Does Joe Biden Drink Alcohol?

Joe Biden Drink Alcohol

Although consuming alcohol is sometimes considered standard practice, more folks in the United States than you may think have chosen to refrain from all alcoholic beverages in the preceding month.

The current American president Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., is also on this list. Public leaders’ private lives are frequently the focus of mystery and curiosity. The query that is recently in trend is “Does Joe Biden drink alcohol”. 

People will inevitably be curious about his way of life preferences because he is a public figure. And so, it is critical to tell apart between rumors and precise information. In this blog, we can discover more about Joe Biden’s alcohol intake habits.

Does Joe Biden drink alcohol?

Joe Biden Drink Alcohol

Biden becomes the second president in succession to abstain from drinking. Yes, Joe Biden is a lifelong teetotaller, and New York Times confirmed it earlier. Even Biden has openly endorsed that he never tasted alcohol because there were enough alcoholics in their family. 

The article in the New York Times claims that Biden has not once in his life used alcohol. Even though the twenty-first century is just two decades old, America has elected a president three times who stay away from alcohol entirely.

On his official website, the current elected leader of the United States nation-states refrains from the behavior that 85.6% of Americans claim to have attempted alcohol at least once. This is the only personal habit that Joe Biden similars with the departed President Donald Trump. 

Teetotaling leaders have turned out to be customary. Obama was the sole exemption until Bill Clinton, known for brewing the initial White House beer. Biden has often mentioned why he does not consume alcohol because his family has taught him the dangers of alcohol, and many alcohol addicts were there at home. Let us see in detail why this well-famed president did not drink alcohol. 

What are the reasons behind Joe Biden not drinking alcohol?

Biden has stated that he loves to live an alcohol-free life, mentioning how it had devastated individuals of his Irish family over the years.

Based on a source, Biden claimed that he is erudite about liquor’s dangers from his family and neighbors, so he does not drink at all. Biden grew up with one of his family members, where his uncle and son both were addicted to alcohol. The pain they faced on those days cant be expressed in words, said Joe Biden in one of the interviews. 

Biden is personally aware of the devastation that alcoholism may cause. Given that his remark about having those who are alcoholics in his family seems to be referring to the genetic component that causes addiction, it is likely that he is also aware of this.

Knowing this, Biden made the sensible choice to avoid taking any chances and abstain from alcohol altogether. Complete abstinence from alcohol is far simpler than developing an addiction and quitting. 

The Biden family went through numerous tragedies. In 1972, his wife Neilia Hunter Biden and daughter Naomi died in a dreadful car accident, and both sons suffered deadly injuries. Hunter Biden, his youngest son, sustained a critical head wound. Beau, Joe Jr.’s younger son, died from brain cancer in 2001.

Hunter has opened up about his addiction to alcohol and drugs on most of the media platforms. For the first time in 2001, he visited a medical counselor with the support of his brother Beau. Five times, which includes after Beau died in 2015, he was involved in treatment.

Hunter claims that his father, Biden, has supported him over some of the most frustrating phases of his recovery, even going so far as to argue that Hunter needs treatment.

These were the primary reason why Biden chose life long alcohol-free path instead. He has withdrawn from alcohol his whole life, never trying a single sip. He also advises the young minds of the current generation on how much alcohol can affect their future. He also adds that there are many more things in life than alcohol or drugs.  

The leader of America gave his health the respect it deserved, so he is now 79 years old and in good health. The present president is in good health, according to the doctor from the White House, who also provided the declaration.


It is encouraging to see Joe Biden’s path toward dedication to leading a life without alcohol. His honesty about his initial difficulties shows he is ready to face and learn from his obstacles.

The current president does not enjoy drinking alcohol for just two reasons. He saw one of his beloved relatives, a heavy drinker, and had limited time for social events that involved alcohol because of his nightly drive to his loved ones in Delaware.

Alcohol has played a significant role in most politicians’ lives, and many feel that alcohol is necessary; however, Joe Biden is in the limelight. It could sound unusual, considering that President Biden has worked as a politician for a long time. Many of us know that the drinks flow as soon as politicians mingle.

It is categorically not the reality, as Biden has demonstrated. Biden has ascended to the top political position in the nation despite never drinking alcohol. In addition, there is no substantiation that he has lost out due to not drinking.

A president like Joe Biden, who claims he does not drink, will be a role model to others and young minds. It demonstrates that we are not dependent on liquor to accomplish incredible things.

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