400+ Ice Breaker Questions To Start a Great Conversation

Ice breaker Questions

Wanna play a questions game that can light up the conversation? Well…these ice breaker questions will help break the barriers and let everyone feel as if they are in their comfort zone!

Ice breaker questions are a great way to start a good conversation. Whether you’re a newbie in a friend’s circle or a leader of your office team, you gotta know how to interact with people. Sometimes things get a little bit harder and you are overtaken by your shyness. In these situations, icebreaker questions really work and allow you to feel more confident about yourself.

Trying to get naughty with your new partner, chatting with strangers, or trying to know about your co-workers requires a lot of guts. These questions will help you feel more open to others and allow you to explore other people’s thoughts and emotions. Icebreaker questions are also great for creating a stress-free environment and keeping everyone entertained.

The post contains a long list of icebreaker questions meant for different events. So it’s up to you to find which questions fit your social gathering. Keep reading and check out over 400 Ice Breaker questions to initiate a good conversation.

Random Ice Breaker Questions

Ice breaker Questions

Finding the right words to start a conversation can be a daunting task. Imagine you’re sitting on a subway train or waiting at a bus stop, and you know the journey is going to be a long one. Then it’s best you find someone to talk to and make the experience more enjoyable. That way you’ll get to know someone and have a good time. Check out these random icebreaker questions to ask anyone, anywhere.

  1. Who named you, and what’s the story behind it?
  2. Do you love just watching sports or enjoy playing as well?
  3. Do you enjoy participating in cultural activities?
  4. Would you rather stay in the city and do a 9-5 job of your choice or live in the countryside and handle your family business?
  5. Do you enjoy drinking alone or love to get boozy with your best buds?
  6. Do you pay the exact amount of the bill or leave a tip behind?
  7. What would you do if someone spilled a drink over your expensive clothes while on a dinner date?
  8. Do you lie even when the occasion doesn’t call for it?
  9. Can you dance with your eyes closed?
  10. Do you speak with people who are way below your mental intellect?
  11. What do you enjoy more, singing or dancing?
  12. Would you love eating scrumptious cuisine at a 5-star hotel or buy a large pizza and finish off in one sitting?
  13.  How great/terrible was your college experience?
  14. Did someone ever steal money from your school locker?
  15. Have you ever been in a food fight?
  16. Do you have your own YouTube channel? What’s it about?
  17. Can you survive a day without coffee?
  18. Have you ever thought of going on a Mediterranean diet?
  19. What color suits you the most?
  20. Do you ever wish your pet could talk?
  21. Do you wake up at the first-morning alarm or keep pressing the snooze button for a while? 
  22. If you see a shooting star right now, what is the first thing you would wish for?
  23. Do you think scrambled eggs are tastier than boiled eggs?
  24. What kind of cake would you love to have on your wedding day?
  25. Is it ok to stay single for the rest of your life?
  26. Are you bothered by a particular smell?
  27. How much money have you spent on buying cell phones in a year?
  28. What toys did you mostly play with as a child?
  29. Have you ever sketched someone that just caught your eye for a moment?
  30. Do you think rats are cute or disgusting?
  31. Can you sing a song about what’s inside your heart right now?
  32. Did you ever get caught climbing someone’s roof?
  33. Do you think robots will take over the world one day?
  34. Are you interested in politics?
  35. Which music soothes you when you are in a bad mood?
  36. Are you passionate about your career?
  37. What is one thing that only you can do but others can’t?
  38. Do you ever wish to become Hercules in real life?
  39. Do you still feel excited hearing the ice cream truck coming? 
  40. Which was your favorite cartoon in childhood?

Ice Breaker for Virtual Meetings

Ice breaker Questions

Ever since the pandemic, the world has shifted more to a virtual space. Work from home and the concept of digital nomads have become really popular. But when you click the green button to start your virtual meeting, you just freeze. You can’t think of a conversion to keep the person engaged, and the task becomes a challenge for you. Try some of these Ice breaker questions for Virtual Meetings to spark the connection and get to know someone really well without even physically meeting them.

