How To Chug Down Beer [4 Different Ways]

How To Chug Down Beer

Chugging down beer is quite common, and you have seen people doing it in bars and parties as a fun game or a challenge to earn peer appreciation.

Chugging down beer involves sipping and drinking the entire glass or can of beer in one go without pausing. Usually, people chug down beer as a part of enjoyment or challenge. On the other hand, some people also chug down beer to drink a bad-tasting Beer in one go as they have no other option.

Whatever might be the reason, there is a proper way that helps to chug down beer fast. Want to know about these beers?

Then dip through the article as it sheds light on the four Ways To chug down beer in one go.

How To Chug Down Beer ? 4 Ways To Try

As you grow up, chugging down Beer becomes an innovative skill among friends. Some people are naturally good at doing it, while others lack it at some point.

So, here are the four known ways that will help you go chug down beer fast. Let’s unveil them one by one.

1. When Drinking From A Glass

One of the most common ways to chug down beer is by drinking beer from a glass. And it is advantageous since one doesn’t need to care about the airflow much.

Enlisted below are a few tips that can help you chug beer fast from a glass:

  • First, opt for a light, plain beer like a lager that is light on the stomach and low in terms of alcohol content.
  • Secondly, choose the right glass with a wide opening and proper grip.
  • Once the drink is poured into a glass, allow it to settle for a few minutes. In this way, a maximum of the carbonated carbon dioxide will dissipate into the environment. You can also hit the glass on the table to release the trapped carbon dioxide. 
  • Now, you are almost done. All you need to do is lean your head slightly backward, open your mouth completely, take some deep breaths to clear it and ensure better flow, and finally pour the beer into your mouth smoothly.
  • Last but not least, don’t stop breathing during the whole process.

2. When Drinking From A Can

Another way of chugging down Beer is by drinking it from a can. 

However, in this case, you need to be very careful about the airflow, or else you get gulps of beer coming out of the can instead of a smooth flow.

For this purpose, once you open the can, make another hole next to the regular opening. This makes the chugging process much easier by ensuring a smooth airflow out of the can without any blockage.

When you are about to start the process, place your finger on the second hole, and once the beer starts to flow, remove the finger to ensure rapid flow.

However, in this process, you have a greater chance of getting excess carbon dioxide in your stomach as there is less area for it to dissipate. 

3. When Using Straw In A Bottle

The third variation involves the usage of straws to ensure a smooth flow. All you need is a bendable straw.

Insert the straw into the bottle. It will help to ensure no blockage in beer flow. The straw causes air to enter the bottle and increases beer flow.

Now, lean your head a bit back, and put the bottle at an angle so that the beer starts to flow smoothly. 

The only benefit of inserting a straw while chugging down beer is allowing the beer to flow faster. Without straw, beer flows in the form of gulpers, making the process take longer time.

4. Chugging Using A Funnel

Last but not least comes the most different and exciting way of chugging beer. And guess what? It is the fastest way of all too.

First of all, get the following things:

  • A basic beer
  • A clean funnel
  • A tube

Hold the tube with both hands and take a few breaths in and out to ensure a smooth flow.

Then place the funnel on the beer, and insert the other end of the tube in your mouth. Hold the tube firmly, and here you go. The beer starts to flow with pressure.

A Few Tips And Tricks To Chug Down Beer Efficiently

How To Chug Down Beer

For whatever reason, you might be chugging down Beer; there are some general tips that you must follow in order to avoid harmful consequences. 

These include:

  • Never Chug down a bottle empty stomach. It will affect your digestive system badly. Instead, always eat a sound meal before chugging down.
  • Don’t opt for a chilled or cold beer for chugging. It can make your throat and brain uncomfortable. Rather, opt for the one that matches room temperature.
  • Take deep breaths to clear your throat and avoid choking.
  • After opening the beer, let it settle for a few moments. It ensures that excess carbon dioxide gets dissipated.

Easiest Beers To Chug Down

Choosing the right type of beer is essential to add the process of chugging down beer. 

A few good ones to settle upon are:

  • Sunday Beer
  • Jack’s Abby Framingham Lager
  • Yuengling Light Lager
  • Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn Non-Alcoholic Golden Ale

Is Chugging Down Beer Harmful? A Few Possible Side Effects To Eye On

Where chugging down Beer has become more of an innovative skill to grab people’s attention in the middle of a party, it also comes with some really bad aftereffects. 

Some of them are:

  • It impairs your body and brain function. For example, the brain fails to sense and control motor nerve signals.
  • There are more chances of alcohol poisoning if you chug beer of high ABV
  • It gets you drunk much faster. Consequently, your chance of having an accident while driving increases.

Final Verdict

Chugging down Beer has become an essential social activity that helps you gather attention from both peers and the public. 

However, some ways can help you chug down beer fast. For example, letting the excess carbon dioxide dissipate, drinking room temperature drinks, ensuring smooth airflow, etc.

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