reading.
  1. Helen Keller’s tardiness in getting home from school. Not even the bell could wake her up.
  1. Why do some individuals find humor about Helen Keller offensive? Helen Keller, in fact, would not recognize a cracked egg if it were placed in front of her.
  1. Helen Keller is not someone you want to upset. Spread doorknobs around the walls with superglue.
  1. Helen Keller’s entire face is burned, but why? French fry spearing was her current hobby.
  1. The cold isn’t the only reason Helen Keller dislikes winter. Because of the cold, she can’t use her hands to speak.

Final Words

100 Helen Keller jokes ends, but the laughter continues. These light-hearted, lighthearted jokes offer a distinct viewpoint on a renowned figure, proving that comedy is universal. Even history can be linked by laughing. These jokes are a fun way to learn, but they also honor Helen Keller’s strength and achievements. As we part, may the laughter remind us of the joy in our histories.

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