How Much Do Shots Cost?

How Much Do Shots Cost

Who would have thought that one of the best pastimes for adults out there, drinking in a bar with some good company, is going to take up some precious doe? Well, anything that is enjoyable right now in this 21st century will probably cost you a pretty penny; that’s life. Nothing is for free, after all. Everything has a price, but just how much can a good time at a bar cost you? Here are some breakdowns of the prices of different shots across the country. 

Basic Economics and Your Shots

How Much Do Shots Cost

First off, several factors can affect the prices of commodities. If you paid enough attention to your economics class, then you would know that there is the law of supply and demand, and that means that when a certain commodity or good is rare or has a very low count in terms of supply or production, then it would probably fetch a hefty amount of cash but when there is a surplus of that commodity or goods then it might get a much lower price when it comes to the market.

Then again, there is also the quality that must be considered. It’s natural to assume that when a product is made of the finest ingredient or components, then that product will likely be a bit more pricey, and it also goes the other way around that when a commodity is of lesser quality; then it will less likely be cheaper.

So why are we taking a crash course in economics now? The answer is simple, these factors, such as supply and demand and the quality of the products, will also be factors in the computation of the prices of the shots that will be available to the public for consumption.

Other factors such as the place or the bar where the alcohol shots will be bought are also factors to its price. Bottle cost or how much the bar purchased their liquor, the brand, and the quality of the liquor they are purchasing and offering to their clients. 

Standard Drinking Shots 

Each shot is not equal in terms of volume and quantity. Most bars follow a regulation that states that a standard drinking shot of alcohol is at around 1.25-1.5 US fl oz, but as we have learned, the state o UTAH is an exception to this as tall their bars are said to follow a solid standard of 1.5 US fl oz or 44.4 ml per shot glass in every bar.

So you might be paying for the same shot of tequila but for a different price, and bet your bottom dollar you’ll be getting two different volumes of that one shot from different bars. That’s why go find a bar that will serve you your money’s worth. 

Costs of Shots in America

Now that we got that covered, we can finally talk about the price ranges of shots in the busy and exciting bar scenes of the world. One popular bar for both local and foreign tourists that offer their liquor in shots and bottles sets their prices in this manner, where a shot of Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum, Scotch, and Vodka is at around $8.00. Brands like Chivas, Ouzo, and shots of Tequila and BundyOP are priced at around $12.00.

A selection from their top shelf, like a shot of Tanqueray Gin, Grey Goose, and Johnnie Walker Blue, is at $18.00 each if you want to splurge a little. However, if you are more on a budget but still want to enjoy good liquor, you can go for their Alizé, Kahlua, Jack Daniels, Midori, and BundyUP for just around $9.50. 

Cost of Shots in Europe

If you go beyond the American Waters and want to have a good time on some European soil, these are some of the prices of shots that you might expect to encounter.

Tequila brands like Patron Silver cost £4.20 a shot, Don Julio and Espolon cost £3.80, while El Jimador is around  £3.50. Other drinks like dry Gin under brands like Lone Wolf are at £3.80, Jawbox Classic Dry Gin is at £3.80 also, and Wild Beer Shnoodlepip Gin is at £4.20, which is much more pricey, along with Bathtub that is at £4.00 each shot.

Flavored Gin like Boe Violet costs around £3.30 each shot, Northern Monk Zymurgorium and Chase Pink Grapefruit are both at £4.00 each, and lastly, Poetic Licence Agave is just around £3.60 per shot.

How Bar Owners Calculate Their Cost per Shots

How Much Do Shots Cost

It seems odd that on two different continents, there are huge differences in terms of prices of sometimes the same commodities or even brands. Well, as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of factors that should be considered. 

The formula for Cost Calculation

There is a certain formula that bar owners use to compute the probable cost per shot of each alcohol they will offer to their customers. The owners first compute the cost of their liquor per ounce by dividing the bottle price by the number of ounces the bottle contains.

Followed by calculating what is called a pour cost by dividing the actual cost to make the drink by the price they want to sell it for, which can come up to 14% to 25% depending on the bar and the kind of drink they are offering. Lastly, they compute the drink price by dividing the liquor cost by the pour cost that they already calculated earlier. 

Other factors that Affect Cost Calculation 

In calculating the drink price, the owners also include other variables such as the cups, garnishes, and other ingredients and products used to create the drink or the shot. This will then result in the prices that most concessionaires are purchasing their drinks and shots.

Inflation also plays a part in the reason why most of the prices of commodities are going up, not to mention the 400%-500% markups that bars tend to put on their drinks to gain more profit then you’ll end up having the same prices as those listed above. 

So when you are buying your buddies a round of shots for happy hour, you might want to consider first the bar where you are drinking and going and the kind of drinks they serve, plus what other amenities are included in their offers. Nowadays, drinking at a bar can get pretty costly as well, but if you know where to go, you might find that diamond in the rough ‚Äúbar‚ÄĚ and discover what a gem it could be.¬†

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