Does Justin Bieber Drink Alcohol?

Justin Bieber Drink Alcohol

Since childhood, Justin Bieber, Canada’s global pop sensation and songwriter, has been in the limelight. He was introduced to the pop industry in his early years and was covering songs on Youtube. As a prominent figure, there are several unpleasant incidents which Bieber is explicitly associated with. The conclusive retort to “Does Justin Bieber drink alcohol?” 

Justin drinks excessively and also has the habit of taking drugs. During his younger days, frequently, he is reported with many allegations regarding drinking habits. However, articles recently stated that he is now leading a disciplined lifestyle. This blog lets us discuss in detail how alcohol and drugs have played a significant role in Justin Bieber’s life and how he overcomes it. 

Does Justin Bieber drink alcohol? 

Justin Bieber Drink Alcohol

Like other famous stars, Bieber also falls under many notorious scenes, and social media canvased his fame at a young age. Apart from these circumstances, Bieber was open enough to share his drinking and drug habits. Justin Bieber had multiple addictions, says several publications and social platforms.    

There were many events, and even onstage, he was seen drunk. He got arrested under the drunk and drive case in Miami, and at the time of arrest, they noted that he held an invalid driving license. 

But everyone claims this is not the first incident where the pop singer got issues with irregular behavior due to alcohol consumption and drug usage. There were numerous scenarios, like damaging hotel properties and disrespecting the authorities. He holds wealth and power addiction, one of the multiple cravings. 

Justin Bieber has openly said in interviews that the level he got addicted to drinks is less compared to that of drugs. Yes, Bieber was much more addicted to drugs when compared to alcohol. 

How Justin Bieber battle drug Addiction

Justin Bieber Drink Alcohol

In a documentary series, “Justin Bieber: Sessions,” where he spoke frankly about his drug addiction. His family indicated that he was in full swing smoking Marijuana at 13. And this was how he entered into drug addiction at a young age. This drug addiction made him fall for excessive alcohol drinking. 

He was also involved in taking lean, which is a combination of codeine cough syrup, together with hard candy, and chilled soda. Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager, usually says that Bieber’s dark period was during his 19-21 years. During that time, he was addicted to almost all alcoholic drinks, drugs, pills, etc. 

As soon as he woke up, he immediately started taking pills and smoking because he was still young and could listen to anyone. He was addicted so much that he was dying; the security guards would check his pulse then and there. 

While Bieber knew his addiction symptoms made him die, he eventually quit drinking and drugs. His manager added that Biber went through many things in a short period. 

Giving up alcohol for a healthy lifestyle

Justin Bieber Drink Alcohol

Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop star who is more widely recognized for his antics off the stage more for his musical compositions, is taking on a more healthy way of life and dropping his drinking habits. According to Bieber, a better lifestyle might be the secret to revitalizing his professional life, reported to

To their surprise, Justin informed his friend that he had quit alcohol and stopped eating junk food. Initially, he faced many difficulties while quitting; however, it gave him a fresh start. He must face many legal allegations during his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

It is essential to mention that Hailey Bieber, the wife of Justin Bieber, is the primary reason behind deciding to kick his addiction out of his life. She was there to support him during all his dark days, and she says, “It was not simple.”

She put him under self medications to treat his crippling anxiety, and she confirmed that he would never enter Bieber’s life until he became sober. She wants Justin to come out of addiction because Hailey’s father was also addicted to cocaine. 

Hailey Bieber comments candidly regarding handling Justin’s recovery by calling it “extremely difficult.” Justin was also apparent in quitting his alcohol and drugs once after he felt like dying. 

He supposed it was hard for him to wake up from bed alone, and he wanted to get through this season by stopping from pills and other addictive kinds of stuff. Once after his come, they got engaged and married in the year 2018. However, the official marriage was in 2019 with his friends and family. 

Presently Bierber is sober and uses antidepressants to manage his mental health challenges. For the benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, he uses an oxygen chamber which he may set up everywhere, either at his residence or in the studio.


Justin Bieber’s significant transformation in his drinking habits has reached an inspiration among his fans. He still stands to be a positive model for all young minds. He encountered tremendous hurdles while recovering, even though he had unique opportunities because of his privileged position. He had his medical rehab practitioner treat him in his residence instead of moving to a rehabilitation center. 

Bieber’s approach to rehabilitation is a testament to the value of improving oneself and getting treatment when necessary. His admirers look towards him for motivation as he handles his job and private life, teaching them that growth and transformation are achievable by every person, regardless of their past.

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