100 Math Riddles That’ll Trick Even the Math Nerds

Math Riddles

It’s time for a flashback of your high school math class. These simple Math riddles are gonna make you go, “What? How is that possible?…”

Riddles aren’t just kid’s stuff; even grown-ups can have a blast with them. It’s a great way to use the part of your brain that you don’t like to use much (Just kidding!). They are a sneaky way to boost your problem-solving and reasoning capabilities.

From simple additions to some mind-boggling brain teasers, this post contains the best math riddles that’ll take your brain on a mini adventure. So, whether you’re a math whiz or just looking for some brainy fun, you landed at the right place.

Test and tease your brain, all while having a good time. Let’s dive into the post and discover the mysteries hidden within these riddles. They are like a puzzle party for your brain, mixing numbers and words into one heck of a good time.

Rules# No, Calculator!

Tricky Math Riddles

  • If you add 3 to 12, you get 3. How’s that possible?

Answer: We are talking about time here. Suppose it’s 12 A.M midnight; adding 3 hours will make it 3 A.M. 

  • A boy bought a dozen eggs. On the way back, he drops a few, but a quarter of a dozen remains. How many eggs did he safely manage to get home?

Answer: 3

  • Multiplying a square with a circle, you get 2. Dividing a square by a circle you again get 2. What will be the value if the circle is subtracted from the square?

Answer: The value of the square is two, and the circle is one. So, the answer to subtraction would be one.

  • What comes next 6,12,36,144….

Answer: 6×1=6, 6×2=12, 12×3=36, 36×4=144, 144×5= 720

  • If 3 girls finish 3 juices in 3 minutes, how many juices will 10 girls drink in 10 minutes? 

Answer: 100 juices

  • If 6666=4, 8632=3, 3688=5 then 1275=0 then 6868=?

Answer: 6. Count all the closed gaps in sixes and eights.

  • Think of how many boxes you see on a chessboard.

Answer: 204

  •  If it took 250 hours for 10 workers to build a house, how long would it take for 13 workers to build the same house?

Answer: None. The construction is already finished.

  • What do you get if you multiply all the numeral digits on your cell phone?

Answer: 0. Any number multiplied by zero is 0.

  • Two fathers and two sons go out shopping. Everyone buys one hat. When they come home, they have 3 hats altogether. How is that possible?

Answer: Because 3 people went shopping. A son, his father, and his grandfather.

  • Which 3 numbers, when added or multiplied together, give the same result?

Answer: 1, 2 and 3

  • What can you insert between 1 and 2 to make the value higher than 1 but lower than 2?

Answer: A decimal point- 1.2

  • A triangle was mad at a circle. What did he say?

Answer: You’re pointless

  • If one-two goes buckle my shoe and 3-4 is shut the door, then what is 5 and 6?

Answer: 11

  • What’s a three-digit number that has a middle number twice as big as the last number and the first digit is 2 less than the second digit?

Answer: 121

  • How is 5 equivalent to 4?

Answer: FIVE- Takeout F and E

  • Where would a math professor build his house?

Answer: GeomeTRY

  • You have ten plums, and you take 6. How many plumps do you have?

Answer: 6

  • Sam was going to watch a football match. He met 3 girls, 2 kids, and 4 elderly people. How many people will enjoy watching the football event altogether?

Answer: Just one- Sam.

  • I stay positive when I am happy and feel negative when angry. I end with an “r”. What number am I?

Answer: Integer

Fun Math Riddles

  • When Alice was eight, her little sis Nancy was half of her age. Alice is 30 now. How old is Nancy?

Answer: 26

  • I am number 2. How many times can you deduct me from 22?

Answer: Only once. After that, the number reduces to 30, 27, and so on. It’s no longer 33.

  • Grandmama baked 36 cookies for 6 children. How many children will get?

Answer: 6

  • Suppose you have 12 oranges,4 pineapples, and 2 watermelons in one hand 3 coconuts, 5 kg apples, and 24 bananas in the other hand. What can you get?

Answer: Possibly, broken hands.

  • A triangle has 2, a cone has 3, and a dot has null. What is it?

Answer: Dimensions

  • Which sentence is correct? 34 plus 56 is 81, or 56 plus 34 makes 81?

Answer: Both are false. Answer is 90

  • How can you make this statement correct? 66 x 89 = 6732

Answer: Look from upside down.

