How to Beat a Breathalyzer Test [8 Secret Tips]

How to Beat a Breathalyzer

Do you want to know a secret that will help you outsmart a breathalyzer? Dive into the article to find out some of the craziest hacks to beat a breathalyzer test.

Who doesn’t love a night out with friends, especially when beers and liquors are there to spice up your party? Chances are you’ll be leaving the pub in a tipsy mode. Now, the next challenge awaits… You have to drive yourself back home, and you know this might get you in trouble.

Cops are always there near clubs or bars, charging drunk drivers with a DUI. People under the influence of alcohol are caught using a breathalyzer. Whenever a cop suspects that the driver is impaired, he might ask you to pull over and take a breathalyzer test.

Despite having all the tips and tricks up your sleeves, the best way to go is to drink moderately to keep your blood alcohol level under the legal drinking limit.

Chugging 2-3 cans of your favorite beer is fine as it will keep your blood alcohol level (BAC) to a moderate level. But, if you are intoxicated – consider yourself busted. If your BAC is near 0.08, there are chances you can save yourself from a breathalyzer test using a few hacks. 

Check out the article to find out how this clever device works and 10 ways you can beat a breathalyzer test.

How Breathalyzers Work to Get Your BAC

Breathalyzers are portable, small devices used to detect the concentration of alcohol in the human body called BAC level. These breath testers are highly used by traffic police to check the intoxication level of a person – or for professional people like pilots before they board a plane. Some people opt for keeping a personal breathalyzer in cars to keep track of their BAC level.

All you have to do is blow into the device, and it measures the amount of alcohol in your breath. The alcohol in your breath comes across with potassium dichromate (an orange solution). If you’re drunk, the solution gets green, signaling electrical patterns for the device to measure your BAC level. 

What Alcohol Blood Level Is Drunk

In order to avoid any trouble, keep your BAC level under the legal drinking limit as defined by your State’s government. In the U.S., you are considered drunk if your BAC is 0.08% or above. For teens (not eligible to drink anyway), and commercial truck drivers, the government has set a lower “zero tolerance level,” which is around 0.02%.

If the driver exceeds the legal limit of BAC, they can get their driving license suspended or have to pay heavy fines. In serious cases, this can turn into a felony, making you take a trip to prison. In order to stay on the safer side, make sure to comply with your State’s laws.

How to Beat a Breathalyzer: The 8 Simple Secrets to Outsmarting a Breathalyzer Test

How to Beat a Breathalyzer

There are several ways to pass a breathalyzer test, but keep in mind that these tricks are good when your BAC hovers around the legal drinking limit. If you’re intoxicated way above 0.08% then things can get more difficult.

So, try to keep your alcohol consumption to a moderate level to avoid becoming a notable DUI suspect. Be cautious, as some useless hacks might cause your BAC to increase instead of lowering it. But this article is not about those unreliable tricks. Read on to find some of the fastest ways to pass a breathalyzer test and help get rid of alcohol breath.

1. HyperVentilating

In this method, a person is supposed to breathe at a rapid speed for at least 20 seconds. Kinda becomes hard when a cop is staring at you. Hyperventilating makes way for fresh air to enter your lungs replacing the bad alcohol breath.

It can lower your BAC by 10%. This is the most effective of all the methods. But requires extensive caution. If a cop finds out that you’re trying to cheat a breathalyzer by breathing fast, they might still charge you and ask you to retake the test.

2. Burping

Have you ever thought burping could save your life? When it comes to a breathalyzer test, this disgusting habit can be a game-changer. A burp occurs when the digestive system expels gas from the stomach in response to the consumption of food and drinks. 

However, it is scientifically proven that burping into the breathalyzer won’t have any effect on the reading and will show your exact BAC. It’s kind of hard to fool these little machines. A simple cheat in this situation is to take deep breaths and let it out as many times as you can before you even get pulled over by a police officer.

This will help you alter the readings as burping can introduce clean air into your breath, diluting the alcohol concentration momentarily.

3. Chewing Gums and Mints

Gums and mints will surely reduce the scent of the alcohol from your but may have minimal effect on your BAC. These items make your mouth water a bit more, which could thin out any leftover alcohol in your mouth.

The breathalyzer shows altered results if the person was chewing gum prior to the test or has hidden a piece of gum in the mouth while taking the test.

In most States, cops don’t allow you to take a test if you are chewing gum or mints. You have to wait at least 5-20 minutes after removing the gum to take a breathalyzer test.

4. Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Drink plenty of water before and during your drinking session. This will allow you to have a full stomach while consuming alcohol in moderation. According to NIHWater will help dilute the alcohol in your system. A combo of hyperventilating and water will help reduce your BAC level.

5. Eating Peanut Butter

Sodium present in peanuts can help neutralize ethanol. Some folks suggest eating a spoonful of peanut butter will reduce the BAC to a great extent, while in reality, it only reduces it by 0.01%. Try having a peanut butter sandwich if you really want to fool a breathalyzer test.

