How To Deal With Beer Addiction

How To Deal With Beer Addiction

Do you see more and more people being addicted to beer? Do you often wonder why beer is addictive? Let’s find out everything about beer addiction and how you can avoid it. We will also discuss how you can avoid becoming a beer addict. 

Why does drinking beer feel so good?

If you ask people why they like beer, the most common answer would be that it makes them feel good. It helps relieve stress and forget about life problems for some time. Hence, they drink beer whenever they are going through rough times. 

But the question arises – why does drinking beer feel so good? It is because beer contains alcohol which induces the release of dopamine and endorphin chemicals. These chemicals are responsible for producing happy and content feelings. 

So, anyone who has problems in life might need a glass or two of beer to get rid of negative thoughts. In some cases, beer can play a huge role in saving lives by reducing tensions. 

However, it should only be consumed in moderation as we all know that excess of everything is bad. You will compromise your health and social life if you exceed your daily consumption limit.

What does beer do to your brain?

Basically, the alcohol content in the beer can change your brain’s chemistry and functioning which leads to beer addiction. It reduces the natural production of dopamine and endorphin chemicals and starts relying on beer to do so. As a result, you will drink beer to feel good, and the cycle continues. 

Your brain becomes addicted to the overflow of these chemicals which is why it induces cravings for beer. Even if you want to quit drinking it, your brain will not support your decision. You will slowly lose your impulse control and suffer from poor decision-making skills. 

However, if you consume beer in moderate quantities, you might not become too dependent on it and still be able to have impulse control. 

5 Reasons why beer is addictive

Even though beer contains a lesser amount of alcohol as compared to other alcoholic drinks, it can still be addictive. So, let’s go through all the possible reasons why beer is addictive once you start consuming it regularly.

  1. The brain becomes dependent on beer for the production of chemicals like dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin.
  2. The constant use of beer slowly damages your impulse control and decision-making power. You cannot control the cravings for beer anymore.  
  3. Your body demands beer to feel content and satisfied. 
  4. It helps you to have a peaceful and sound sleep at night, so you crave it every night. 
  5. You forget about your problems and worries for some time. 

All-in-all, you will be forced to drink it constantly due to your brain and body’s demand. If you wish to quit drinking beer, you need strong impulse control. 

Symptoms of beer addiction

Symptoms can range from mild to severe depending upon the amount of beer you consume and for how long you have been taking it. However, some common symptoms are:

  • The amount of beer that you drink is not in your control, and you cannot stop drinking it. 
  • Having constant cravings throughout the day.
  • Lack of focus at work, home, or with friends.
  • When you try to stop drinking but fail every time due to a lack of patience. 
  • The dose of beer keeps increasing daily.  
  • Your behavior changes with people around you.
  • You start getting angry quickly.
  • Feeling sick and nauseous when beer is not available.
  • Your appetite decreases because you only crave beer.

If you have some or many of the above-mentioned symptoms, get help and stop yourself from beer intoxication. Otherwise, it might become too late to control yourself. 

How to avoid beer addiction

Drinking beer in moderation might not affect your health negatively. Males can consume two glasses of beer, while women and older people can consume one glass of beer daily. If they cross the limit and keep drinking beer to their heart’s content, soon they will be on the verge of beer addiction. 

To avoid beer addiction, you need to have a strong mind and decision-making power. You have to stop after consuming one or two glasses if you truly wish to avoid beer addiction. Once you fall prey to your brain or heart, it might be too difficult to return back.

Tips for treating beer addiction

If you were unable to avoid beer addiction, here are some treatments that you can try and implement in your life.

  1. Get professional help: If you tried to control yourself from developing beer addiction, but your self-control did not help, then you should seek professional help. There are several rehab centers, and they will provide you with the necessary information and tips to reverse your addiction. In severe cases, you may need medications for treatment. 
  2. Keep yourself busy: Another effective tip to treat beer addiction is to find new hobbies and interests. For example, you can start going to the gym, playing a sport, doing some exercise, or doing anything that makes you feel happy. This way, you will get lesser beer cravings. 
  3. Go on vacation: Your everyday life problems can force you to keep drinking beer to relieve stress. So, you should take a break, go on a vacation, and change your environment to refresh and recharge yourself. 
  4. Counseling: A person who gets addicted to beer due to mental health issues or other problems should consult a psychologist. Counseling can help him deal with problems efficiently instead of using beer as an aid. 
  5. Limit social interaction: If your social gatherings involve the use of beer, you should avoid socializing for some time. Do not be a part of activities where other people consume beer because it will tempt you to drink some.

Final takeaway

Beer addiction can harmfully affect your brain and body, which is why it is best to drink it in moderation. However, if you suffer from its addiction, you should try out our tips to treat beer addiction. 

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