  1. Have you interviewed someone on Zoom?
  2. Do you use another name while chatting?
  3. Do you enjoy working remotely or like physically attending an office?
  4. What are your 3 biggest weaknesses and 3 strengths?
  5. What would you do if you were about to tell your partner about your feelings and the connection gets interrupted?
  6. Do you want to become a digital nomad?
  7. Can you type on your cell phone without looking at the keys?
  8. Which website are you addicted to?
  9. Do you think you can make a handsome amount of money as a freelancer?
  10. What would you do if your mom cut the Wifi connection because you weren’t listening to her?
  11. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Do you check your messages or enjoy watching news updates?
  12. How many connections do you have on Skype?
  13. How do you respond to someone’s bizarre tweet?
  14. Which is the first website you browsed as a child?
  15. Do you think dating apps work?
  16. Do you think virtual meetings are better than face-to-face meetings?
  17. Do you have any skills that can help you earn money online?
  18. What is your username for most chat engines?
  19. Have you ever come across someone special on the internet?
  20. Do you think spending time on a computer is far better than getting involved in any criminal activity?
  21. Ever tried hacking someone’s computer?
  22. What would you do if you accidentally spilled coke all over your keyboard?
  23. Do you cheat in online exams?
  24. Did your personal details ever get stolen?
  25. Do you read blogs?
  26. Which is your favorite online store?
  27. Does your productivity decrease when you are working remotely?
  28. Are you a night owl, or do you wake up early?
  29. Do you like going to the movies?
  30. Have you ever messed up an important work?
  31. Do you consider yourself an accomplished man?
  32. Do you like donating stuff to charity?
  33. Are you a strict person when it comes to making other people follow your rules?
  34. Do you think you are an organized person?
  35. What is the funniest and most effective way to say sorry?
  36. What color are your earphones?
  37. What increases your energy level?
  38. What skills do you need to work on to have a brighter future?
  39. Do you check your inbox after every 1 hour?
  40. Are you enjoying the meeting?
  41. If a click of a button would take you anywhere in the world, then what would be your first dream destination?
  42. How do you relax after a tough day at work?
  43. Tell everyone about the most unforgettable incident that took place in your life.

Team Ice Breaker Questions 

Ice breaker Questions

Now is the perfect opportunity to deepen your understanding of your team members. Whether you’re part of a newly formed team or seeking to strengthen connections within an established one, these icebreaker questions are sure to help. Team members not only get to know one another on a personal level but also contribute to a more productive and harmonious work environment. Dive in to see these engaging questions and watch your team grow and flourish.

  1. What was your experience like working in a team?
  2. Do you enjoy being a leader or being the most important person in a team?
  3. Are you a team player, or do you like to work solo?
  4. What is the best song in your mind that the whole group can sing along?
  5. Do you think you have complete control over your mind and body?
  6. What games are perfect to play right now?
  7. Do you think every group has a hypocrite in it?
  8. What changes do you all suggest will take the company to new heights? Think wisely!
  9. What is one subject you excel at?
  10. Do you think learning can be a difficult phase?
  11. How did you party at the weekend?
  12. Do you consider your boss a true gentleman?
  13. What project actually made you cry?
  14. Who is the most intellectual person on the team?
  15. How do you handle critical reviews from your manager and incorporate them into your work?
  16. Are you a meat lover or a veggie eater?
  17. What makes you think you are a perfect fit for this job?
  18. Who is not a coffee lover in the group?
  19. Do you think the hours you are putting in work are good enough to manage both your personal and professional life?
  20. What habit of your previous managers really irritated you?
  21. Do you think achieving dreams is possible?
  22. Do you think it’s ok to ask coworkers for help?
  23. Can you come up with creative ideas to sell this product?
  24. What changes can make your job less burdened for you?
  25. Do you think your efforts are being neglected?
  26. Do you have a proper setup at home to do your online work?
  27. How do you start your day?
  28. At what time of day do you prefer to work?
  29. Name a person on your team who is good at making things up.
  30. Do you ever dream of opening your own company?
  31. Can you tell one company rule that is hindering employee growth?
  32. Tell a quote that inspires you the most.
  33. Do you believe in giving someone a 2nd chance?
  34. Do you think AI will change the way companies operate?
  35. Can you suggest a place for a team picnic?
  36. Have you ever been pranked by your teammate?
  37. Did someone ever insult you badly at work?
  38. Do you think the pandemic has opened opportunities for people working online?
  39. Can you play a musical instrument for the team?
  40. Do you enjoy watching podcasts or love old-fashioned TV shows?
  41. Is your bed or kitchen table your official office?
  42. Do you often conduct Zoom meetings wearing a suit at the top and PJs at the bottom?
  43. What would you name your team?
  44. What do you most like to have for lunch?

