How To Get Drunk Without Throwing Up [5 Tips]

Your feet swerve … steady, steady, steady, but no! Where’s the washroom, now! Everything is dizzy, the liquor has gone bad, and boy, you don’t have the stomach to compete with spirits. You belch, you writhe and moan, you pant, and just moments before blacking out, you regret.

Did you enjoy it?

The secret to enjoying a drink is to wait. Let it stand, swirl, and haze.

How to get drunk without throwing up?

Most drinkers have this target to vomit, entirely based on the misconception that puking ejects the excess alcohol, eventually allowing more drinks. However, inevitably, every time you vomit, you black out, and that’s it.

Like a dog that returns to his vomit

is a fool who repeats his folly.

Proverbs 26:11-12 English Standard Version 2016 (ESV)

What Causes Alcohol Poisoning

How To Get Drunk Without Throwing Up

Alcohol poisoning indicates excess blood toxin hike, which when the brain cannot counterbalance, causes temporary neural paralysis of essential functions. Vomiting indicates that the toxin recycling level has tipped over the individual’s hormonal pleasure threshold.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) infers an excess BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of 0.08% or higher.

Drink limit for a typical male: five plus standard drinks within 2 hours

Drink limit for a typical female: four plus standard drinks within 2 hours

Alcohol poisoning symptoms can be broadly classified into two categories, either in a standalone way or as a combination of both symptoms.

Alcoholic Ketoacidosis

The human body processes excess sugar (from alcohol) within the liver by converting it into glycogen. Alcohol poisoning refers to an abrupt spike in blood glucose levels. The excess glucose metabolizes into glycogen. Also, ethanal, which is the key active ingredient of alcohol, metabolizes into acetaldehyde in the liver.

An adverse reaction of blood glycogen level and acetaldehyde leads to a set of cumulative symptoms including fast heartbeats, stomach pain, agitation, excess urination, and eventually throwing up.    


Chronic alcohol abuse over the years eventually leads to aggravated acid production in the stomach. The excess acid reflux during alcohol consumption causes heartburn, stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal bleeding. Such symptoms are usually associated with vomiting when the BAC exceeds the threshold of 0.08%.

How to Get Drunk Without Throwing Up

Welcome ho to the cabin, pirates! The lady at the table will tell you how to walk home tipsy without turvy. It’s easy, but you need to listen to her.

Drinking water between drinks

Get rid of the misconception that drinking water between drinks helps. It does not. A lot of drinkers think that the water fills up the stomach, leaving little space for alcohol. If that’s it, then why would you use the water strategy as an excuse to drink more?

In effect, the water causes alcohol to dilute and increases its absorption rate. Drinks on the rocks are the best because it allows the body sufficient time to let the alcohol dissolve from the stomach to the bloodstream.

The most stylish drinkers only prefer ice cubes with simple gold whiskey.   

On the same logic, the advice is to drink slowly. Let the intoxication happen, and as you let it be, you will know when to stop.

That’s the key. That’s the code. You must know when to stop; and, stop.

Go slow

Go slow with your drinking traits. While you consume alcohol, try to keep an objective watch on how your body is reacting to the drink. Keep an eye on red flags such as nausea, excessive dizziness, slurred speech, and the compulsion to visit the washroom.

If you can, try and get some fresh air between drinks. At the first sign of nausea, you might want to drink up a glass of fennel seed extract.

Punching alcohol with energy drinks

Among all the bad ideas on how to control your drink, this is probably the worst. Whether you know it or not, energy drinks are formulated with a massive mix of exciting chemicals, despite their transparent appearance.

So, when these chemicals react with the ethanal, your stomach knows it better to throw up and takes the time to restore your balance after a good night’s sleep.  

Besides, where’s the point?

Energy drinks are manufactured as gym supplements. Is alcohol a gym supplement? No! Mixing up both is just a macho fantasy gone wrong. In the end, you are wasted in the washroom. Now, it depends on the management on what to do with your senseless body.

Restoring your pH balance with banana

No one exactly knows whose brainchild is the banana idea, but hands down, this is the yuckiest idea on how to get drunk without throwing up. The logic going around is bananas help restore the potassium balance of the body.

Are you sure alcohol depletes the potassium level of your body? Even if it does, can you prove that throwing up has to do with potassium imbalance?

Banana and alcohol?

Don’t go bananas!!!

Raw fruits just don’t mix well with alcohol. Eat something spicy that matches the aftertaste of your drink. Avoid excess oily foods though. Stick to light snacks, and that too in a moderate amount.

Your priority is to enjoy the drink, and not to gorge up a whole lot of spicy mutton. Besides, the excess fat and oil in the food tend to react with alcohol in a bad way.

Don’t spike your drink with drugs

Some ‘experts’ suggest spiking the drink with over-the-counter pain relievers, especially NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs). Be warned that combining schedule H drugs with alcohol can have serious consequences, including fatal incidents.

Don’t Make a Mess

Remember to maintain the decorum at the drinking place. It is a common notion among alcoholics that a pub is an undisciplined place and whatnot!  

On the contrary, all ale houses have extremely strict code of conduct, which needs to be observed. Making a mess in your seat is bad business, and no bar owner would want that to happen.

Listen to the voice inside your head that tells you what to do and what not. The more you deny, the more you step into a potentially blackout zone. Always keep it simple.

Binge drinking sounds good in theory, but your body has its limits. Instead of depending on the ‘hair of the dog’ remedy, you should rather control the aggressive trait that feeds on liquor.

Keep it cool.

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