10 IKEA Bar Ideas To Improve Your Drinking at Home

IKEA Bar Ideas

Step into a world of extraordinary possibilities with IKEA Bar Ideas, where style and innovation collide to create the ultimate home entertainment experience. From dazzling bar carts that glide with elegance to sleek storage cabinets that exude sophistication, these ideas are meticulously crafted to transform any space into a captivating oasis of libations.

With every design meticulously thought out and every detail carefully considered, your home bar will become the envy of all. So, while you explore the world of IKEA Bar Ideas, let your creativity soar and let your fantasies run crazy. Get ready to raise the bar and redefine the art of entertaining in your own home.

10 Supreme IKEA Furniture Bar

Following are some IKEA Furniture Bars that will help you to explore more.

1. Expedit Bar

Introducing the revolutionary Expedit Bar, the epitome of style and functionality for all your entertaining needs. Transforming your space into a vibrant hub of social gatherings and endless laughter, this IKEA masterpiece effortlessly combines sleek design with unparalleled versatility. 

With its cleverly crafted compartments and spacious shelves, the Expedit Bar allows you to showcase your finest spirits, elegant glassware, and treasured memorabilia.

2. Hemnes Dresser

The captivating Hemnes Dresser is a hidden gem in the realm of an IKEA furniture bar. With its timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship, this versatile piece transforms seamlessly from a traditional dresser to a sophisticated bar with charm. 

Its ample storage space and cleverly designed compartments provide a sanctuary for your favorite libations. At the same time, the smooth, lustrous surface serves as the perfect stage for mixing and serving your signature cocktails.

3. Raskog Rolling Cart Bar 

The ingenious Raskog Rolling Cart Bar is the epitome of chic and convenient in the world of IKEA furniture bars. This delightful mobile companion is a testament to transforming any space into a captivating table of beverages. With its sleek design and versatile functionality, the 

Raskog Rolling Cart Bar effortlessly glides into your gatherings, brimming with personality and endless possibilities. Imagine a vibrant burst of color as the cart proudly displays your favorite spirits, mixers, and garnishes neatly organized in its carefully designed compartments.

4. Malm Bar Console

The sleek and sophisticated Malm Bar Console is a true game-changer in the realm of IKEA furniture bars. This remarkable piece combines form and function effortlessly, elevating your entertaining experience to new heights. 

Its ample storage space and cleverly designed compartments offer a haven for your finest spirits, glassware, and mixology essentials, ensuring that everything is within arm’s reach for the perfect pour. 

5. Tarva Bar Cabinet

The Tarva Bar Cabinet is a hidden gem in the realm of IKEA furniture bars. This transformative masterpiece combines functionality with rustic charm, adding a touch of enchantment to your home. 

Its spacious interior and adjustable shelves provide a sanctuary for your finest spirits, wine bottles, and cocktail accessories. At the same time, the top surface serves as the perfect platform for mixing and serving your favorite concoctions. 

6. Bror Workbench Bar

The innovative Bror Workbench Bar is a true revolution in the world of IKEA furniture bars. This ingenious creation seamlessly marries rugged industrial design with the art of mixology, transforming your space into a captivating hub of creativity. 

Its durable work surface provides the ideal space for crafting intricate drinks. At the same time, the ample storage and adjustable shelves hold a treasure trove of bottles, tools, and glassware neatly organized and within arm’s reach. 

7. Vittsjo Bar Cart

The Vittsjo Bar Cart is a stunning masterpiece that combines elegance and versatility in the realm of the IKEA furniture bar. This captivating cart epitomizes style, effortlessly transforming any space into a sophisticated classification of things. 

Imagine the Vittsjo Bar Cart, with its sleek metal frame and glass shelves, gliding gracefully across your home, offering a mobile haven for your favorite spirits and barware. Its airy design and open structure create a sense of lightness, while the reflective surfaces add a touch of glamour to your gatherings.

8. Ekby Wall-Mounted Bar

The Ekby Wall-Mounted Bar is a brilliant innovation that brings style and functionality to new heights in the world of IKEA furniture bars. This space-saving marvel effortlessly combines sleek design with practicality, transforming any wall into a captivating focal point for home entertainment. 

