High Gravity Beer: ABV, Pros & Cons, and Health Implications

High Gravity Beer

Being a beer lover, you must have heard about high-gravity beer. It is mainly known for its high levels of alcohol and intense flavors. Both these attributes are attained by adding more fermentable sugar or barley while brewing.

You might have concerns regarding the health implications and the pros & cons of high-gravity beer. But is that justified? Is high-gravity beer bad for you? What’s the difference between high-gravity and low-gravity beer? And most importantly, what is the ABV of high-gravity beer? All your queries are satisfied in this article.

Keep reading so that next time you visit a brewing store, you can make an educated decision while choosing the best beer. I understand this decision matters to you as you want to drink larger quantities per your taste. So, choose the best to stay healthy with your drinking.

What Is the ABV of High-Gravity Beer?

The ABV means alcohol by volume. ABV of high-gravity beer ranges from 8 to 12 percent or sometimes even higher. This ABV is relatively higher than those of low-gravity beer. This percentage of alcohol is attained by adding more malt and fermentable sugar. Plus, brewing for a more extended period also enhances the alcohol content in a high-gravity beer.

Pros of High Gravity Beer

Either high or low gravity, every beer brings pros and cons and a swoon-worthy flavor. Here are listed some pros and cons of high-gravity beer. Let’s discuss the cons first.

Too High to Handle

One of the main concerns that drinkers show towards high-gravity beer is its high ABV level. Someone very sensitive with drinking habits can’t stand the intensity of this beer. Drinking high-gravity beer can lead to awful drinking experiences and worse health risks like heart or liver diseases.

Risk of Intoxication

Due to higher alcohol levels, high-gravity beer may cause intoxication issues and other alcohol-related problems. Such problems result in impaired decision-making, slow reaction time and cause frequent road accidents. Hence, drinking high-gravity beer moderately is the key to enjoying its charm.


More alcohol content, the more the price. High-gravity beer costs you higher than low-gravity beer. The reason behind its cost is its robust taste and higher HBV. Plus, the brewing process for high-gravity beer also costs you more.

Pros of High Gravity Beer

After discussing the side effects, it is essential to let you know the positive impact of the high-gravity beeThishis sect. I will also tell you how to avoid the harm inflicted by high-gravity beer.

Strong Aroma & Flavor

You might love the high-gravity beer because of its strong aroma and flavor. It has an intense aroma that lets you feel it even before letting the drop touch your palette. And when your palette gets the depth of beer, the flavor blows your mind.

Best for a Potent Drinker

High-gravity beer gives you more alcohol per serving. Being a potent drinker, you would love to have a glass of high-gravity beer on a romantic night. The high alcoholic content also gives a warm sensation with more mouthfeel. 

Used in Cooking

Due to its intense flavors and aroma, you can gladly use it in cooking. Make a pizza dip or a BBQ sauce, or try it in a marinade at your next party or dinner. It will prove to be a good ingredient in your kitchen. Instead of adding low-gravity beer in larger quantities, adding less with a higher effect is better.

Longer Shelf Life

A high-gravity beer has a relatively longer shelf life than a standard or low-gravity beer. The reason is its higher alcoholic content that acts as a natural preservative. This doesn’t let the beer stale or go wrong. Thus you can store it for longer. The longer the beer is stored, the stronger its flavor will be.

Is High Gravity Beer Bad for You?

High-gravity alcohol can harm one’s health when consumed in excess, but it can also be beneficial when consumed in moderation. Minerals and other health-promoting substances found in beer, including high-gravity beer, have enhanced general health and well-being.

When you drink large quantities, beer decreases the chance of cardiac illness and stroke.

Furthermore, moderate and responsible consumption of high-gravity beer does not harm one’s health. As a result, if drunk in restraint and as part of a healthy lifestyle, high-gravity alcohol is not inherently “dangerous” for you.

High Gravity Beer vs. Low Gravity Beer

Low Gravity BeerHigh Gravity Beer
Alcohol ContentTypically 2-5% ABVTypically 6-12% ABV
FlavorLight, crisp, and easy to drinkThe more complex and intense flavor profile, with a higher malt and hops content
Serving SizeLarger serving size to compensate for lower alcohol contentSmaller serving size due to higher alcohol content
CostGenerally less expensive than high-gravity beerHigher cost due to the use of more ingredients and a lengthier brewing process
Shelf LifeGenerally has a shorter shelf life than high-gravity beerHigher alcohol content acts as a natural preservative, leading to a longer shelf life
Cooking UsageIt can be used in some cooking applications. Still, with limited impact on flavorThe higher alcohol content and unique flavor profile make it more versatile for cooking applications.
Drinking ImpactRefreshing and easy to drink, with a lower risk of adverse health consequences.More intense drinking experience, with a higher risk of adverse health consequences.
Health ConsequencesLower the risk of alcohol-related issues, but it still should be consumed in moderation.Higher risk of alcohol-related issues, and you should consume it in moderation to avoid adverse health consequences.


High-gravity beer has a more significant alcoholic content with robust flavor and intense aroma. Being a potent drinker, you are going to love this beer. At the same time, you must be aware of its pros and cons and health consequences.

The more extensive content of alcohol might harm your liver and heart, so be mindful of the quantity of high-gravity beer while drinking. With this beer, you can have more in less. Hence, being moderate with high-gravity beer is the key.

There are many other usages of high-gravity beer that you might haven’t noticed yet. You can use it in cooking as a vital ingredient to enhance the flavors and aroma of your food. Plus, storing high-gravity beer for a longer time is also a good practice as it becomes tastier with time.

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