How Many Beers Will Make You Fat?

How Many Beers Will Make You Fat

Beer is a well popular alcoholic beverage. Even though beer has gained fame, it is not a healthier option. A common question among people who drink beer is, “How many beers will make you fat?”. 

We already know that consuming beer will make us fat. Beer contains many calories that impact one’s hormones and cause other health harms, which can cause an increase in weight. The increased body fat due to beer is called the “Beer Belly.” It could even upsurge your hunger and calorie consumption.

Whatever the side effects, some people don’t want to eliminate beer from their weekend pleasures. Only people who are health conscious and trying to lose weight are avoiding beer. 

This article discusses the relationship between beer and weight and how many beers will give you a beer belly. 

Calories in Beer

Beer contains 150 calories in a 12-ounce beer. If you are a person who consumes two beers a day, then you will add up to 300 calories to your system. A person taking a larger beer quantity will consume even more calories. In one bottle or can, there are 155 calories. 

How much beer will make you fat?

How Many Beers Will Make You Fat

There has been a lot of research done to check whether beer makes fat, but the final verdict is that a moderate amount of beer will not make you fat. 

People who consume moderate beer and take good nutritional food do not fall under the beer fat concept. There are also investigations that average beer consumption will have better eating habits. 

Research says that 200 ml of beer, which contains alcohol, contains 90 kcal. At the same time, alcohol-free beer will have just 34 kcal. When we think through, one pint of alcohol-contained beer holds about 200 kcal. In contrast, the calories that an alcohol-free 100 kcal. 

Hence, it would help to consider your lifestyle to identify how much beer will make you fat. For example, you might face different effects if you live an idle and healthy lifestyle. Also, the food you intake while consuming beer matters. 

In the long run, sipping beer frequently but then again reasonably in portions of lesser than 17 oz of about 500 ml each day doesn’t appear to raise the weight of your body or belly fat. However, drinking more beer than this mentioned figure will significantly make you fat over time. 

Factors that cause fat gain

How Many Beers Will Make You Fat

Beer is an alcohol made from grains, hop, yeast, and water. People like to enjoy beer because it changes their mood and happiness. However, numerous ways drinking beer causes fat gain. Mentioned below are the major factors responsible for the fat gain:


Calories play a vital role in putting on fat when you drink beer. As we all know, beer contains many calories in your diet. Studies say that the consumption of alcohol could raise your desire for food. It might make you eat much more, affecting your calorie. 

The calories present in beers are called empty calories, which will get absorbed in the body directly. It means that these calories are not processed. That is the reason that in 100 ml of beer, 15 calories are absorbed. 


We all know that hormonal imbalance will make you gain weight. Beer tends to stimulate hormones in your body. Prolonged consumption of beer disturbs the connection between immunization, nervousness, and endocrine. It might affect your behavior. 

The hop content in beer makes hormonal changes. A hormone called estrogen gets increased while there is a rise in the consumption of alcohol. It is a fat-storage hormone that will make you put in weight. 

Alcohol and Fat Burning

The alcohol content in the beer will prevent the body from burning fat. When the level of alcohol gets increased in the beer, it leads to fat gain. 

When the system burns fat, it generates a derivative known as “acetate.” On the other hand, once the body contains alcohol, it will inhibit the release of that derivative. It will contrarily stop burning the fat present in the body.  

So the next time you sip the beer, it would be better to remember all these factors. Also, let us learn the nutritional facts that beer holds. 

Nutritional Summary

The following nutritional summary is for one can or bottle weighing 350 ml of beer. 

Cals: 155

Fats: 0 g

Carbs: 12.78 g

Fibre: 0 g

Protein: 1.66 g

Alcohol: 19.25 ml of pure alcohol with 5.5% ABV 

From the chart, you can identify that the alcohol and calories are high in beer. It is very high when compared to that proteins and fiber. These facts are for a regular traditional beer; however, the nutritional parameters will change according to the type of beer. So controlling your beer consumption is best if you are trying to drop or uphold a healthy weight.

Beer Belly

Beer has a dense calorie content; significant calories are present even in a small amount. The alcohol content in beer is about 4% to 6%.

Alcohol is the only culprit in the beer-creating “beer belly.” Beer belly is the fact above the waist developed because of beer consumption. It’s not only beer, but the calories play a vital role. People forget that calorie levels keep increasing with the amount of beer consumed. They, in turn, increase your appetite. It can happen during prolonged consumption of beer. 


In short, the answer for how much beer will make you fat depends on the beer’s level and variety. Drinking in moderation will help you get rid of belly fat. 

The more you sip beer, the more you gain fat. Excess drinking will lead to weight gain and harm your health. If you want, you enjoy beer’s flavor but know your limits. Have a healthy diet and exercise regularly to avoid fat caused by beer. Lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  

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