How Many Margaritas To Get Drunk?  

How Many Margaritas To Get Drunk

Are you planning to hang out with your friends this Saturday and enjoy drinking some Margaritas? But what if it gets you drunk even before you enjoy the evening?

Margarita is counted as a potent cocktail that usually contains 33% alcohol by volume, and generally, two to three 16 oz margaritas are considered enough to get you intoxicated. However, the exact number depends on the glass size, drink strength, and various other factors.

This article sheds light on how much margarita can get you down.

Margarita Alcohol Content

Generally, two glasses of standard margaritas start to make you feel woozy, and the third one aims for drunkenness.

However, in the end, the amount of Alcohol present in a Margarita differs directly from the type of Alcohol used, i.e., Tequila and triple sec, as well as the ingredients used.

Moreover, the degree of drunkenness ultimately depends on the level of consumption and tolerance.

  • A typical 12 oz margarita glass contains 5 oz alcohol and nearly 18% ABV consumption. 
  • A glass of 16 oz margarita contains five to six oz of ethanol, and nearly 20% of it is Alcohol. So, two glasses of it are more than enough to make you feel tipsy.
  • The super big Margaritas are 32 ounces, with 55% alcohol content (13 to 15 ounces). So, guess what? Being halfway through the glass, you feel dizzy and drunk already.

Similarly, if you have an empty stomach, one glass of either type gets you spinning and drinking.

The General 1-2 Glass Rule

How Many Margaritas To Get Drunk

A general rule often heard about alcohol consumption is that women should have one glass of drink per day, and men should have two. The reason is that one glass equals 1.5 ounces of spirit and liquors like tequila. So, if you drink two glasses of Margarita, it means you have consumed 2.5 to 3 ounces of Margarita, the safe limit, before getting intoxicated and tipsy.

Which Margarita Has More Alcohol?

Two common forms of serving margarita are on the rocks poured over ice and frozen margarita, and both offer equally good taste and garnish. However, the alcohol content of a Margarita on rocks is known to be more than that of a frozen one. 

The reason is that frozen ones are made in a blending machine, slightly reducing the tequila amount. However, on the rocks, immediate aeration occurs; hence vapors do form, but no tequila is lost.

How Long Does It Take To Kick Margarita Off From Your Body?

Generally, a margarita starts to kick off from the person’s body after 1 hour of consumption. However, if consumed in excess, the alcohol metabolism is further slowed, taking nearly a few hours overnight to get processed.

Can You Get Drunk By Having Margarita Mix?

A common misconception among people is that drinking Margarita mix can get them drunk. But that isn’t true. 

Margarita mix doesn’t contain Alcohol at all. It is a non-alcoholic drink. However, pre-made Margarita does contain Alcohol.


So, to cut it short, Margaritas contain 33% Alcohol by volume; therefore, 2 to 3 glasses of 16 oz margarita are more than enough to get you woozy and drunk.

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