How To Get Drunk Without Throwing Up [5 Tips]

When people attend social events, parties, or it’s the holiday season, usually there’s more exposure to alcohol than usual. While everyone has a good time, some take advantage of the occasion to binge drink, ending up getting plastered and throwing up before the evening is over. 

The fact is it doesn’t matter whether you have a high tolerance for alcohol or get drunk at the first sight of a shot of tequila; everyone has an alcohol breaking point. It’s not necessarily the amount that you have. You could drink twice as much as you usually have at a party while a friend is in a corner vomiting into a trash can after only a couple of shots of vodka. 

It boils down to whether you drink smartly. When you know you’ll be drinking but follow a few simple rules; you’ll be able to have as many beverages as you care to enjoy without being concerned about tossing your cookies in front of an audience of onlookers. When you dive in head first, you’ll suffer the consequences.

Consider these tips before going to the next social gathering (and pass them on to your friend) to enjoy a good time without throwing up.

5 Tips To Get Drunk Without Throwing Up

How To Get Drunk Without Throwing Up

When having more drinks than usual or knowing that you’re probably going to get drunk at a party or social event, it’s essential to pay attention to a few standard rules to avoid the possibility of throwing up. Everyone has their breaking point. It’s not about how much you drink; it’s whether you indulge smartly.

You could have just a shot or two and find yourself sick in the bathroom while your friend is already smashed with double their normal capacity feeling fine. Consider a few helpful hints to help avoid this situation when heavy drinking will be the course of the evening. The potential for throwing up might be avoided.

1. Try to avoid mixing up your drinks too much

Sometimes people can get exceptionally nauseous if they mix up their drinks hastily without forethought to the consequences. The suggestion is that beer and wine should not be consumed in the same evening. While everyone likes to enjoy varied drinks and experiment a little bit while they’re out having fun, some don’t do so wisely.

That’s an excellent way to get drunk quickly, but it’s also relatively sure that you’ll, at some point, toss those drinks up. If you want to mix different drinks, ensure not to vary more than three. If you do need to mix them up, put substantial time in between each one, allowing them to get through your system.

It takes roughly half an hour for the alcohol to process. It would help if you used that time between each drink to take in some water and keep yourself hydrated.

2. Energy drinks shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol

Just consuming energy drinks alone can be hard on the body, but when mixed with alcohol, it can be a bad combination that will undoubtedly give you a rough hangover. Before it can leave you in that condition, there’s a high probability it will have you tossing your cookies at whatever event that’s making these nasty combinations.

When someone offers you a vodka Red Bull, it’s wise to turn them down. These drinks are becoming popular, but if you give in, make sure to sip, pace yourself, and avoid having many.

3. Antacids should be taken approximately 30 minutes before you know you’ll be having drinks

A quick way to ensure you’ll suffer with less acidity or nausea that brings on the sensation of wanting to vomit once you’re getting tipsy is to take a few antacids roughly 30 minutes before you know you’ll be drinking. A natural antacid is a banana allowing you to not only help with throwing up but filling your stomach simultaneously. 

Also, a quick drink of milk before going out is a trick that will protect the intestines from the harshness of alcohol.

No one should drink on an empty stomach. That’s another good reason for the drink to come back up. Eat something healthy but filling before you know you’ll be going to a party, and then snack on salty, protein snacks like nuts while drinking at the event. This will keep your stomach satisfied.

You can also bring a banana or two with you to keep your stomach in good shape throughout the night of drinking.

4. Munch on some Elaichi or ginger to eliminate nausea instantly

Green elaichi or cardamom and ginger provide anti-nausea properties. These are good to keep with you not only in case you’re getting drunk and don’t want to puke but all the time in case you get stomach upset. Once you get the sensation that you’re drunk with nausea beginning to set in, munch on some of either, and the feeling will subside.

If you want to keep drinking, wait about 30 minutes to ensure your stomach is back to good, and then go back to having fun.

5. Make sure to have the drinks on the rocks

Having a shot on the rocks makes for a smoother, cooler beverage, plus it dilutes the alcohol making it less harsh when consuming the drink. Vodka, tequila, and most spirits are better when consumed chilled or on the rocks. This is why many people keep their bottles in the freezer so the alcohol is ice cold.


These are merely a few tips to help keep you from throwing up on a night out with friends. No one wants to be that person, nor do you want the evening to come back on you the next day via a horrible hangover. 

Some of these tips will also help you avoid that possibility, especially by making sure to drink water. Hydrate before going out, in between drinks, and again when getting home, and keep your stomach satisfied with food and snacks but avoid energy drinks-so not a good idea if you want to avoid throwing up.

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