What Is the Highest BAC Ever Recorded in History?

Highest BAC Ever

A person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is one way to figure out if they are legally inebriated (BAC) and if they are binge drinking. Also, drinking excessively can have adverse legal, social, and health effects on a person. 

In most countries, someone with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or more is considered legally drunk, but still, people have been found to have BAC levels much higher than the limit, which has caused them to deal with certain repercussions.

To determine whether someone is legally drunk or should be prevented from driving on the road or performing other tasks requiring coordination and concentration, their blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is calculated. 

Legal intoxication is defined as BACs above 0.08% in most countries, including the United States. While many people have driven while having BAC levels above the legal limit, the following are some extreme incidents when individuals had BAC levels that were the highest in history.

1. The Polish Man With A BAC Of 1.480%

In 2013, it was reported in Poland that a guy had the highest blood alcohol level in the world, 1.480%. By observing his condition, people were able to determine that he had been drinking excessively for several days, and as a result, he was observed to be nonsensical on the roads.

When he was brought to the hospital, his blood alcohol content was determined to be extremely high. Although a blood alcohol content of 0.4% or higher is considered a high risk of death, the individual was lucky to survive with such a high blood ethanol concentration.

The individual received a community service punishment after being found guilty of public intoxication. Later, he spoke about his experience and warned others about the risks of excessive drinking. He acknowledged that he had a significant alcohol use disorder and was looking for support to eliminate his addiction.

2. The Russian Woman With A BAC Of 1.460%

There was a case in 2011 of a woman found unconscious after drinking continuously for several days before being found with a BAC of 1.460%, one of the highest recorded in the world. She was brought to the hospital and discovered to have an extremely high blood alcohol concentration (BAC). 

Given that a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.4% or above is potentially lethal, the woman survived.

A community service punishment was given after the woman was found guilty of public intoxication. 

She then spoke out about her experiences and warned others about the dangers associated with binge drinking. She says she suffers from an alcohol use disorder and seeks support to overcome it.

3. The Ukrainian Man With A BAC Of 1.320%

An individual in Ukraine in 2010 had a blood alcohol concentration of 1.320%, the highest in the world. He had been drinking for several days when he was seen unattentive on the street. 

A blood alcohol of 0.4% or above means a high risk of death, so the individual was fortunate to survive with such a high BAC. His BAC was found to be extremely high after he was transported to the hospital.

4. The Kentucky Man’s 0.708% Blood Alcohol Level

A man in Kentucky had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.708% in 2011, which is the highest ever reported in the US. 

After drinking heavily for several hours, this individual was seen knocked out in his own vehicle. Later when he was transported to the hospital, he was found to have a very high blood alcohol content. 

Despite having such a high blood alcohol in his system, the person survived; but, if the blood alcohol level was 0.5% or greater, the person was thought to be at a high risk of dying.

Later, he was found guilty of driving under the influence (DUI), but the man was sentenced to two years in prison. 

Soon he realized that he had made a mistake and admitted to having a major alcohol use disorder and to seek treatment. He also told others about his experience and warned them against getting into excessive drinking.

5. The Texas Man With A BAC Of 0.54%

A man was seen unconscious in his car in the middle of an intersection in Texas due to overdrinking with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.54%, more than six times the state’s limit. 

Everyone got him to the hospital safely, and the few tests on him revealed a shockingly high blood alcohol percentage. He managed to survive and was saved by the doctor despite being overdrunk.

Following his conviction for DUI, this person was sentenced to six months in prison. After speaking openly about his experience, he urged others to seek help if they suffered from alcohol addiction. He acknowledged a significant alcohol use disorder and expressed gratitude for the second chance he had received.

6. The Bulgarian Male With A BAC Of 0.914%

A male in Bulgaria in 2004 had one of the highest BACs ever recorded, 0.914%. He drank more than usual for several days when he was found unconscious near the dumpster. After going through certain tests in the hospital, the doctors concluded that his blood alcohol concentration was exceedingly high. The man was fortunate to survive after having been so heavily intoxicated.

These extreme examples refer to people who have drunk too many beers and people with severe alcohol addictions. 

Acute drunkenness can have devastating, even fatal, effects on the body and mind. Such acute drunkenness can have a severe alcohol addiction and consuming quantities of alcohol that would be lethal to most people.

To add more, health risks and high intoxication have legal repercussions. In most nations, driving while intoxicated is a serious misdemeanor that carries fines, suspensions of licenses, and even jail time. Even harsher punishments await extreme drunkenness, including longer prison sentences and heavier fines.


Even though the incidents of extreme intoxication presented here are undoubtedly frightening, they remind us of the risks associated with binge drinking. It is crucial to drink responsibly at all times and never drive after being intoxicated. 

If anyone is suffering from alcohol addiction, then they still have the time to seek professional assistance as soon as possible to avoid the potentially fatal consequences of extreme intoxication.

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