6. Drinking On A Full Stomach

It’s Saturday night, and you’re going to a pub to chug a few beers with your buddies. To prevent your blood alcohol level from reaching its peak, always have some grub in your belly. It takes time for alcohol to metabolize on a full stomach. This will automatically lower your BAC level and help you smoothly pass a breathalyzer test.

7. Sucking on Pennies

This trick was considered a life-saver back when breathalyzers tried to figure out how much booze was in your breath by doing some chemistry stuff. Tastes gross! But it will help you reduce your BAC to a minimal extent. Sucking on coins works when it is made of copper or zinc which dilutes the alcohol content in your mouth. However, it will only mask the odor of alcohol and cannot trick modern breathalyzers.

8. Exercising and Waiting out

When you can sense the booze is totally kicking in, try some vigorous exercise to lower your BAC. Excessive sweating and breathing will help you get rid of alcohol faster. But exercising can be a tough option when you’re tipsy. The best way is to wait out till you feel sober again.

How Long After Drinking Can You Pass a Breathalyzer Test?

How to Beat a Breathalyzer

This may depend on various factors such as your gender, body weight, age, and the rate at which your system metabolizes the alcohol. According to Alcoholic Beverage Control, it takes one hour to metabolize one standard drink.

So, it may take several hours to get rid of its effects on your body and breath. On average, it may take at least 12-24 hours after consuming alcohol to pass the test. In contrast, an ideal timeframe would be to wait for at least 48 hours to sober up and then take the test.

What is The Best Way to Pass a Breathalyzer Test?

Things are a bit complex with modern breathalyzers. Even with all the tips and tricks to beat a breathalyzer test, you can still end up getting charged a penalty or license suspension. The best solution to avoid this stressful situation is to follow one easy step- Don’t drink in the first place or practice moderate drinking.  

 Remember, there is nothing more important than your precious life. According to NHTSA and other drunk driving statistics:

 “Every day, about 37 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that’s one person every 39 minutes. In 2021, 13,384 people died in alcohol-impaired driving traffic deaths — a 14% increase from 2020.”

Enjoy your drinking session, but try not to overdo it. Learn to drink responsibly!

Can You Say No to the Breathalyzer Test?

Yeah, Sure, you can say No, that is, if you wanna get your license suspended. The cop asks you to pull over when he suspects that you’re an intoxicated driver and your impairment will lead to an accident. In many places, you do have the legal right to say no to a breathalyzer test, but refusal can come with consequences like license suspension (90 days- 2 years), fines ($150-$2600), court appearances, or even taken into custody till some bail you out and drive you home.

In some states, if you say No to a breathalyzer test, they may force you to install an interlock device in your vehicle for at least a year, while in some places, the cops are given the authority to issue a search warrant and take your blood samples- which are considered as more authentic proof in court.


In a nutshell, we’ve dished out some tricks and tips to potentially outsmart a breathalyzer test, but let’s keep it real – we’re talking about a serious topic here. Breathalyzers serve a crucial purpose in keeping our roads safe, so it’s important to approach this with responsibility.

These tricks will help you lower your BAC level, but it’s best not to exceed your capacity. Drinking in moderation is a great way to pass a breathalyzer test, along with proven hacks like hyperventilating and staying hydrated.

The only surefire way to pass a breathalyzer is not to drink and drive. Stay responsible, have a designated driver, or another way home if you’ve been drinking. Safety comes first, always.


Are breathalyzer results always accurate?

Breathalyzers are reliable but not 100% accurate. A few factors, like recent alcohol consumption or mouth alcohol, may affect the results. In comparison, blood and urine tests are considered more reliable and can be presented as evidence in Court.  

How long does alcohol stay on your breath for a breath test?

This depends on several factors, such as your metabolism and the amount of alcohol consumed. Generally, alcohol can be detected on your breath for up to 24 hours after consumption, but the peak concentration occurs shortly after drinking and reduces over time. 

How long after drinking will I pass a breathalyzer test?

Depending on your system, it may take up to 5 hours to metabolize alcohol if you have a BAC of 0.08. However, a breathalyzer can still detect alcohol after this time frame. It’s best to take the test at least 48 hours after your last drinking session.

What is the quickest method to pass a breathalyzer test?

One of the most effective ways is to hyperventilate and keep yourself hydrated.

What if I say No to a breathalyzer test?

It may result in immediate license suspension, or in worst cases, the suspected DUI might get arrested.

Can a mouthwash help fool a breathalyzer?

Some mouthwashes that contain alcohol can increase the BAC reading and make the situation worse for you.

Can drinking coffee reduce the chances of getting caught in a breathalyzer test?

It can help keep your mind alert but has no effect on changing your BAC level.

Will throwing up beat a breathalyzer test?

Alcohol gets absorbed in your bloodstream. Even if you puke, that won’t change your BAC level, and the breathalyzer can easily detect alcohol in your breath.

Can smoking affect the breathalyzer test?

It will increase your BAC reading and show false results

Will holding my breath reduce my BAC level? 

No. Holding your breath will make things worse for you as it will increase your BAC reading by 20%

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