Fun Ice Breaker Questions

Ice breaker Questions

If you’re finding it hard to talk to someone, try some of these fun icebreaker questions to get the party started. Remember, the point is not to embarrass or hurt the other person. These Fun Ice Breaker Questions are only made for your entertainment. So enjoy and have loads of fun with these crazy questions.

  1. When is the last time you indulge in a bad fight for no big reason?
  2. Do you remember an act of kindness someone did for you that you would never forget?
  3. Have you ever been to a game show and come out victorious?
  4. Have you ever wished you had a zip on your belly that you could open and put food inside?
  5. What would you do if you found yourself chased by a T-rex?
  6. Can you think of a task that can put your name in the Guinness Book of World Records?
  7. How often do you change your cellphone wallpaper?
  8. Can you eat the same breakfast for the rest of your life?
  9. Can you survive in an Ice Age, and how?
  10. Which emoji do you send the most?
  11. Are you a wrestling fan? Who, in your opinion, is the best WWE actor?
  12. Did the news ever make you so angry that you felt you should break the screen?
  13. Do you enjoy solving a series of trivia questions? 
  14. If you had the hammer of Thor, who would be the only person you would knock out of the planet?
  15. Do you think the Survivor series is fake?
  16. How fast can you finish off a Nutella jar?
  17. If you had teleportation power, which place would you teleport to?
  18. Have you ever tried crayons as a kid?
  19. What is the maximum no.of eggs you can eat in a day?
  20. How many scratches does your Android/Apple screen have?
  21. Who is your ideal entrepreneur?
  22. How often do you drink wine?
  23. Which historical personality are you most inspired by?
  24. Can you cut vegetables with your eyes closed?
  25. Do you always look for discount offers while shopping?
  26. Would you rather go on a romantic dinner date or take a long walk at the beach?
  27. Can you survive without an air conditioner?
  28. Have you ever worked outside of your comfort zone?
  29. Do you think finding someone special is almost impossible?
  30. Eating a burger with your hands is easier than eating it with a fork and knife…Do you agree?
  31. Are you a rice liver?
  32. Have you ever won a free coupon?
  33. What kind of fragrance attracts you the most?
  34. What choices in your life do you regret the most?
  35. If you could open a store of your own, what products would you choose to sell?
  36. Can you sleep anytime, anywhere?
  37. Do you bother asking people their names or just start a conversation?
  38. Did you ever shout out loud during a scary movie?
  39. What supernatural activity have you encountered?
  40. What food combos grosses you out the most?
  41. If you could have one superpower for a day, what would it be?
  42. Did you ever get lost as a child?
  43. What is the best piece of advice you got from your parents?
  44. Did you ever sit on a rodeo bull?

Ice Breaker Questions for Work

Ice breaker Questions

A person who doesn’t talk to anyone is less likely to be more productive than a person who knows how to socialize with his peers. When you talk with people, you get to know about your work environment in a better way. You can have a clear picture of what you’re getting into. But if talking isn’t really your thing, you can try some of these icebreaker questions to start a light conversation with the person sitting close to you.

  1. Do you like casual dressing or formal dressing for the workplace?
  2. Is your home near or far from the office?
  3. What was the most miserable job of your life?
  4. Do you think pets reduce the negativity in the work environment?
  5. Did someone ever try to take advantage of you at the office?
  6. Do you miss your family while at work?
  7. Do you think spirituality at the workplace can lead to increased creativity and trustworthiness among peers?
  8. Can you manage your studies and your career both side by side?
  9. How much did you get on your first job?
  10. Did you ever quarrel with your boss?
  11. Do you need any assistance with your work?
  12. Who is your most trusted buddy at work?
  13. Do you have a habit of sneaking into your coworker’s computer?
  14. Can you call your current job your dream job?
  15. Do you think hot-looking coworkers get highlighted more or hard work pays off in the end?
  16. Does your job demand that you lie to your customer?
  17. Do you have an appreciative boss?
  18. Have you ever fallen for someone at the office?
  19. Have you ever tried drinking during office hours?
  20. How many holidays do you expect to have in a year?
  21. Do you value punctuality?
  22. How many jobs do you switch in a year?
  23. What activities do you mostly do after work?
  24. Do you like partying with your coworkers on the weekend?
  25. How do you tackle work-related stress?
  26. What initial difficulties did you face in the first month of your job?
  27. Do you get compensated fairly?
  28. What will be your first reaction if you get a job offer from one of the Fortune 500 companies?
  29. Do you have communication barriers with your coworkers?
  30. How long did it take to land your first job?
  31. Do you think speaking too much can get you in trouble?
  32. Do you still work with the same enthusiasm as your first day at the office?
  33. When do you go to the gym?
  34. Did your team ever plan a surprise birthday party for you?
  35. What encourages you to stay motivated towards your goal?
  36. Do you consider yourself an expert in the field?
  37. Did your project idea ever get stolen?
  38. How do you keep yourself away from arguments?
  39. Have you ever taken a nap at work?
  40. Are you expecting a raise in the near future?
  41. What is the most hilarious meme you can think of right now?
  42. Have you ever crushed and secretly texted your boss?
  43. Do you think work ethic matters?

