Does Kylie Jenner Drink Alcohol?

Kylie Jenner Drink Alcohol

Kylie Jenner, an international sensation from the family of Kardashian-Jenner, has captured the interest of numerous admirers worldwide. 

Jenner has a positive and prominent image in the media industry. She is also a positive inspiration for young ones since she successfully handles her lucrative cosmetic ventures in busy appearances on TV reality. 

It is usual for all celebrities to face criticism and rumors regarding their lifestyle, relationships, and alcohol addiction, and Kylie Kenner is not an exception. We will talk about if Kylie Jenner drinks alcohol in this article.

Does Kylie Jenner drink alcohol? 

Kylie Jenner often spends her time in the public eye. From her Twitter and Facebook channels and appearances in public, viewers can get an overview of her everyday routine, which sometimes involves gatherings and celebrations. 

Often, pictures went viral when she attended gatherings, parties, and other times while consuming alcohol. It is crucial to keep in mind that the consumption of alcohol at these gatherings does not necessarily reflect her drinking behaviors.

One such snap was on Instagram. Kylie Jenner, the reality star, posted a photo of her sipping wine out of a $23 bottle. 

Jenner uploaded a snap of a gorgeous bottle of Don Julio tequila that describes its product as the first luxury tequila brand worldwide. Don Julio 1942 was inside the glass bottle on her most recent Instagram story, which also had the words “Happy Birthday, Kylie!” Jenner added an emoji of a person wearing sunglasses and the terms “AHHH 21 SOON” to the drink container.

Kylie Jenner gave a brief tour of her luxurious Hidden Hills residence to her devoted following while revealing that the kitchen is already undergoing repairs. She wrote “renovations” as the image’s caption and included several crying and heart-eyed emojis. 

She showed the numerous bottles of alcohol sitting behind the bar area, such as Titos, a spirit called vodka, Casamigos tequila, and her favorite: Tequila Don Julio 1942. 

What is Kylie Jenner’s memorable 21st birthday celebration? 

Most of us are aware that the legal drinking age is 21 in the nation of America. And as anybody who has ever attempted placing an order for a cocktail while underage will undoubtedly be aware, underage drinking was strictly prohibited.

Like her sister Kendall, Jenner did not grow up living a party life. At an early age, she was an internationally well-known supermodel who found immense popularity with her brand, Cosmetics, by Kylie. 

She did not drink, though. Her family members claimed that she was not interested in drinking, and she even claimed that she had never consumed alcohol before turning 21.  

Everything of that is no longer true now. Kids will probably learn about her 21st birthday celebration in their history class because she was so drunk. It was trash on an epic, never before seen. 

Jenner was the last of the sisters to reach the legal drinking age, so it is safe to assume that now everyone drinks alcohol. Although the sisters have historically refrained, none of the Kar Jens do so now.

What are Kylie Jenner’s Favourite drinks? 

Kylie Jenner Drink Alcohol

Model and well-known reality television personality Kylie Jenner is famous for her adoration of parties and alcohol. She reportedly enjoys the tequila’s smooth flavor and premium brand. At gatherings and events, often Kylie Jenner is spotted imbibing tequila. 

Even posting images and videos of herself sipping tequila on social media has been known to happen. Don Julio 1942 is the Tequila Kylie Jenner prefers.

Usually, on New Year’s Eve, Jenner takes a tequila shot at midnight. When Kar-Jenner celebrates their birthday, they usually drink a lot of tequila. The businesswoman prefers white wine, an alcoholic beverage of straight 42, or a Corona Light topped off with lime. 

Kylie Jenner shared a clip on YouTube of herself guiding you through her office on October 10, 2019. One of the hundred cocktails in her fridge received the most attention, aside from her face-on M&M jar and her opulent champagne vending machine. 

However, she blurred the drink image alone. She then keeps teasing the audience by saying this item is her favorite, challenging to find, and frequently running out. But from the picture, we can identify that the drink is nothing but Yerba Mate. 

When you notice that the blurred bottle she holds has a yellow label, only one beverage has a yellow tag in the fridge. Therefore, it must be that when we fast-forward a few seconds to see the entire fridge.

Although it is a type of tea, yerba mate is unique. It is a tea with a singular, potent, energizing impact that one has probably never known from any other alcoholic beverage. In addition to the fact that it tastes excellent, this is the reason Kylie claims it to be her favorite beverage.

What exactly is Kylie Jenner’s Tequila?

“Kylie’s Tequila” is the brand name under which the celebrity launched her tequila brand. The main constituent of the drink is Blue agave, and the liquor is two years old. 

This prominent and widely recognized tequila brand promises a savory and appealing pleasure. 

The different creation of flavors is to bring an encounter with tequila that they can only explain to a higher level of excitement. 

The company’s president cum chief associate officer Mike Novy states the tequila sale exceeded projections. 

The makeup business that Kylie Jenner created may have made her the youngest millionaire ever; nevertheless, the 21-year-old might be extending her business empire into the alcoholic beverage sector.  

Jenner has specifically filed requests for trademarks for different alcoholic liquors, especially prepared mixtures and martini mixes. She will not be the very first prominent individual to try their hand at the world of drinks.


Overall, Kylie, with her sisters, did not consume alcohol throughout those times. Unfortunately, times have evolved, and they now indulge more actively in alcoholic activities. However, there is no evidence that Jenner is a binge drinker; instead, she knows her limits and drinks sensibly.

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