Why an Ice Maker Is an Excellent Solution Not Only for Hot Days

ice maker is an excellent solution

Do you have a cold drink on hand? If you have an ice maker at home, you can quickly chill it, making it tastier. Find out what this device is capable of and why you should buy it. You may question whether you need ice cubes at home because you can also freeze ice cubes in special freezers, bags, or ice molds. Theoretically, this is possible, but due to the effectiveness of such a solution, it will be a long and inconvenient process for you.

Many ice cubes cannot be made at the same time. An average bag holds up to 30 cubes. There is often not enough room in the freezer for more than one bag. And that’s why the ice-making time is not the shortest either. It takes several hours for the ice to freeze completely. Another key challenge is making ice cubes in a mold and freezing them in the freezer, unfortunately freezing ice cubes requires a lot of action on your part, which leads to quick exhaustion.

After buying a clear ice block maker machine, you only need ten minutes to prepare a batch of high-quality ice. When you want to use several cubes at the same time, for example, when you have guests, you can store these cubes in a special storage box. Don’t worry if the ice suddenly disappears. The process of preparing a new portion of ice takes a few minutes and this process is fully automated.

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An ice maker is useful not only in summer

It is easy to understand that the ice maker can be used not only in the summer months. Indeed, we want ice the most in the summer, when we prepare cold desserts, cocktails, milkshakes or simply add ice to a glass of water, coffee, or juice. We add ice to drinks not only in summer but also at any time when we want to drink a refreshing drink.

You should not put ice cubes in beer, because it dilutes it unpleasantly, it is better to put ice cubes in a martini or champagne glass. It is believed that the new year will be the day when you will need an ice maker more than in the summer especially if you plan to welcome the new year in a larger company of friends and acquaintances.

Ice maker – how does it work?

At first glance, the ice maker is not a large appliance and can be compared to other kitchen equipment. Your work begins by filling the tank with water. An intuitive and user-friendly control panel makes your work much easier. Indicators show when the unit is active when the ice bin is full, and when there is no water in the bin. All you need to do is take a split second to check these important metrics.

When the ice maker bin is full, there are two key things you can do. Stop making ice cubes or put ice cubes in the chamber and restart the machine. For ease of use, a good ice maker comes with a convenient plastic scoop for removing ice cubes from the container. The ice maker does not consume a lot of electricity, about 150 W on average. In practice, this means that the cost of making ice cubes at home won’t add much to your electricity bill.

Ice cubes are an important basis for many drinks, cocktails, and other refreshing drinks. Ice is an efficient and great way to cool and refreshing drinks on a hot day. Properly shaped ice cubes can be made at home if you have enough freezer space. However, if something extra is needed, an ice maker is the best option. Fresh ice cubes are a must in any famous restaurant or bar.

An ice maker is exactly what you need to enjoy cold drinks. Ice cubes or crushed ice have become an integral part of most alcoholic beverages. Not only can ice be added directly to a drink, but it can also be used to chill a variety of products such as champagne, beer, and many soft drinks. Ice has many other uses depending on its shape and size. Ice cubes are served with drinks, and used to store food or for other purposes.

The professional ice maker model available from Bfteech makes up to 200 kilograms of ice in 24 hours. This model is mainly needed for hotel kitchens, wedding halls, restaurants, nightclubs, etc. You can also make ice at home with smaller and of course cheaper machines. Ice machines are becoming more and more popular because they allow you to quickly get ice during important events.

You can buy a full-featured device for home use at an affordable price from Bfteech. Such devices produce up to 15 kilograms of ice per day. Such models are quite enough for a home party. If you do not have free space for such a model in your kitchen, you can purchase a built-in machine. This solution is more efficient than the ice maker built into the refrigerator, which always takes up more space.

Small home ice makers may require a direct water connection or may only need to be manually filled with water into a special container. It all depends on your key needs and the capabilities of your kitchen. Another place where ice makers are needed is in laboratories where research and experiments are conducted that require the availability of ice.

The principle of operation of ice generators

Contrary to its appearance, handling the ice maker is very simple. Depending on the program installed and the type of ice maker, the ice can fill the entire container or you can make as many ice cubes as you need. The whole mechanism consists of the fact that the water transported in special forms freezes in the shortest possible time, this process is fully automated.

The form for obtaining ice is heated, and the cubes are placed in a special container, where the specified temperature regime is maintained. Usually, the ice builds up before the door that holds the cube shut. If this is not possible, ice production is stopped until the tanks are full, the ice is removed and space is made for the next batch of ice. Professional ice makers usually work this way. Similarly, the tools can be configured for multiple ice production cycles.

What types of ice generators exist and are presented on the market?

When choosing an ice maker for your home or business, it’s important to know what type of ice you need. The way ice is made affects the final effect. There are ice makers on the market that make delicious cubes and other forms of ice. The first type of ice is most efficiently produced using vertical evaporation technology. Ice freezes and forms layers.

Depending on the type of ice maker, there are several options for the mass of ice formation. Exquisite ice shapes are made from unique inverted molds using horizontal evaporation technology. This technique is less efficient because the cubes fall one after the other, but the ice is much clearer this way.

Again, ice makers can make different weights of ice cubes. Ice generators are also divided by daily capacity. At home, small production is enough, about 10-20 kilograms of ice per day. In gastronomy, the power of the ice machine must be adapted to the current needs of the company.

What should you pay attention to when buying a professional ice maker?

A professional device is not cheap, so you need to think carefully about everything before buying. It is worth calculating the current needs in the production of ice during the peak season of activity of a cafe, bar, or restaurant, so as not to miss an important moment even during the peak demand for ice.

When you need 10-15 kilograms of ice per day on a typical working day, a standard low-power ice maker will do, and you can buy it at an affordable price from Bfteech. Another key criterion is the connection of the device to the water supply system. If possible, this will save you a lot of time and save you from unnecessary worries. However, this usually applies to large, high-efficiency appliances.

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