How Long to Reset Alcohol Tolerance?

How Long to Reset Alcohol Tolerance

Alcohol tolerance refers to the body’s ability to resist and sustain the effects of ethanol which is usually caused by prolonged drinking. If you’re still able to stand, feel conscious, and can still be functional after drinking a considerable amount of alcoholic beverage, that means to say your alcohol tolerance is high. This might sound good considering the fact this becomes the very measure of becoming a hard drinker.

Staying sober during and after a drinking session is also crucial in that you’d be responsible for the rest of your buddies who are not that tolerant of alcohol. However, for those people who are not aiming for high tolerance, this can pose a problem.

Tolerance and Immunity

When you’re in a game and start learning experiences and obtaining special items, you become somehow immune to attacks from lower-level opponents. Side monsters may just become a joke to you since they no longer cause that much damage. What usually happens is you just continuously advance and evolve until you reach the top.

The same is happening with continuous alcohol consumption. If you’re a drinker, you probably notice that your tolerance increases over time until such time that you’re no longer contented with just a few bottles of beer; you start venturing into the world of liquor since it offers higher alcohol levels without knowing you’ve already been addicted and have turned into an alcohol-dependent person.

So why reset?

The main factor that’s causing people to reset their tolerance is the amount of alcohol that’s needed to satisfy their thirst. The more alcohol you consume, the more money you spend and the more damaging it becomes in terms of health. Complications may arise, causing a list of problems that can greatly affect your self-image in general.

So, is there a way to reset your tolerance when you’ve already built it up thanks to years of drinking your hard-earned money?

Factors Affecting Alcohol Tolerance

How Long to Reset Alcohol Tolerance

Before we learn how to reset your tolerance, it is proper to cite some of the factors that greatly affect alcohol tolerance. With this in mind, we can capitalize on the tips we can get out of this article. Knowing your body and how it reacts to things like that alcohol plays a vital role if your will is to reset your alcohol tolerance.


Some people may not know this, but a lot of individuals are already tolerant at birth. This is greatly affected by their genetic makeup. In an article from Stanford Medicine, people with East Asian origins are most likely to react to ethanol which causes features of being drunk to be displayed at the onset. The same cannot be said with other races, but we rest the case here.


This factor, in particular, is pretty vague since older people are prone to diseases and have over-the-counter medications that can affect alcohol tolerance in general. Younger people, on the other hand, are healthier and can tolerate ethanol more than someone who is taking medication and has declining health.


When it comes to metabolism, women are more prone to intoxication than men when it comes to alcohol. In the study conducted by Stanford, men tend to be more tolerant of alcohol than women of the same size since men have more fluid in their bodies, which can aid in terms of lessening the effects of alcohol intoxication.

Now that we’ve laid out some of the factors that affect alcohol tolerance, we now have a better understanding that a certain regimen may not have the same effects per individual. However, these tips are still worth considering when it comes to lessening one’s tolerance to alcohol.

The Crucial Steps to Reset Alcohol Tolerance

We’ve cited alcohol tolerance like that of a character in a game. The higher you go, the more immune you become, and the more items you’ll acquire that will eventually make you stronger. These items you can sell later in the game and may affect your overall stats but not your experience or level. This is not true when it comes to resetting alcohol tolerance, though.

A basketball shooter, for instance, who might have taken a break may take some time to regain his accuracy before he stops. Alcohol tolerance, fortunately, works the same way. Regardless of how much of a heavy drinker you are, if your will is to reset your tolerance, you’ll be glad to know that it’s possible.

Set your Goals Right

There is a thin line between withdrawal and resetting tolerance. The latter can come as an effect, but not everyone who’d like to reset their tolerance is really into withdrawal. Keep in mind that moderate drinkers do exist alongside heavy drinkers. If you’re someone who’s already an alcohol dependent, it will be best to seek the help of an expert since symptoms associated with acute withdrawal are by no means a joke.

Take it Slowly

Some may set timelines to hit when it comes to resetting alcohol tolerance. This may start with withdrawing alcohol within a day, a week, a month, and so on. It is worth noting, though, that the remnants of alcohol in your blood can be totally eliminated if you stop the intake for at least a month. This is the most effective timeframe when it comes to resetting alcohol tolerance, but then again, it might be hard for someone who cannot live without alcohol, even for a day.

Use Medications as Needed

Keeping alcohol tolerance checked is also possible by means of a drug called Naltrexone, but this is generally used to treat people that have already been dependent on alcohol. See, when you consume alcohol, your brain releases “dopamine,” a hormone that is mostly associated with ecstatic properties, which is the very reason for abuse. The drug aids in blocking your brain from producing such hormones and has been proven very effective in treating people with alcohol-related disorders.

Closing Notes

Alcohol tolerance should not be taken lightly. While heavy drinkers take pride in their high level of tolerance, one should start worrying whenever they go beyond their usual alcohol consumption and still stay sober. As advertised, we should always drink in moderation. This is our sole responsibility as individuals who cling to alcohol for either our social life or for dealing with problems.

Knowing your own capacity is very important to keep yourself checked. You may not want it when you reach that point of no return, and you’ll have to rely on drugs and medications in order to cure something which could have been prevented in the first place.

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