Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Beer?

Is it cheaper to make your own beer

Home brewing is a fun and satisfying activity, but it also offers an opportunity to save money on beer. If you love beer and enjoy being creative, you might wonder if home brewing is cheaper than commercial beer. 

In this blog, we’ll explore whether it is cheaper to make your own beer. The cost of home brewing and determine whether it’s a cost-effective alternative to buying beer at the store.

What Is Home Brewing?

Home brewing is the process of making beer in small quantities, usually within the comfort of one’s home. It’s an excellent way to experiment with various flavors and ingredients, giving you the opportunity to tailor your beer to your preference.

Home brewing was illegal in the United States but was legalized in 1978, allowing individuals to make beer for personal consumption. Presently, home brewing has become a widespread hobby for many people and continues to gain popularity.

What Ingredients Use In The Beer Brewing At Home

To make beer at home, you will typically need the following ingredients:


The foundation of beer is malt, which provides the sugar the yeast will ferment to create alcohol. Various types of malt are available, including pale, wheat, and specialty malts, each with a unique flavor profile.


Hops balance the malt’s sweetness with bitterness and provide aroma. Different types of hops will provide different levels of bitterness and aroma, and different hop varieties are used for different beer styles.


Yeast is responsible for fermenting the sugar in the malt to create carbon dioxide and alcohol. Many types of yeast are available, including ale yeast and lager yeast, each with its unique characteristics.


Clean and filtered water is a crucial component in beer brewing, accounting for the majority of the final product’s volume. The kind of water utilized can influence the taste of the beer, underscoring the significance of using the appropriate type.


Adjuncts are added to the beer’s flavor, aroma, or body. Common adjuncts include fruit, spices, and grains like corn or rice.

These are the essential ingredients for beer brewing, but many variations and additional ingredients create different beer styles. The key to successful home brewing is to choose high-quality ingredients, measure them accurately, and use them in the correct proportions. With a bit of patience and practice, you’ll be well on your way to making delicious beer in no time!

Cost Of Home Brewing Ingredients

To make beer at home, the essential components are malt, hops, yeast, and water. The expenses incurred to buy these ingredients fluctuate based on the region you reside in and the caliber of the ingredients you select.

On average, expect to pay between $30 and $50 for a primary home brewing kit, which will provide enough ingredients to make five gallons of beer. It is a significant saving compared to commercial beer, which can be several times more expensive.

Another factor to consider when comparing the cost of home brewing with commercial beer is the quality of the ingredients. With home brewing, you have complete control over your ingredients, and you can choose high-quality ingredients that will result in a better-tasting beer. 

Additionally, many home brewers use specialty ingredients like fruits, spices, and grains to create unique and flavorful beers that you won’t find in stores.

Buy ingredients to brew beer at home.

Cost Of Equipment

Home brewing equipment is another essential factor when determining whether home brewing is cheaper than commercial beer. The expense of equipment for home brewing can vary, starting from a few hundred dollars for essential gear and going up to several thousand dollars for sophisticated equipment.

However, the equipment cost is offset by the savings you’ll see in the price of ingredients and the ability to make higher-quality beer than what you can buy in stores.

Time And Labor Costs

Home brewing is time-consuming, requiring a significant amount of labor to make a batch of beer. Another factor to consider is whether home brewing is cheaper than commercial beer. 

Although, for many home brewers, the time and labor involved in home brewing is a small price to pay for the satisfaction of making their beer. Additionally, many home brewers find brewing a relaxing and enjoyable activity providing a sense of accomplishment.

Cost Savings from Home Brewing

Regarding cost savings, home brewing has several advantages over buying commercial beer. 

  • For starters, cut down on the expenses of home brewing ingredients.
  • Second, you’ll save money on the equipment cost, as you’ll only need to purchase equipment once, and you can use it again and again to make beer.
  • Third, you’ll save money on the cost of beer, as the cost per gallon of home-brewed beer is significantly less than that of commercial beer.
  • Finally, you’ll save money on the cost of time and labor, as the time and effort involved in home brewing are significantly less than what you would spend on other hobby activities.

Interesting Facts About Home Brewing Beer

  1. Brewing your beer at home allows you to experiment with different styles, flavors, and ingredients, giving you greater control over the taste and quality of the final product.
  2. Home brewing can be a fun and social activity, with many enthusiasts forming clubs and attending festivals and competitions.
  3. Some home brewers take the hobby to the next level by pursuing professional brewing careers, with many successful craft breweries being founded by home brewers.
  4. Home brewing equipment can range from simple kits to advanced systems that allow for precision temperature and pressure control.
  5. Home brewing can be an eco-friendly alternative to store-bought beer, as it reduces the need for packaging and transportation and allows for the reuse of equipment and ingredients.


Home brewing might be the perfect hobby if you’re a beer lover looking to save money while enjoying your favorite beverage, but Is it cheaper to make your own beer? With the savings you’ll see in the cost of ingredients, equipment, and time and labor, home brewing can be a great way to enjoy a beer while saving money. So, why give it a try? You might be surprised how great the beer you make will taste.

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