  • How can you make 47 into 280?

Answer: Add a multiplication sign. Forty x seven = 280

  • A chick was given $8, sheep was given $16, and an ant was given $24. So, how much money would a scorpion get?

Answer: 32-Each animal gets $4 per leg.

  • What is the similarity between a moon and $1?

Answer: They both share the same number of quarters.

  • Lorenzo goes grocery shopping. He buys 12 strawberries. While coming home, he fell down and smashed all but 8 of his strawberries. How many strawberries were left undamaged?

Answer: 8

  • I am the 20th fastest and slowest student in my class. How many students are there in my class?

Answer: 39

  • A paper glass weighs 14 grams. What can you add to make it weigh 6 pounds?

Answer: Put holes in it.

  •  What did the 4 twins say to their mom?

Answer: We are just 8!

  • Find the most recurring number between 1-1000?

Answer: 1

  • If you can change 6 into 11 and 10 into 19, then what does 14 become?

Answer: 27, (14×2)-1

  • You can get me by cutting a number in half. People call me dozens of quarters. What am I?

Answer: 3

  • Count the number of 9’s between 1-100?

Answer: 20

  • What is half of 3 plus 3?

Answer: 4.5

  • I am the number you get by adding the corners of a pentagon and a heptagon.

Answer: 12

Best Math Riddles

  • I am a number that is equivalent to the number of days in a leap year.

Answer: 366

  • Sam read 90 of 600 pages of his favorite book in 1 day. How long will it be before Sam finishes his book?

Answer: 6.6 days

  • If a number is divisible by 2, it’s an ____ number.

Answer: Even

  • In 5678 the digit 5 is in ___ place.

Answer: Thousandth 

  • Alex’s father buys him 3 toys every month. How many toys altogether will Alex have in 6 months if he gives away 4 of them to his friends on his birthday?

Answer: 14

  • Tom has $20. If one pen costs $6.5, a book costs $11, and a diary costs $3, how much more money will Sam need to buy all the stuff?

Answer: 0.5 cents

  • What are the next 2 numbers in this number pattern 5,50,500,5000…?

Answer: 50,000 and 500,000 (each answer is multiplied by 10)

  • Hank has 6 brothers who were born two years apart. Max is 7 years old and is the youngest of them all. What is Hank’s age if he is the oldest?

Answer: 19 years

  • During my visit to the soccer match, I predicted that the score would be 0-0. How?

Answer: Before the match starts, it’s always 0-0.

  • How do you write a 5000 in Roman numerals?

Answer: V̅.

  • You are 25 years old, and your mom is 30 years older than you. How old will your mom be when you are 60?

Answer: 90 years old

  • Can you make a multiplication story out of this 6+6+6+6+6?

Answer: 6×5=30

  • What did one parallel line say to the other?

Answer: I hate you. I will never touch you.

  • What weighs more, a kilo of strawberries or a kilo of grapes?

Answer: They both weigh the same i.e., 1 kg

  • If David earns $35 per day, how much will he be able to earn in 4 years?

Answer: 1461 days x $35= $51,135

  • If one bottle contains 3500 ml of soda and the other one contains 3.5 liters. Which one is heavier?

Answer: None. Both have the same volume.

  • How can you get 9.9 by using 3?

Answer: 3 x 3.3 

  • A lady had 14 cats in her house. One day, all but 4 ran away. What’s the count of cats the lady has remained?

Answer: 4

  • If you buy 4 beers for $14.5, how many can you buy for $360?

Answer: 100 beers 

  • I am equal from all 4 sides, but I am not a rectangle. My angles are also mirror images of each other. What am I?

Hard Math Riddles

Answer: Square 

  • In 105, the digit 0 is in ___ place.

Answer: Tens

  • Mrs. Lee spent $582 on some fruits. She has $341 left. How much money did Mrs.Lee have at first?

Answer: 923

  •  The volume of a Rubik’s cube is 2197 cm3. What is the surface area of one of its sides?

Answer: 176.6 cm2

  • If +40 represents depositing $40 in a bank account then a withdrawal of $35 is represented by ___.

Answer: -35

  • Without the help of a calculator, find what’s the value of: – (8/5) – (-2 ¼) – ½ 

Answer: 3/20

  • If a = 3, b=5, and c= 6 what is the value of a( 3c-b)?

