How to Make a Beer Poster: The New TikTok Trend

How to Make a Beer Poster

TikTok has become widely known and explosively talked about when the pandemic struck. Everyone was having a tough time, regardless of location, age, or profession. This viral maker might even be considered a blessing as it kept the whole world entertained during the most challenging times of our existence and even up to this day.

 TikTok’s LinkedIn profile mentioned that their goal as the top platform for mobile short-form video is to encourage creativity and spread happiness. Their application provides a space for artistic expression through films that produce a sincere, uplifting, and happy experience. And they did just that and more.

 TikTok continues to be a trendsetter for everyone who uses it. But you might be wondering, how does one start a trend?

TikTok Trend

The word “trend” is vague as described by TikTok on their website post on “Understanding trends on TikTok”. It may be used to illustrate how definitions of what’s hip change over time or how sales trends evolve. To be explicit, TikTok used it to refer to the inventive forms, notions, and actions that attract a lot of attention to their app and therefore affect what users do there. 

 When you open TikTok, you see endless examples of what’s trending now—popular audio clips, product recommendations, video formats, effects, and anything in between. These trends get more powerful with buy-in and participation from users, whether that means commenting on videos or making their content.


The more you watch TikTok stories, the more you attract the same kind of content to your feed. TikTok’s algorithm uses your viewing trends to provide feeds with what seems to be getting your interest. 

Before you know it, you’re hooked on a story because of the person who posted it, and here’s why. From the TikTok Marketing Science Global Community and Self-Expression Study of 2021 conducted by Flamingo, 73% of TikTok users confirmed that it is simple to discover individuals on the app with similar interests. That’s where the term “Influencer” gets into the equation.

TikTok users find content creators that they relate to and identify themselves with. They are drawn to watching their videos. The views that that account earns increase its chances of being promoted to other people’s feeds. Thus, increasing the number of people who follow their accounts and watch their posts.

Influence Marketing Hub defined social media influencers in their article What is an Influencer? – Social Media Influencers Defined” as persons who have developed a reputation for their subject-matter expertise.

In TikTok Influencer’s case, they can spark interest and engage viewers. These influencers are usually the ones who post videos according to their niches. It could be life hacks, duets, pranks, fitness, sports, home renovation, DIY, and challenges.

Beer Poster Challenge

An extremely popular picture challenge right now is the TikTok beer poster craze. It just takes a few simple editing steps to transform your “summer” photo into an advertisement for beer. Initially, these posters were made by a small group of people as gifts for their significant ones.

Are you feeling behind this trend and wondering how to join this challenge? Let’s get you right into how to make a beer poster.

Making a Beer Poster

Don’t worry! Making a beer poster does not involve having an expensive multimedia-friendly computer, being a Photoshop expert, or having any photo editing knowledge.

All you must do is grab your phone. It can be an Android or an iOS as long as you can install any photo editing application you can download from Playstore App Store.

Some recommended free photo editing apps you can try using include PicsArt, Snapseed, VSCO, or Prisma Photo Editor. If you can navigate around photo editing like a professional, you can also try Adobe Lightroom.

Take a Selfie

The first thing you’ll need is to take a photo of yourself. You can use the same mobile device that has the photo editing app. It’s better to take it someplace outside, for example, at the beach or swimming pool.  

Make sure to put on your swimwear that has the same color shade as the beer brand you are going for, so it will go with the theme.

Also, your photo must have plenty of open spaces. You will fill up these empty portions with the beer logo and other beer brand media assets. More on this later.

Adding the Beer Brand

Once you’ve achieved the photo you desire, you can fire up the photo editing app. Open the picture you’ve taken on the same app.

Next, you need to search for and download the beer brand logo. You can go with any brand that you want to use. And then, find the actual photo of the beer bottle from that same company. 

It’s best to look for the actual beer company logo and bottle with a transparent background in PNG file format. You can easily blend them with any other images in this format. Also, it will help make your beer poster look natural. It will seem like it was taken by a professional.


Going back to the photo editing app where you have your summer-themed photo opened. You also need to open the transparent beer brand and bottle images on the same app and file so you can add them on top of the photo you’ve taken. 

Next, you can just adjust the beer brand logo and the beer bottle to places in your photo that make more sense. You can put the logo on the portion with the emptiest spot so it would fill up the area and is more emphasized. 

To make the beer bottle blend better with your photo, you can also add some shadow to it. Make sure the shadow falls in the same direction as your body’s shadow. 

Done! You’re on a beer poster. You can simply apply all the changes you’ve made and then press the save button and post it on your TikTok and other social media accounts.

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