How To Get Rid of Drunk Nausea [Steps & Tips]

How to get rid of drunk nausea

Consumption of alcohol in excess leads to diverse side effects: one such is nausea. ‚ÄúHangover‚ÄĚ is the name given for these unpleasant effects. You usually throw up when you are drunk because of the toxins present in the alcohol.¬†

Nowadays, people who gather for social events turn up coming drunk. But the after-effects of the drunk are even worse. The side effects differ from person to person; however, the most common is drunk nausea. Let us walk through this blog about quick ways to ease drunk nausea. 

Causes of Drunk Nausea

Throwing up is the natural way of getting rid of unsafe substances. While drinking, the alcohol gets converted into toxins with the help of the liver. The toxins aggravate your stomach liner, increasing stomach acid production. These reactions in the body will lead to nausea. 

Steps to get rid of drunk nausea 

Drunk people think that throwing up after excess alcohol consumption would be an excellent choice to get rid of nausea. The body’s sugar level will lessen when drunk, so when you vomit, you will become tired and sick. 

The below-mentioned strategies will help you minimize drunk nausea and the effects of vomiting:   

1. Ginger 

Ginger extract is always the traditional method to treat most sicknesses. It is the best home remedy to treat nausea. Ginger holds anti-inflammatory properties that detox the alcohol from the body. Even ginger tablets are available if you want a more concentrated version of ginger extract. Ginger tea also works perfectly in soothing the stomach by controlling the feeling of nausea. Even chewing fresh ginger may help you get relieved quicker. 

2. Lemon

Lemon has alkalis properties that help control the ph level. Lemon juice or tea helps digest alcohol, giving you a refreshed feeling. Lemons world amazingly in flushing out toxins and boosting the function of the liver. It acts as gentle medicine to treat your upset stomach. Lemon gives you instant relief from the drunk hangover. 

3. Peppermint   

The other best alternative method to get rid of drunk nausea is peppermint. It is a helpful herb for relaxing the intestines. It contains menthol that helps to calm your hurt stomach and intestine. Peppermint tea or chewing peppermint calms your stomach and intestines. Try smelling peppermint essential oil; even that works for drunk nausea. You can consume peppermint in several ways, depending upon individual preference. 

4. Green Tea 

We all know that green tea has incredible health benefits. Sip a cup of green tea help to get rid of drunk symptoms, especially nausea. Researchers say that the amino acid in green tea helps treat drunk symptoms. Green tea contains¬† ‚ÄúL-Theanine,‚ÄĚ the amino acid which helps control nausea and dizziness. It is a known fact that green tea is rich in antioxidants to maintain a hale and healthy lifestyle.¬†¬†

5. Turmeric


Recently turmeric has been gaining a lot of popularity in treating drunk feeling. The anti-inflammatory properties present in turmeric help reduce inflammation caused by drinking alcohol. You can either consume raw turmeric powder or make tea with it. These tea have a good flavor. If you add a hint of ginger, then that is an add-on benefit. It will help you stop nausea caused by being drunk immediately. 

6. Acupressure 

How to get rid of drunk nausea

Acupressure is the traditional Chinese technique to get rid of nausea and vomiting. This therapy involves putting pressure on specific points of the body. Pressure points send the signals by stimulating the nerve fiber, decreasing the severity of nausea. The Pericardium 6 points, located in the wrist above the crease of your wrist, is the most effective acupressure point to treat drunk nausea. Always use the index and thumb fingers to give the pressure. 

7. Hydration

How to get rid of drunk nausea

We all know that alcohol will make once system dehydrated. Because it is a diuretic, you frequently urinate, losing the necessary fluids in the system. End up causing dehydration in your body, followed by severe drunk nausea. You must take as much water as possible and enough fluids to make you hydrated. Research states that you must drink about eight ounces of water for every single alcoholic drink you consume. So try this effective method and flush out the toxin from your body. 

8. Electrolyte Drinks

Another method is to drink electrolyte-rich beverages such as broth or sports drinks. The electrolyte-rich beverages will maintain your system hydrated. The sports drink and broth contain minerals and nutrients. When you drink, your blood sugar level gets elevated, you lose nutrients, and you throw up. Consuming electrolyte drinks replenishes the lost fluids and minerals in your body.  

9. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a brilliant way to soothe the drunk feel. It is usually called feel-good tea. Chamomile is ideal for treating stomach aches and nausea caused by excess drinking. It also helps boost immunity, reduce stress, promote sleep, etc. Not only relieving drunk nausea, but chamomile tea also has good health benefits.  

10. Medications

How to get rid of drunk nausea

Most people suggest taking ibuprofen or aspirin. Both medications help treat the discomfort caused by being drunk, especially muscle pain and nausea. Some medical practitioners recommend people take antacid medications. There are some gastrointestinal medications prescribed for drunk nausea. However, adopting natural home methods instead of drugs would be better. So when you take medicine, it is better to consult a physician. Taking medication without a physician’s knowledge is not advisable during drinking. 

In Summary:

The ultimate technique to eliminate nausea is to hydrate yourself, have healthy nutrients, and drink electrolyte-rich supplements. The stomach inflammation triggers it, so consider the possible factor in soothing the stomach lining. These symptoms may be unpleasant and painful sometimes. So drinking in moderation or giving the space for the body to process the alcohol would be a good choice. 

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