Does Leonardo Dicaprio Drink Alcohol?

Leonardo Dicaprio Drink Alcohol

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the most well-known and finest Hollywood actors who has played roles in movies like Romeo + Juliet, Titanic, The Man in the Iron Mask, etc. Apart from that, he is a sound producer and environmentalist. 

But, ever thought about his drinking routine? Leonardo Dicaprio has been known to be into drinking for quite a long time. Moreover, Vodka Soda is his favorite drink. And yes, he is known to take two drinks at a time, one being alcoholic and the other being caffeinated. 

Want to know more about the drinking life and daily routine facts about Leonardo Dicaprio? Then without any further ado, let’s jump to the next section.

Does Leonardo Dicaprio Drink Alcohol?

Yes, Leonardo Dicaprio drinks alcohol. However, he always opts for moderation. In fact, in an interview at the Golden Globes, Leonardo Dicaprio said that he is habitual of drinking two glasses at a time, and for him, two glasses are the key to moderation. One glass probably is too little, and according to him, three glasses of alcohol can make you act silly. 

Similarly, in an interview with a rolling stone, he said that he orders two drinks at a time. Out of these, one is a caffeinated drink that gives him an energy boost and keeps him active. On the other hand, the other drink is alcohol, which helps him enjoy the moment.

What Is Leonardo Dicaprio’s Favorite Drink?

Leonardo Dicaprio Drink Alcohol

Leonardo Dicaprio usually doesn’t talk much about his preferences for drinks. Additionally, he has been seen drinking different drinks like beer, wine, champagne, spirits, etc., at different moments of life. 

However, Leonardo Dicaprio once said he likes drinking Vodka Soda more often.

Vodka soda is an easy cocktail that includes two prime ingredients:

  • Vodka
  • Club Soda

Vodka is taken with almost half the amount of club soda, and to it, lime wedges are added to give a hint of sparks to the drink. And here you go. Your easy-to-make, low-carb drink with a distinct yet yummy flavor profile is ready. 

And it is probably Leonardo Dicaprio’s favorite drink due to its low-carb characteristics.

However, he is open to trying different types of drinks occasionally. 

Is Leonardo Dicaprio Into Smoking?

Previously, Leonardo Dicaprio was very much into smoking. He used to smoke cigarettes a lot, to a level of addiction. In fact, he always kept cigarettes with him and was a chain smoker. He is even known to try nicotine patches to get rid of smoking, but he became even more addicted. In an interview, he said he used to get worse nightmare dreams by taking nicotine patches. And thus, he had to remove them at midnight. Moreover, he revealed that actual death is better than those bloody nightmares.

Moving to his addiction, Leonardo Dicaprio used to vape and puff smoke openly in public. 

However, now, he has reduced smoking, although he has not given up completely. 

When Was Leonardo Dicaprio Seen Drinking? The Captured Moments

Leonardo Dicaprio Drink Alcohol

Now that we are well abreast with the drinking habits and other details about the routine life of Leonardo Dicaprio let’s enlist some of the moments when Leonardo Dicaprio was seen sipping cocktails and enjoying the drinks.

Some of these are:

  • Once, Leonardo Dicaprio was seen sipping beer at a basketball game courtside.
  • Similarly, he was seen drinking wine with salt bae.
  • He was seen drinking tiki cocktails at The Great Gatsby with some collectors.
  • Leonardo Dicaprio was also seen with Johan Hills drinking champagne at an award show. Both actors are good friends and have worked on projects together. 

Apart from these, Leonardo Dicaprio is known to drink booze and wine while shooting film scenes like Titanic and Inception. He didn’t act, but instead, was actually drunk at times.

Is Leonardo Dicaprio Into Drugs?

No. Although Leonardo Dicaprio loves drinking, smoking, and hanging out, he insists that he is not into drugs and has never touched one during his lifetime. 

He gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times to defend his role in The Wolf of Wall Street. He said that although drugs are a temptation, he has never done these illegal things. Even if the film scenes required it, he never took drugs. Instead, he consulted some experts and videos to perform those scenes.

Actually, he was raised in a very poor family with a prostitution ring in his neighborhood. Therefore, he has seen drugs and other things at a very early age.

And now, he is happy that he is known as a good actor and model and not as an addicted person.

A Few Less Known Facts About Leonardo Dicaprio

So, these are a few facts about Leonardo Dicaprio’s drinking life. Now, let’s learn some more about his regular life.

  1. Leonardo Dicaprio started his career as a TV Commercial
  2. He got the worst actor award too
  3. He had one of the most terrible singing voices
  4. Leonardo Dicaprio is a known environmentalist 
  5. He is a pure vegetarian 
  6. He has proper drug training when shooting the film Wolf of Wall Street because he has never been into drugs
  7. He was not on good terms with Mark Wahlberg initially 
  8. Moreover, he has OCD.
  9. He had won an Oscar Award. 


Leonardo Dicaprio is into drinking. He has been seen drinking multiple times. Moreover, he opens all kinds of drinks, including beer, wine, champagne, etc.

However, he claims Vodka Soda to be his favorite drink. Moreover, he has been captured drinking alcohol at different moments. But yes, he is not into drugs.

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