Does Jimmy Fallon Drink Alcohol?

Jimmy Fallon Drink Alcohol

Jimmy Fallon, a well-known name and Face in the Hollywood Industry, knows the art of making people laugh using his comedian skills. But there are rumors about Jimmy Fallon and his drinking habits. Are they true?

Yes, Jimmy Fallon drinks alcohol. He has been into drinking for years. And that is also true that he is habitual of consuming a lot of alcohol within no time. But there are rumors that Jimmy Fallons suffers from a drinking problem and that he can’t live a single day without drinking booze. Wait, are these rumors true? 

To find the truth, let’s unravel more about Jimmy Fallon and his alcoholic life.

Does Jimmy Fallon Drink Alcohol?

Jimmy Fallon is a known actor and comedian who gained popularity after his show Saturday Night Live. He claims Jimmy Fallon to be the best TV show host who masters the trucks of grabbing attention and viewers till late at night. 

For instance, in the show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” he oriented a lot of drinking games as a light-hearted element to add new things to his show.

Wait, if Jimmy Fallon introduced drinking games in his show, does it mean he himself drinks too?

Yes, Jimmy Fallon drinks alcohol, but not during the show timings. Instead, he drinks after the show, usually late at night. 

He has been seen drinking a lot at parties. In fact, he is known to love partying late at night. 

And yes, to add more, he consumes a lot of booze in no time.

Why Do People Suspect Jimmy Fallon To Have An Alcohol Drinking Problem? A Few Incidents 

Though Jimmy Fallon admits to drinking alcohol a lot of times, people suspect that he suffers from an alcohol-drinking problem. He can’t live without drinking; some even say he drinks every night.

But how can anyone make such big claims? Well, there were a few incidents that took place one after another, and thus, people ended up thinking that Jimmy Fallon suffers from a drinking problem, and therefore, he does such weird and crazy acts after getting too tipsy.

Some of these are:

  • In 2015, Jimmy Fallon stumbled into his house, and guess what? He almost lost his finger. People think he was drunk at that time.
  • A few months later, Jimmy Fallon chipped his teeth while trying to open a gel bottle from his tooth. Who does it?
  • Additionally, in 2015, he fell at an event, and he fell so badly that he ended up damaging his hand, and he underwent proper surgery to overcome the loss. However, since he was holding Jägermeister in his hand, people believe he was badly drunk.
  • Additionally, reporters and people claim to see him enjoying beer and other drinks in bars and pubs late at night. So, that is why people believe that he suffers from proper alcohol addiction and that he can’t skip one day without drinking.

Did Jimmy Fallon Ever Try To Withdraw from Alcohol Consumption?

Yes. Most people, when entering into the alcohol world, aren’t able to overcome their addiction. Only a few try, and Jimmy Fallon is one of them.

He tried to cut off alcohol consumption completely a few years back.

However, his bad. Emotional circumstances and situations made him again dependent on alcohol. 

He actually decided to cut off alcohol consumption. But after a few months, his mother died. This hit him like a trauma. And that isn’t it. His rival’s show started to get far more views than his show.

As a result, he got depressed and found drinking the only solution to cope with the situation. 

So, although Jimmy Fallon tried to overcome alcohol addiction and cut off the usage completely, he couldn’t succeed. 

Does Jimmy Fallon Admit Having A Drinking Problem?


All the rumors and allegations that Jimmy Fallon is addicted to alcohol consumption badly and that he suffers from an alcohol-drinking problem are wrong.

When he was asked in an interview by the New York Times in 2017, Jimmy Fallon told the interviewer that these are all wrong statements. It was just his luck and carelessness that he faced accidents, one after another. 

But it doesn’t mean at all that he is into drinking problems.

He also said that if he was into Alcohol addiction so badly that he couldn’t skip a day without it, it would have been impossible to conduct and host a night show with so much liveliness and fun. 

The NBC exec also denies all such statements, claiming that although Jimmy drinks a lot of alcohol and should try to reduce booze consumption, he doesn’t suffer from any drinking problem at all.

Is Jimmy Fallon Concerned About His Health?

Yes, Jimmy Fallon is quite mindful of his fitness, which is why he looks like a 35-year-old man, though he is in his late 40s.

So, here is the detail of the workout that Jimmy Fallon does to keep himself healthy, young, and energetic:

  • On Monday, he focuses on the chest
  • On Tuesday, he focuses on back
  • On Wednesday, all exercises are for the shoulders 
  • On Thursday and Friday, he focuses on triceps and biceps 
  • Saturday is for legs only
  • Sunday is his rest day

In all the exercises he does, he repeats four sets of 6 to 10 reps.

Moving on to the diet plan, he 

  • Eats Juice and eggs in the morning 
  • Takes Protein shakes and vitamins are snacks. 
  • Has salad for lunch
  • Juice and salad for dinner


All in all, yes, Jimmy Fallon drinks alcohol. However, the fake news that Jimmy has a drinking problem is simply baseless. He denied all such allegations by confirming that he has no alcohol drinking addiction and said that if he was suffering from such a problem, it would have been impossible for him to do the night show.

Additionally, he once tried to cut off alcohol consumption. However, due to some emotional breakdowns, he got back into drinking.

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