Does Joe Rogan Drink Alcohol?

Joe Rogan Drink Alcohol

Joe Rogan is a name familiar to everyone who has access to the internet. In case, you do not know much about him, Joe Rogan is a well-known podcast host and UFC commentator. He has built a massive following over the years and is quite literally the most-watched podcaster in 2023.

His wide range of interests and thought-provoking conversations make Joe Rogan a household name in the world of entertainment. However, given his history as an athlete, there is one question that has piqued the interest of many of his followers: Does Joe Rogan drink alcohol?

Joe Rogan’s lifestyle revolves around health and fitness, and there’s not a shred of doubt that he has been quite vocal with his perspective on exercise and diet. Moreover, Rogan is renowned as an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and often shares his experiences with a variety of workout regimens and diets.

However, when it comes to alcohol, Joe Rogan has quite some interesting views that have made his podcast quite popular.

That is to say, he invited numerous guests to his podcast who shared different experiences with alcohol use.

Who is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan has been a standup comedian for more than two decades, and even his six-hour-long comedy show premiered on Netflix, called Joe Rogan: Strange Times. Apart from this, several other comedy specials earned him global recognition including Joe Rogan: Live from the Tabernacle, Joe Rogan: Rocky Mountain High, and so on.

The aforementioned might be news to you because you probably know the name from the podcast “Joe Rogan Experience,” which is his world-famous podcast and he invites guests from around the globe.

It might be either that or the commentary Joe Rogan has been providing for the UFC since 2002. His fiery passion for MMA began with his practice of the art earning his first black belt and becoming four times champion.

Only by the age of 19 Joe Rogan won the US Open Tae Kwon Do championship.

Joe Rogan and Alcohol

It’s not a secret that Joe Rogan has experience with various substances, especially marijuana. However, the question of alcohol is yet to be answered. Well, the short answer is that yes, he is known to drink alcohol, but he is not a heavy drinker.

On the contrary, he has publicly disclosed his alcohol relationship and how it harmed his creativity.

Since Joe Rogan is all about health and fitness, he refrained from any more alcohol use and has been sober for many years now. However, he does talk about how he enjoys an occasional drink or two from time to time. 

Nevertheless, he does not get a proper drunk. To clarify, he just does it in highly controlled quantities just for the sake of it and prefers to keep sober.

For instance, a live instance of Joe Rogan drinking alcohol is from one of his podcasts where he was helping himself to some Buffalo Trace whiskey. Moreover, he has also mentioned this particular brand in several of his podcasts, including the one with Dave Chappelle and Justin Wren.

Finally, once again, he emphasized on benefits of drinking in moderation and only for the sake of helping with digestion and potential anti-inflammatory properties.

The gist of this is, that Joe Rogan does indeed drink alcohol but only on rare occasions and sticks to his old-school whiskey and nothing else.

Joe Rogan’s Views on Fighters Using Alcohol

It’s easy to guess what this man’s views would be and what he would preach to athletes. Yes, Joe Rogan always preached to fighters to limit their alcohol intake or better yet, completely abstain from it.

He also frequently participates in sober October every year, and as a result, they demonstrate numerous health benefits which include better sleep and faster recovery after workouts.

Since fighters go through a rough beating, even the training sessions are harsh. Therefore, they are in need of faster recovery to perform better when they step into the octagon.

MMA fighters go through a lot, and their career is already volatile. Put that hand-in-hand with alcohol consumption, it is all downhill from there. This is exactly why Joe Rogan suggests that limiting anything that can hinder their performance is a good call.

Moreover, Joe Rogan is a committed man and he did not just jump into action and start preaching. He practiced and demonstrated the benefits because he is truly passionate about the sport and wants the fighters to be in the best shape, mentally and physically.

Why Exactly Did Joe Rogan Go Sober?

During one of his talks, Joe Rogan was asked by Rutten how long has he abstained from alcohol and he told Rutten that he may drink a glass of wine occasionally but he hasn’t had any alcohol for almost five years now.

Furthermore, he mentioned that he does enjoy marijuana and some other stuff to get him the buzz without raising any health concerns but he is quite literally done with getting drunk.

The main reason mentioned by Joe Rogan for his abstinence from alcohol was that, he had a friend who went off track because of his drinking habits, and it was so painful to watch, Joe, then and there decided he was done with alcohol.

There was not much to this conversation except for clear points, and Rutten did agree with Joe that alcohol is not the path to go.

Final Thoughts

Joe Rogan is a famous podcaster and an inspiration to many athletes and today’s youth. The fact that everything he says or claims, he backs up with experience and demonstrations. It is fair to say, he is a fitness expert who emphasizes the importance of healthy living.

Therefore, his beliefs on alcohol consumption are not mere opinions but facts that many will agree to as they might be able to relate to them. Then again, when Rogan preaches to people, and especially fighters to abstain from alcohol, it is because he himself has gone completely sober.

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