Top 7 Best Low-Sugar Alcoholic Drinks To Stay in Shape

Low-Sugar Alcoholic Drinks

Are you trying to cut off your calorie intake as well as reduce sugar consumption, probably due to the risk of the onset of diabetes or some other disease?

Indeed, alcohol is counted as a high-calorie beverage that is rich in sugar and congeners. 

However, just like not all alcohol is brewed similarly, they all don’t share the same composition. While some alcoholic beverages are high in their alcoholic content, others seem to be healthy due to their low-calorie composition, and still, there are some beverages that are known due to the low congeners present in them. Similarly, there is a Low Sugar Alcohol category that indeed lies in the healthiest booze type. 

Now let’s break down through the top 7 Low Sugar alcohol categories one by one and find the top perks they have to offer. Here comes the detail.

1. Light Beer

Low-Sugar Alcoholic Drinks

One of the best options when looking for low-sugar alcohol is light Beer. Although it is not very calorie deficient (a standard 12-ounce bottle contains 100 to 105 calories), it is low in terms of added sugar. The main ingredients of light Beer are malt, rice, water, and Hops. It mostly contains no added corn syrup, sugar, or preservatives.

One ounce of light Beer contains only 0.02g of sugar. Moving on to its alcoholic content, light Beer contains 4.2 to 5% ABV.

2. Red wine

Low-Sugar Alcoholic Drinks

No exception, red wine is counted as one of the safest ones to hit upon. And fortunately, now it has been found that not only is it rich in its composition, but it contains low sugar too. An ounce of red wine contains nearly 0.18 g of sugar and 25 calories. Indeed, a good ratio.

And despite having low sugar, it shares a soulful flavor. The reason lies in its key ingredient, grapes. Since it is made from dark-colored varieties of grapes, their fruity odor and sweet taste leave a hint of sweetness. Moreover, yeast and sulfur dioxide is added to it, containing 5 to 20% ABV depending on the variant you opt for.

3. White wine

And when mentioning red wine, indeed, one can’t miss white wine. White wine has an ingredient count and composition similar to red wine. However, it contains less alcohol content (11 to 14%). 

Moving to its sugar level, White wine has more sugar per serving than red wine (1.4g per 175ml glass). But, still, the amount is less as compared to other alcoholic beverages. 

So, if you are looking for a fruity, low-alcohol drink, White wine is a sound pick.

4. Distilled spirits

Apart from wines, Distilled spirits like rum, gin, Tequila, etc., are also low in terms of sugar level. 

Yes, it might be quite surprising, but distilled spirits are low in their sugar content. Most of them have zero grams of sugar per serving.

You might be thinking then, how do some taste so sweet? The problem arises when you mix it with tonics. They are rich in sugar and, when mixed, add sweetness to the whole drink.

5. Vodka soda

Yet Another solid option to hit upon I’d Vodka soda. It is claimed as one of the lowest-calorie drinks with zero added sugar. Its nutritional analysis shows that it contains zero grams of sugar, fat, protein, and carbohydrates. 

Moving to its flavor, vodka soda shares a sparkling and refreshing taste. 

6. Hard seltzer

Another low-sugar alcoholic drink that you can go for is hard seltzer. 

They contain less sugar and carbohydrates and taste equally well. However, they have low alcohol content than other drinks, mostly around 5 to 7%. So you can easily enjoy sipping them.

7. Whiskey

Thinking of switching to a gluten-free diet? Then here comes the perfect pick to go for. 

Whiskey is a very common alcoholic drink that is not only low in carbohydrate intake but is known to have no added sugar or gluten during its manufacture. 

However, it is rich in alcohol content and thus can upset your stomach and irritate the GI tract.

Why should you buy Low Sugar Alcohol? A Few Advantages To Consider 

Now that we are well abreast with the top picks in low-sugar alcohol drinks let’s unravel the perks of switching to these beverages. These are:

  • These sugars have fewer calories and added sugar than sugar-rich alcohols and act as a good substitute for diabetic people by helping maintain their glucose levels.
  • Reduces risk of the onset of diabetes type 2
  • Decreased risk of developing cancer like colon or rectum cancer 
  • Fewer chances of being intoxicated 
  • Shifting from simple alcohol to low-sugar alcohol is known to improve brain function and sleep cycle and promote a healthy life.
  • Low Sugar Alcohol is usually associated with no to fewer chances of experiencing a hangover.

Alcohol with the highest amount of sugar

Now that we are up with the low-sugar alcoholic beverages, let’s have a quick go-through of some high-sugar alcohols.

Out of these, pina colada lies number one. It contains 11 grams of sugar per 50 grams of drink. Moreover, it has a rich composition of cream, sugar, and milk. Similarly, champagne shares a large portion of sugar. 

Risks Of Drinking Alcohol 

However, there is no second thought that whatever type of alcohol it may be, it has some side effects. These include:

  • Increased risk of developing cancer like colon or rectum cancer 
  • High risk of the GI tract getting infected
  • Lung diseases like hepatitis, fatty liver, etc.
  • Heart stroke 
  • Mental disorders like alcohol dementia, depression, etc

Final Verdict 

So, if you are diabetic or are on a low-calorie diet but can’t cut off sipping alcohol completely, these low-sugar alcohol are the best options to hit on. They have low or no added sugar at all yet are exceptionally good in taste and aroma.

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