How to Organize a Beer Tasting Party [8 Steps]

How to Organize a Beer Tasting Party

Organizing a beer-tasting party can be a stressful job but fear not, we are here to make it easy for you. These parties are a great way to bring a much-needed change to the same old party traditions and are also quite fun. There is a variety of different beers in the market today so the choices are unlimited. In this article, we have curated a step-by-step process that will make your beer-tasting party a raging success.

1. Choose a Venue, the Day and the Date

How to Organize a Beer Tasting Party

First things first, choose the venue, the day, and the date. Choose a venue that is spacious and has great ventilation, whether natural or artificial. Have a quick look at the forecast and decide on a day. Make sure it is a good weather day because rain and winds in an outdoor setting can be disastrous for a beer-tasting party. 

Now comes the date. You will have to decide on a date on which your guests can make it to the party. A day on the weekend might also be a good way to go. All in all, if you want people to show up to your party and have a good time, make sure you choose the venue, the day, and the date accordingly. 

2. Choose the Party Theme 

How to Organize a Beer Tasting Party

A simple beer-tasting party goes great but a themed beer-tasting party is surely a level up. The shops are filled with different themes to choose from these days. You can go for a tropical theme, or go for a mono-color theme like an all-blue party, alternatively, you can choose a movie or a TV show as a theme as well. 

The best thing about choosing a theme is that it adds creativity to the party and also, dressing up is always fun. It also makes decoration easy. Target, TJ Maxx, and Aldi have great party sections where there are tons of themed decorations to choose from. So go on a trip of window-shopping before you decide on your details for the party. 

3. Make a Guest List

Your guests are the life of the party so make sure you plan your guest list with that in mind. Invite all those people that you know enjoy beer but also invite those you do not. Make it inclusive. Most people pass on an alcohol-tasting party because of the alcohol but your theme can entice them. If you do not want to keep the party simple and minimal then the more people the merrier.

4. Send Out Invitations 

This is by far my favorite step in the process. Designing invitations, hand-writing them, and then actually posting them or even just sending them online is so satisfying. You can use Canva for making your invitations, all you need to do is sign up and pick one of the already-made templates. Have a look on Fiverr or Upwork to make customized invitations for your party. There are some great professionals on these platforms that can help you out. 

These invitations should reach the guests at least two weeks in advance so they have ample time to make arrangements to come. So as soon as you get a chance mail them out, post them, or ring the guests. 

5. Secure the Beers 

How to Organize a Beer Tasting Party

Now comes the actual part of the beer-tasting party: getting the beers. You already know how many different types of beers there are so choosing the ones that you want to keep in your tasting station can be overwhelming. The best way to go around this step is to get help from the helpers at the beer shop. They have advanced knowledge of what each beer might be like and can also get you a good deal. 

The other most important thing while organizing a beer-tasting party, which most people forget about, is getting water. While most people will be drinking beers, they will eventually need water too. So when you grab the beers, grab some bottles of water as well so your guests can keep themselves hydrated while enjoying the party. 

6. Beer + Food = Great Time

How to Organize a Beer Tasting Party

Beer with food go hand in hand. The catch here is that it should be finger food like pretzel bites, wings, sliders, and crackers. Make sure to keep some sort of dips on the side. The food will help the guests not get too drunk so it works out in the best way. You would not want to cook while your guests are arriving so make sure that you get the food ready beforehand. 

7. Set up the Beer Tasting Station and Beer Tasting Cards

Finally, set up the beer-tasting station. Make sure that the beers are cold or closer to the temperature at which they are best served. Handing out beer-tasting cards is also a great way to let your guests keep track of what they have tasted and what they liked the most. These cards can be printed out online or you can make your own. 

8. Let the Party Begin 

We are attaching a checklist for you to check out and fulfill the steps leading up to the party. After all this organizing, planning, and hard work, let the beer-tasting party begin. Make sure that people are not going overboard with their drinking and that at least one of the guests is sober enough to drive them back home. And this is how you organize a successful and super-fun beer-tasting party. 

Beer Tasting Party Checklist

Venue, Day, Date
Party Theme 
Guest List
Beer Tasting Cards 


Beer-tasting parties are the new high-teas of society and they are a blast if done right. The above steps show you exactly how you can organize one for you and your friends. Make sure to add your touch to the party. Use the beer-tasting party checklist for a clutter-free and organized day. Happy partying!

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