Good Ice Breaker Questions

Ice breaker Questions

Now that you have gathered all your friends and your favorite beer to enjoy the night, so what comes next? There is nothing more entertaining than a few ice breaker questions to spice up the party. Use this Good Ice Breaker Question list or unleash your own creativity and make your event a memorable one.

  1. What resolution did you make on New Year’s Eve?
  2. Which are your favorite pizza toppings?
  3. Do you ever imagine yourself living in Antarctica?
  4. Which subject do you still enjoy studying the most?
  5. Do you have extreme cleaning habits?
  6. Are you a Harry Potter fan?
  7. Do you think UFOs exist?
  8. Have you ever spread a false rumor at school that went viral?
  9. Name one sport that you know you can never be good at.
  10.  Have you ever walked out on someone?
  11. What was the most painful loss of your life?
  12. Did you ever win a trophy in sports?
  13.  Do you hate asking people for directions?
  14. What is your favorite quote related to love?
  15. If you had mind-reading powers, whose mind would you read first?
  16. Did you ever dream of joining the Army/Navy/Airforce?
  17. Did you ever hit someone accidentally with your car?
  18. Are you an addict of Game of Thrones?
  19. Do your friends consider your temperament as a calm and composed moon or a hot blazing sun?
  20. Have you ever modeled for a famous brand?
  21. Did you hate the moment when your mommy asked you to take a shower?
  22. Do you love growing any fruits or vegetables in your backyard?
  23. Do you think you have complete control over your mind?
  24. What is your song of the week?
  25. Do you sleep with your mouth open?
  26. Did your car ever get stuck in a tornado?
  27. Which foreign country, in your opinion, is the worst for travel?
  28. Did you ever sit on a roller coaster ride with a full stomach?
  29. Do you feel safe in your partner’s arms?
  30. Do you love talking to the kids?
  31. How did you get your scar?
  32. If plastic surgery could change you, which celebrity would you change yourself into?
  33. Would you marry a fashionista or a decent lady?
  34. Do you check the calories on every product?
  35. If you’re a burger, then food is your best friend?
  36. Ever tried mixing beer with other hard liquors?
  37. Do you believe that certain zodiac signs are attracted to each other?
  38. Who, by far, in your opinion, is the most talented American Idol ever?
  39. What is the most boring event you’ve been to?
  40. If you could be Rose from the movie Titanic, how would you have saved Jack?

Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

Time to juice up the conversation with some naughty and fun questions. These light-hearted questions will help you explore the inner side of your friends without being insulting. You will get to share some awkward experiences together.

  1. Quote a romantic dialogue from your favorite movie.
  2. How long was your first hangover?
  3. How do you handle an argument between you and your partner?
  4. Can you hit a bull’s eye in 1 shot?
  5. In your opinion, which is the hardest language to learn?
  6. Do you know any of your grandma’s secret dessert recipes?
  7. Which one in the group has a wardrobe similar to a celebrity’s?
  8. What is the most awkward skill that can make you a lot of money?
  9. How do you define a perfect day with your partner?
  10. Have you ever experienced a drowning incident?
  11. How do you run from an awkward conversation?
  12. What is the worst comment you have ever received?
  13. What songs energize you the most?
  14. Have you ever had surgery?
  15. Have you ever helped someone to get out of his depression?
  16. Do you feel nervous when cuddling with your significant other?
  17. How long can you keep a secret to yourself without telling a single person?
  18. Do you think we understand and care for our parents more when we become parents ourselves?
  19. Did you ever have a one-night stand and manage to hide it completely from your partner?
  20. Do you enjoy the company of a bold lady or a shy one?
  21. Do you still miss your ex and think about her often?
  22. Have you ever connected with someone so quickly that it amazed you?
  23. If you were an astronaut, what would be your ideal date place? 
  24. Which relationship are you most afraid of losing?
  25. Describe your family in one sentence.
  26. Which is your go-to drink for a boy’s night out?
  27. What is the worst argument you have ever had with your parents?
  28. Are you good at persuading people and making them do what you want them to do?
  29. How fast/good are you at making new relationships?
  30. Do you have a habit of exaggerating your point of view? 
  31. When was the last time you got a back massage from your partner?
  32. Can you do IT in a car?
  33. What is the scariest place you ever make out?
  34. How many times have you run away from starting a relationship?
  35. Do you enjoy lights on or complete darkness?
  36. Who is more serious between you and your partner?
  37. If you get kissed by someone in the group, what would be your first reaction?
  38. Do you enjoy IT when things get a little bit noisier?
  39. What do you love more, tango or salsa?
  40. Which news section do you enjoy the most?

