Kirin Beer Review

Kirin Beer

Beers have evolved with time. There was an era when a few types of beers were available. However, today you will find numerous varieties of beers at the stores. You will find pilsners, stouts, ales, and lagers, amongst many more. People love to have chilled beers after spending hours under the sun. It helps them feel refreshed within seconds.

Similarly, many breweries started their operations in the past. Numerous breweries were founded in different countries. One of the popular breweries was Kirin Brewery Company, Limited. It started its operations in Japan and soon gained popularity in other foreign countries.

Brief History

Kirin Brewery Company, Limited is a Japanese company that manufactures beverages. The forerunner of the company was the Japan Brewery Company, Limited, which started its business in 1885. The Japan Brewer Company started brewing beer in 1888. The company slowly began to grow and start a business in several foreign countries.

Kirin Brewery used the methods used by Japan Brewery in brewing beer. It began importing hops and malted grains from Germany. The company also hired German brewers to keep an eye on beer production. Kirin Brewery became partners with Meidi-ya to market Kirin’s beers in Japan and many other countries.

What Type Of Beer Is Kirin Beer?

Kirin beer is also known as Kirin Ichiban. The Kirin Brewery Company, Limited manufactured different beer brands. These include the Kirin Ichiban, Kirin Ichiban Kuronama, Kirin Ichiban Toretate Hop, and Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer. However, Kirin Ichiban is the primary beer that the company brews for the world. It is a premium malt beer brewed with the help of the first-press method.

The beer has its unique and rich flavor because Kirin uses hand-picked and finest quality malt and hops to brew its beers. The manufacturer also ensures that the beer is brewed to its purest state to get a unique and rich flavor.

What Does It Taste Like?

Unlike most other popular beer brands, the Kirin Ichiban beer has a dry and slightly bitter taste. The body or the appearance of the beer is medium-light, and it has a soft texture. The Kirin Ichiban beer is made with medium carbonation, and some of the tasting notes of the beer include fresh bread, savory hops, and fresh flowers.

You will love to have the Kirin Ichiban beer if you love lager beers. It tastes much like malted barley, which is common in lager beers. Although most beers have a bitter taste, the Kirin Ichiban has a mild bitterness, which you might miss easily.


Like any other beer, the Kirin Ichiban also uses similar ingredients to brew. The ingredients used to manufacture the beer include corn, hops, barley malt, rice, spring water, and yeast. However, the only difference that gives a distinct flavor and taste to the beverage is the brewing technique. The Japanese are famous for using the best techniques to manufacture anything. This also holds true for Kirin Ichiban.

The Japanese company, Kirin Brewing Company, Limited, uses the first press method to brew its beer. Apart from the unique brewing technique, they also use the finest quality ingredients to manufacture beer. The raw materials, such as hops, corn, barley, malt, and rice, are grown under organic conditions. They choose the best quality products with their hands and use them in the beer brewing process. They also choose the ingredients from the country where these grow the best. For example, Kirin chooses the finest hops from Germany and the Czech Republic.


Unlike most other beer brands in the market, the Kirin Ichiban is good for all calorie-conscious people. Every 100ml of Kirin Ichiban beer has 43 calories. This is still on the lower side if you compare it with some of the popular beer brands in the world.

Alcohol Content

Kirin Brewing Company, Limited believes that beers should be mild and help to refresh your mind and soul. Thus, they have not included too much alcohol in their most popular beer brand. The Kirin Ichiban beer has 5% ABV, which is within the moderate alcohol range of 4% to 8%.

Is It Healthy?

Drinking too much beer can never be healthy. Beers contain alcohol, and if you have too much alcohol, it may damage your liver. Alcohol can also damage your heart and cause various health issues. Some of these include heart problems, stroke, liver malfunctions, and digestion problems. So, it is always better to have the right amount of beer that helps you enjoy the beverage.

However, if you talk about Kirin Ichiban, the beer brand contains 5% ABV, which is not bad. The beverage also has 10gm or 4% carbs, which won’t cause any serious damage to your body. Although you may not say that beer is a healthy beverage, having a moderate quantity will not cause much harm to your general health.


The price of the Kirin Ichiban depends on many factors. It depends on the seller and on the size of the pack. A 330ml bottle of beer costs around $1.08. The bigger the pack, the higher the price. However, there are sellers that provide discounts on the bigger packs.


People love to have beers with friends and family members. This beverage contains very less alcohol and can refresh your body and soul very fast. However, you need to have a chilled can of beer for that. There are many beer varieties in the market. You will find lagers, pilsners, stouts, and ales in the market. Different people love to have different types of beers. Some love to have lagers, whereas some prefer pilsners.

Similarly, there are many breweries that manufacture beer. Some of these breweries are private, and some are large-scale breweries. One such brewery is the Kirin Brewery Company, Limited. This is a Japanese brewery with manufacturing and marketing centers in different foreign countries. Kirin Brewery Company, Limited manufactures Kirin Ichiban, the company’s main beer brand. This beer brand is made with the finest quality raw ingredients, and the company uses the first press method to brew the beer.

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