How Many Drinks in a Fifth?

How Many Drinks in a Fifth

Many individuals indulge in moderation when drinking. It can be challenging to predict how many drinks you’ll get from an alcohol purchase when making a large purchase, such as a fifth of something. 

The correct answer to this query about alcohol in the beverage would depend on the serving sizes and the content of alcohol present in it. Still, you may anticipate getting between seven and sixteen drinks from a fifth. You may better organize and budget for the upcoming occasion or gathering by being aware of this information.

It is also critical to comprehend the sizes and amounts related to alcoholic beverages. This article will help you learn and understand the diverse volumes of alcohol and how many drinks you could get from a fifth of alcohol. 

A fifth, what is it?

An actual bottle size known as a “fifth” is frequently used for distilled spirits, including whisky, vodka, rum, and gin. In the olden days, these bottles carried one-fifth of one gallon, approximately 757 milliliters or 25.4 fluid ounces. Even though the meaning of a fifth has transformed over the decades, it is now frequently used to refer to a standard 750-milliliter bottle.

How many drinks in a fifth?

How Many Drinks in a Fifth

The amount or number of drinks you could pour from the fifth of any alcohol usually depends on numerous features starting from the serving size of the glass to your personal choices. 

It is crucial to remember that 1.5 fluid ounces, or around 44 milliliters, is the accepted portion size for a drink with alcohol.

Understanding the two primary elements—alcohol concentration and serving size—will help determine the number of drinks you can make from a fifth. The alcohol content is usually. ABV measures the level of alcohol in liquor.  

The volume of drink that constitutes a single portion is the serving size. A typical amount of alcohol ranges in dimensions from 1.5 to 2 ounces. Understanding how much one might get off a fifth of alcohol necessitates knowing these two facts.

Once after determining the serving size and alcohol concentration, it is simple to calculate the number of drinks the fifth holds. You could obtain 16 glasses from the fifth portion of a standard 80-proof bottle (which comes with a 40% ABV and an average serving of 1.5 ounces).  

You could only consume seven drinks from that fifth if you had a giant-proof bottle with a bigger serving size, like a 100-proof (ABV 50%) bottle with a 2-ounce serving. The number of drinks you can obtain from a fifth decreases as the amount of alcohol and serving size increase.

It is essential to comprehend all the factors influencing the number of drinks you could get out of a fifth of alcohol when you desire to consume the most. The entire alcohol amount in every drink depends on the portion of the serving and the alcohol concentration. Opt for smaller quantities if you intend to make as many drinks out of a fifth of alcohol as feasible; however, be aware that you might be giving up some of the flavor included with larger servings.

When you desire to consume the most out of a fifth, be conscious of the factors that will impact those such drinks and ensure you estimate the number of drinks you will get out of it. Understanding this will enable you to finish the most drinks out of a fifth of alcohol.

How to calculate the number of drinks

The level of alcohol in a particular liquor will significantly influence the number of glasses in a fifth. The percentage of alcohol in various varieties of alcohol differs. Below are a few cases:

  1. Vodka usually holds an alcohol content of 40%, which is 80 Proof.
  2. While considering liquors such as gin, rum, and whiskey contain between 40 to 50 percent alcohol, 80 to 100 Proof. 

How to Determine How Many Drinks

To determine how many drinks are within a fifth, we must split the bottle’s contents by its typical serving size—calculating with the standard bottle size of 750 ml. Ex: 750/44, which is approx 17 drinks or servings. 

What are the features that change the number of drinks in a fifth? 

Although the estimate above serves as an essential guide, it is vital to remember that individual tastes and consumption habits can significantly impact the total amount of drinks made from a fifth. Things that could influence consumption include

Pouring Method

Pouring your drinks involves various ways since some people could like stronger or weaker beverages. The total amount of alcohol in each serving might differ according to the glass dimensions and how much ice or mixer usage. To ensure consistency, always balance your drinks precisely.

Dilution and mixers

Drinks with additional ingredients such as fruits, soda, or tonic water are very popular. These mixers might make the cocktail bigger and have more alcohol, which lowers the number of glasses you may serve from five.

The Pace and Personal Tolerance

Individual differences exist in personal tolerance and consumption rates. Certain people might be more receptive to alcohol than others, and some people might pick to drink alcohol more gradually. 


Although a fifth represents the standard measurement of a liquor bottle, how many drinks it holds depends on the kind of alcoholic beverage along with how much alcohol it contains. 

While calculating the number of drinks in a fifth, you will need to consider serving size, the level of alcohol, and incredibly individual preferences. Although a fifth-sized bottle usually holds 17 conventional glasses, the precise amount may vary, determined by factors.

Evaluating alcohol may be helpful, especially when it involves drinking responsibly and remaining below the legal limit. Therefore, drinking carefully and being aware of the limitations is essential. 

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