Best Ice Breaker Questions 

Ice breaker Questions

You can make your casual gathering even more memorable with these Best Ice Breaker Questions. Time to unravel some deep secrets and personality traits of your friends you never knew about. Check out this amazing list to break the ice and keep the fun going for hours.

  1. In your opinion, who is the most underrated Hollywood actor?
  2. What food do you order mostly at midnight?
  3. How did you spend your first earning?
  4. Would you date a guy having an Audi R8 or Porsche 911?
  5. Do you like going fishing on weekends?
  6. What did you name your favorite stuffed animal as a kid?
  7. Which cuisines do you enjoy making the most?
  8. As a child, did you use to count the stairs while going up?
  9. Can you sacrifice all your money to achieve immortality?
  10. Does your roommate have a habit of stealing stuff? 
  11.  Are you comfortable staying away from your family?
  12. If you were a ghost, who would you scare off to take revenge?
  13. Which is your favorite movie sequel?
  14. Does a good sense of humor attract you toward the opposite sex?
  15. Do you keep the tags on new items just to show off your expensive shopping?
  16. What is the most terrible cheesy line you have ever heard?
  17. Do you still remember your first day at school?
  18. Do you have a special blanket while cuddling with your partner?
  19. Where do you want your dream house to be?
  20. Ever had an encounter with a spiritual personality?
  21. What is one thing you always say when you are angry?
  22. What kind of act of a stranger really touched your heart?
  23. How did you feel on your graduation day?
  24. What special item (jewelry, book..) has been in your family for generations?
  25. Which author’s work inspires you the most?
  26. Did you ever go hunting with your dad?
  27. Have you ever been bitten by a wild animal?
  28. Do you have an organized wardrobe?
  29. Have you ever lied to your friend, knowing it may jeopardize your friendship?
  30. Do you think finding your true love is far better than marrying a rich guy?
  31. What is the most awesome dream you last had?
  32. Are you afraid of heights or love to keep yourself in the sky?
  33. Do you follow a strict diet chart to stay fit for long?
  34. Were you afraid of almost everything as a child?
  35. Do you think staying positive can help in many situations?
  36. Do you brush your teeth with your eyes closed?
  37. Imagine you come home and find a dead body under your bed. What would be your first reaction?
  38. What crazy wish of yours never actually came true?
  39. Do you think your partner really knows you?
  40. How long can you talk without stopping?

Ice Breaker Questions For Dating

Ice breaker Questions

Getting in a new relationship is fun and scary both at the same time. Things can get really boring when you don’t understand what to say next. But don’t worry, this list of Icebreaker Questions for Dating will help you keep the conversation going in the right direction, and you might eventually end up going on a second date sooner than you think.

