Does John Daly Drink Alcohol?

John Daly Drink Alcohol

For people who are into golf and make sure not to miss even a single episode of it, surely love John Daly and know him for his PGA Championship victory. Not only is John Daly a good golf player, but he is also an extremely motivated person who knows how to keep his spirits high and never lose hope. But does John Daly drink alcohol?

Yes, John Daly is into drinking. He drinks alcohol a lot, particularly beer. There was a time he used to drink wine and whiskey too. But he says with age, his body isn’t able to take much whisky. Apart from alcohol, he also smokes cigarettes a lot. 

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Does John Daly Drink Alcohol?

Yes, John Daly drinks a lot of alcohol. In an interview, he told the audience that water is not made for his body. He doesn’t desire to sip water. Instead, he drinks diet coke and alcohol to fulfill his thirst. 

In fact, John Daly said in an interview with Bensinger that he thinks, or to be more precise, he believes that his body and brain function well when he is drunk. Drinking provides power and energy to his loose body.

Additionally, he added that he is not making it an excuse to cover that he drinks. He openly admits to drinking. He was just trying to explain how the aggressive effect of drinking turned out to be good for him. And he said that the belief that he plays better when drunk can be justified by the fact that he wins money from people for playing pool when he is drunk.

Which Alcohol Does John Daly Drink?

John Daly is open to trying and tasting different types of alcoholic liquor and spirits. However, of all, he is often seen drinking the following:

  • Beer
  • Vodka
  • Mango Rum with lemon called Spiked Lemon tea
  • Bourbon with mint

But, when it comes to whiskey, John Daly doesn’t like drinking it often. Previously he used to sip whiskey. But now, he says, that with time, his body cannot digest and metabolize whiskey quickly. 

He also mentioned that if he had been drinking whiskey till now, he would have been dead.

How Much Does John Daly Drink?

The answer to how much John Daly drinks daily will leave you with a moment of utter surprise. 

John Daly said that he could easily consume a case of beer containing up to 35 to 40 daily. Yes, that much beer in one day. And then, the interviewer asked how he felt after it; the answer was even more shocking. 

He said that he thinks of drinking some other drink like whiskey or other alcoholic spirits. 

And since he has been drinking for years, gulping, it is not a big deal for him.

Is John Daly A Binge Drinker?

Somehow, Yes.

According to John Daly, he drinks alcohol in large amounts, without any counts, but he also knows how to control his nerves and desires when needed. For example, when he is into drinking, he keeps on drinking heavily for days and weeks, or even months, without skipping. 

There is a story that a nurse asked John Daly why and how he has a very high blood alcohol concentration, nearly 3.6 to 3.7. And also, if that concentration was just a few points higher, it could have been fatal. Additionally, his liver was not working fine at that moment.

But when he wants to skip or stop, he can even abstain from drinking booze for months.

So, in short, although exposed to drinking a lot, John Daly has control over his nerves when needed.

Did John Daly Ever Get Drunk On Live Television?

Yes, once, when John Daly came on SEC Nation, the fans offered him a lot of beer as a gift. And guess what? He drank some of it there. As a result, he got a bit drunk. 

And he openly confessed that he was drunk when people there asked him to hit the golf ball.

Additionally, he claims to be tipsy only once during his entire career while playing, which was at a PGA Tour L.A. event. He said that during the game, he went into the locker room, drank five beers. And when he came back, John Daly reported playing even better.

Does John Daly Smoke Cigarettes?

Yes, not only does John Daly drink alcohol, but he is open to smoking too. He smokes while playing golf too. 

According to John Dally, he has been smoking since he was 19 years old, and it has been more than 29 years now.

He does different styles while smoking, for example, doing the nose trick, upside-down one, etc.

Once, John Daly also said that he smokes 21 cigarettes daily.

What Are John Daly’s Eating Habits?

Now that we are up with how much John Daly drinks alcohol and his exposure to cigarettes, now let’s learn about other eating habits and routines. 

He is one of the known celebrities for having a very crazy diet.

He claims to enjoy 

  • At least 12 to 20 diet Coke cans daily
  • Six M&M’s packs
  • Visits McDonald’s at least 3 to 4 times a day

Final Verdict 

Yes, John Daly drinks alcohol. It likes to drink beer the most and can finish a case containing up to 40 beers daily. However, with time, he feels whiskey is a bit hard for his body to digest.

There was a time when John Daly was a binge drinker. But he knows how to control his nerves when needed. 

Lastly, John Daly is very open about his smoking and drinking habits. He admits it in front of T.V. show hosts and interviewers.

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