Answer: 69

  • There are 355 boys in the school.  The number of girls exceeds the number of boys by 37. How many students all together go to the school?

Answer: 747

  • In 100 marbles, how many pairs (groups of 2) can you create?

Answer: 50

  • Leo is 127 cm tall. His mother is 36 cm taller than him. What is the height of Leo’s mother?

Answer: 5 feet 3 inches

  • How can you write zero in Roman?

Answer: You don’t. There is no letter for 0 in Roman

  • Name the sides of the circle.

Answer: Outside and Inside

  • David gave Max 30 cents. There were 2 coins out of which one was not a nickel. What do these two coins consist of?

Answer: David gave Max one nickel and one quarter. ( One coin was not nickel but the other was)

  • Do this in your head. Multiply 250 by 2. Add 100 to it. Divide by 3 and subtract 135. How much did you get?

Answer: 65

  • James planted some roses in his backyard. James is happy as the number of roses doubles each day. If it takes 65 days to fill his complete backyard, how long will it take to fill ½ of his backyard?

Answer: 64

  •  How many times does 8 occur from 1-108?

Answer: 21

  • There is a fraction that has a value that exceeds zero but is lower than one. People use it to quote a glass of water. The numerator is an odd number while its denominator has an even digit. What fraction is it?

Answer: 1/2

  • I am the only prime no that is even?

Answer: 8

  • Turn us upside down, right or left, we look exactly the same. What numbers are we?

Answer:  0, 8

  • If you multiply me with a number, it doesn’t change a bit. Which number am I?

Answer: 1

  • Think of a 2-digit number. When you multiply and subtract it by 2 you’ll get the same result as adding 9 to that number. Which number am I?

Answer: 11

Easy Math Riddles

  • Think of a fraction. When you add the numerator and denominator together, the sum equals 9. What fraction is it?

Answer: 4/5

  • You can divide this number by 1, 3, and 7, but not five. Which number is it?

Answer: 21

  • Think of a number that is a square of a number and you can also get it by squaring another smaller no. It falls below 85 and exceeds 75 in value.

Answer: 9

  • Jimmy has a rectangular garden that is 6 ft in width and 8 ft in length. Calculate the possible area of that place.

Answer: 48 sq ft

  • Think of a 3-digit number that adds to make 6. The difference between my first and last digits is 2. What number am I?

Answer: 123

  • What number comes next in the sequence: 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221…?

Answer: 312211

  • I divided 20 by half and subsequently added 20 to it. What result will I get?

Answer: 20/0.5=40, 40+20= 60

  • Tim is 40 years old. He celebrated his 13th wedding anniversary today. How old was he when he got married?

Answer: 27

  • Add a letter to this number and consider it disappeared. Which number is it?

Answer: one- when you add g, it becomes gone.

  • If a rooster lays 5 eggs in the middle of the garden, how many eggs can an eagle take away in one shot?

Answers: None. Roosters are incapable of laying eggs.

  • I am a heavy word. Spell me backward then I am not. What word am I?

Answer:  A ton

  • How can you add ten 9s to get 11,106?

Answer: 9+99+999+9999= 11,106

  • If six men fix 6 chairs in 6 minutes, how many chairs can 12 men fix in 12 minutes?

Answer: 24

  • I am the shape that kids enjoy the most.

Answer: Cone

  • What would a math teacher bake for dinner?

Answer: Pie

  • A shop sells chips for $5, soda for $4, chocolate for $9. What would be the price of a sandwich?

Answer: $8 ($1 for each alphabet )

  • How can you make 67 using only 6s?

Answer: 66+(6/6)=67 because ( 6/6=1)

  • You can see my thumb and 4 fingers but I am not a human being nor can I breathe. 

Answer: Glove 

  •  Yesterday, John was 7 and next year he will be 9. In what way does that become possible?

Answer: His birthday is on 1st January

  • How can you double the amount of dollars in your wallet?

Answer: Place it before a mirror.


Now you know the best brain teasers to try out for your next party. Put your friends to the test to check out who’s all talk and who’s got the real brainpower. These riddles make for an entertaining pastime while giving your cognitive skills a little workout.

With 100 riddles to choose from, you’re never gonna run out of options. Each riddle will level up your curiosity, enhancing your thinking capabilities and learning. Cheers to a good time!

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