How To Deal With Lymph Nodes Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Lymph Nodes Pain After Drinking Alcohol

People who drink too much are at threat of developing significant illnesses and consequences. Drinking in excess could render some existing infections more challenging to keep going, to prevalent diseases like cardiovascular illness and damage to the liver.

The effect of alcohol can have diverse symptoms in one’s body, such as hurt or pain in the lymph nodes. By eliminating toxic substances and waste products from our cells, the lymphatics system is essential to safeguarding our general health. 

After drinking alcohol, if you endure pain in the lymph nodes, it is necessary to determine potential causes and address the problem. This article will discuss possible causes of lymph node pain during alcohol use and propose assistance in mitigating the discomfort. 

Can alcohol consumption lead to lymph node pain?

Lymph nodes tend to develop in approximately 50% of lymphoma patients. Even though they can ache, these lymph nodes are generally not painful when you touch them. After drinking alcohol, specific individuals experience discomfort in the impacted lymph nodes. Hodgkin lymphoma people encounter this more often than not.

What to do if you have pain in your lymph nodes after drinking alcohol

Lymph Nodes Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Your vessel networks expand as you consume alcohol, and your body’s lymph levels of fluid rise. As liquor is a diuretic medication, your kidneys must eliminate additional fluid. A painful lymph node swelling could occur from excessive use of alcohol. People who suffer from this pain have suggested the below approaches have worked for them. 

Abstaining or moderate drinking

Reducing your back or quitting liquor might be better if you frequently experience discomfort in the lymph nodes after doing so. If drinking is the root cause of your suffering, this can assist in diagnosing it.

Keep well-hydrated

Drink suitable levels of fluids to ensure you stay hydrated. Since alcoholic beverages may trigger your body’s bodily fluids to diminish, keeping yourself hydrated helps maintain the lymphatic system’s healthy operation.

Taking care of your immune system

To help strengthen the immune system, acquire enough sleep, and maintain a healthy way of life. Include a healthy diet that contains fresh veggies and beneficial nutrient-rich foods. It is ideal to ask your doctor for guidance and consider getting supplements or vitamins to boost your immune system.

Seek physician advice instantly

If the lymph node inflammation worsens, you must see a medical practitioner. They may evaluate the symptoms you are experiencing, carry out any required tests, and diagnose precisely. Based on the root reason, they could additionally recommend additional therapy choices. 

Why do you have lymph node pain after alcohol drinking?

Indulging excessively in liquor could cause you to feel sick, but the pain in particular areas following drinking alcohol could be a sign of lymphoma.

Experts in medicine are uncertain of the particular process through which alcohol may worsen lymphoma pain. Specialists believe that expanding in lymph nodes or damaged tissue due to arterial blood dilation after alcohol use causes drinking-related lymphoma cell pain. 

In a 2013 study, experts learned that ibuprofen is medically helpful in treating the discomfort brought on by alcohol. It may indicate underlying inflammatory causes. Below are a few reasons the lymph nodes get hurt while drinking alcohol. 

  1. Consumption of alcohol can harm one’s immunity level and enhance the threat of infection. Lymph nodes may become enlarged and hurt from a bacterium or viral diseases, which include throat infection, strep infection, or mononucleosis.
  2. Specific individuals could be sensitive or resistant to alcohol, which might cause an immune-mediated reaction. The resulting response can make lymph nodes expand and become swollen, making them uncomfortable. Specific alcohol-intolerant individuals use medication to treat pain in lymph nodes. 
  3. Since we know that alcohol encourages excessive urination, leading to dehydration, this dehydration causes stress to the lymphatic system giving rise to painful and swollen lymph nodes.
  4. Very rarely, lymph node pain might result from an allergic response to one or more alcoholic drink components such as yeast and sulfites. These affect the immune system, causing pain and unpleasant feel to the lymph nodes.

Could Alcohol Make Lymph Nodes Swell?

Although drinking alcohol does not frequently bring about swollen lymph nodes, it may occasionally result in soreness there. Most lymphoma sufferers feel pain from swelling lymph nodes that rarely produce discomfort to an extent. Thus, drinking may seldom cause lymph nodes to swell until a person drinks in excess after being diagnosed with a medical condition resembling Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

How can you immediately relieve the lymph node pain caused by drinking alcohol?

The following actions could provide some help if your enlarged lymph nodes are uncomfortable or painful once after you drink alcohol; These certainly are tried-and-true home heals for pain relief:

Put on a hot compress

Put a warm, damp compress onto the infected area, which can be a washcloth submerged in steaming water, squeeze out the water, and press it delicately.

Considering taking painkiller

A more appropriate option might be to use non-prescription drugs like aspirin. As said earlier, ibuprofen also works effectively with pain relief. However, avoid taking aspirin if you have flu or chicken pox symptoms. A perfect choice is to speak with the physician while you take some medicines.  

A sufficient amount of sleep and rest

It is necessary that during any illness, you are supposed to take a good rest and get adequate sleep to make your pain ease.   


Specific individuals suffer harm after drinking alcoholic drinks. It isn’t the case very often. If it takes place, the discomfort can be a symptom of a persistent health issue.

During all consumption of alcohol, pain in the lymph nodes can be sore and painful. However, the source of the pain each individual suffers from may vary. Then again, it is essential to take quick steps to heal it. 

You can minimize discomfort while promoting a better functioning lymphatic system by being aware of possible causes and taking the right action, which includes limiting alcohol use, keeping hydrated, and strengthening your immunity. To completely rule out any root causes or viral infections, constantly remember to seek medical attention if the pain continues or becomes worse. 

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