9. Billy Bookcase

The enchanting Billy Bookcase is a hidden gem in the world of IKEA furniture bars. This versatile masterpiece transcends its traditional purpose, effortlessly transforming into a captivating home bar that will leave your guests in awe. 

Its sturdy construction and ample storage space provide a sanctuary for mixology enthusiasts, while the sleek exterior adds a touch of neatness to any room. 

As the night unfolds, the Billy Bookcase becomes more than just a storage solution; it becomes the centerpiece of your gatherings, where stories are shared, laughter fills the air, and unforgettable memories are created.

10. Stenstorp Kitchen Island Bar

The exquisite Stenstorp Kitchen Island Bar is a true centerpiece that elevates the art of entertaining in the realm of IKEA furniture bars. This stunning creation seamlessly blends functionality and style, transforming your kitchen into a clean haven for mixology enthusiasts. 

Its expansive countertop provides ample space for crafting intricate cocktails, while the built-in shelves and drawers offer a sanctuary for your finest spirits, bar tools, and glassware. 

As the night unfolds, the Stenstorp Kitchen Island Bar becomes the focal point of your gatherings, captivating guests with its impeccable organization and charm.

5 Trendy IKEA Bar Makeover Ideas That Will Inspire

Get ready to unleash your creativity and raise the bar on style with these five trendy IKEA bar makeover ideas that will effortlessly transform your space into a captivating hotspot.

1. Customized Storage Solution

Turn your ordinary IKEA bar into a customized storage solution that perfectly suits your needs. Add shelves, hooks, or racks to accommodate your glassware, bottles, and bar accessories collection. 

2. Statement Lighting

Elevate the ambiance of your IKEA bar with stunning statement lighting. Install a glamorous chandelier, sleek pendant lights, or trendy Edison bulbs to create a captivating focal point. 

The proper lighting can transform your bar area into a chic and inviting space that sets the mood for memorable evening entertainment.

3. Faux Built-In Look

Create a built-in faux look to give your IKEA bar a sophisticated and upscale feel. Use decorative molding or trim to frame your bar cabinet or shelving unit, giving it a seamless built-in appearance. 

This simple yet effective makeover idea adds a touch of elegance and makes your bar stand out as a stunning centerpiece in your home.

4. Velvet Upholstery

Add a luxurious and trendy touch to your IKEA bar by incorporating velvet upholstery. Reupholster bar stools or chairs with rich velvet fabric in bold colors or soft neutrals for luxury. The velvety texture adds depth and sophistication, making your bar area feel cozy and inviting.

5. Mid-Century Modern Revamp

Give your IKEA bar a chic makeover to embrace the everlasting appeal of a mid-century modern Revamp. Opt for bar stools with tapered legs and clean lines, or choose a cabinet with retro-inspired details.

Incorporate vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and sleek finishes to capture the essence of this iconic design era and create a bar that exudes effortless cool.


Can I customize IKEA bar furniture to fit my specific space and needs?

Yes, IKEA bar furniture offers various customization options, such as adjustable shelves, modular units, and additional accessories, allowing you to create a bar setup tailored to your space and requirements.

Are there options for small spaces or apartments?

Absolutely! IKEA offers a range of compact bar solutions for small spaces or apartments. Look for space-saving bar carts, wall-mounted bars, or multifunctional furniture pieces that can serve as storage and a bar.

Can I repurpose other IKEA furniture items for a bar?

Definitely! IKEA offers versatile furniture pieces that can be repurposed for a bar. Bookcases can be transformed into stylish liquor cabinets. Kitchen islands can serve as bar countertops, and storage units can house your barware. Let your imagination guide you!

Are there any tips for organizing and maximizing storage in an IKEA bar?

Certainly! Storage accessories like hooks, dividers, and bins are used to keep your barware, bottles, and tools organized. Consider incorporating vertical storage solutions to make the most of your space. Also, remember to label your containers for easy identification.


IKEA provides the tools to create a personalized bar setup that suits your style and needs. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious home, IKEA offers versatile solutions for maximizing space and creating a beautiful bar area. 

From sleek bar carts to elegant storage cabinets, each piece is thoughtfully designed to elevate your home’s entertaining experience. So let your imagination run wild, explore the endless combinations, and turn your IKEA Bar ideas into a reality that will impress and delight your guests.

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