  1. What movie would you love to see with your partner?
  2. Would you rather want your partner to be a foodie like you or a diet-conscious person to change your eating habits?
  3. Do you drink a shot straight or enjoy every sip of your drink slowly?
  4. Can you do a funny dance for your partner?
  5. Do you think relationships can get in the way of making the correct career choices?
  6. Are you like a volcano that keeps everything inside but explodes with anger when things get beyond your tolerance level?
  7. Which is a good place to propose to your partner?
  8. Do you like soft romantic music?
  9. Which snacks do you mostly eat while enjoying a movie?
  10. Do you open the door for a lady like a gentleman?
  11. Can you survive without your Android/apple?
  12. Do you have a cute furry friend?
  13. Do you consider yourself as a one-man army?
  14. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found yourself sleeping in the Colosseum, where the battle of Gladiators was about to begin?
  15. Do you always keep your bathroom clean after use?
  16. Have you ever been falsely accused by a woman/man?
  17. How good of a liar are you?
  18. Do you like wearing shorts or PJs as a night outfit?
  19. What’s more romantic than a candlelight dinner?
  20. Is your job terrible or perfect or something in between?
  21. Do you have certain food allergies?
  22. Are you good at keeping secrets?
  23. Are you a student or work full time?
  24. What career have you chosen for yourself?
  25. What are your university plans?
  26. How many social accounts do you have?
  27. Do you drive slowly in fast lanes?
  28. What pet peeves really get on your nerves?
  29. Do you have an uncontrollable habit of correcting people?
  30. What’s your idea of a fun day?
  31. Do you have any interest in going to a nightclub?
  32. Are you passionate about a serious relationship?
  33. What makes you sweat more than a simple jog?
  34. Would you love to live in a chocolate castle?
  35. Do you enjoy camping with your partner?
  36. What would be your first reaction knowing that you will be getting married today?
  37. Are you in love with diamonds?
  38. Do you wanna hang out again?
  39. How long did your last relationship last?
  40. Are you a party animal?
  41. Can we go to a less noisy place?
  42. Can you handle the dance floor?
  43. Do you think black makes a person look more gorgeous?

Ice Breaker Questions for Students

Ice breaker Questions

A teacher’s job is tough especially if you’re dealing with students with different IQ levels or diverse nationalities. A few random Icebreaker questions for students can involve your whole class in discussion and help everyone interact with each other on a more comfortable level.

  1. Who’s a football fan?
  2. Keeping a pet increases the sense of responsibility in a person. Do you agree?
  3. If you could invent a new flavor of ice cream, what would you name it?
  4. Did you get hit by a pencil during a class lecture?
  5. Who is brave enough to stand face to face with a bully double his/her size?
  6. Would you rather have an old-fashioned alarm clock to wake you up or a cell phone alarm that you keep on snoozing till you are extremely late?
  7. Are you a quiet student or a curious one that loves asking a lot of questions?
  8. Do you laugh if someone falls or move forward to pick them up?
  9. Which teacher has the biggest role in shaping your personality?
  10.  Use your creativity and tell a unique destination for your next class.
  11. Who is your best bud in the class?
  12. Are you a competitive person?
  13. Do you think there is no such thing as born leaders?
  14. Is someone traveling to a foreign country this summer?
  15. Do you think cheating makes you a successful person in life?
  16. Did you ever wish to pass the exams without actually giving any papers?
  17. How interesting is a foreign language class to you?
  18. Do you have your own little library at home?
  19. What are your expectations from this course?
  20. Name a teacher that really gave you a hard time.
  21. Who has the same zodiac sign?
  22. Who can sing in front of the whole class?

Group Ice Breaker Questions

Ice breaker Questions

Try some of these Group Ice Breaker Questions to help your new group transform into a strong team. These quick questions will help you to get to know your group members and create a fun environment where every group member feels more open to starting a new conversation.

  1. Who is a quick-thinker in the group?
  2. Who is strong enough to stand by his purpose/goal in life?
  3. Who gets panic attacks on temporary failures?
  4. Do you always think from your perspective only or value others’ opinions as well?
  5. Will you stand by your teammate even if it means losing a competition?
  6. Can you easily make anyone in the group believe your story?
  7. Where do you each see yourself 5 years from now?
  8. Who is the best actor in the group?
  9. Name the most distasteful meal you have ever eaten.
  10. Who is a computer geek in the group?
  11. In your opinion, who is the most presentable person in the group?
  12. Who is a workaholic in the group?
  13. Which ice cream flavor does everyone agree on?
  14. Who can be a great TV host?
  15. Do you remember a moment that truly changed everything for you?
  16. Name a brilliant actor who is great at his work yet so down to earth.
  17. Who is great at minding their own business?
  18. What are your plans for Christmas Eve?
  19. What do you plan to accomplish before dying?
  20. What do you most search for on the internet when you’re all alone in the house?
  21. Did your worst thought ever come true?


Now you have the list of over 400 amazing Ice Breaker Questions to start a light conversation anywhere you want. The purpose of this post is to eliminate your shyness and help you feel more tension free and comfortable with your friends. So, pick your favorite questions and get to know other people in an entertaining way.

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