Can a Minor Go Into a Bar With a Parent?

Minor Go Into a Bar With a Parent

Generally, minors aren’t allowed in bars, even with adults, but in some places, underage people can enter bars with parental supervision. Underage drinking is not allowed even with adults, but in some areas, it is permitted if an adult guardian is present at the bar. Parents can allow underage children to drink in several circumstances, such as being in the household.

Children love to bond with their parents. They feel both protected and loved when they spend time with their moms or dads, and they especially love following suit and mimicking them. Such is the case with going into bars, where some kids would love to follow their parents and see what it’s like.

But is it allowed for a minor to go to a bar with a parent? And if it is, can they drink with parental permission? 

In this article, we answer every question about kids going to the pub with parents, including where they can do it, how they can do it, and at what age they can do it.

Can a Minor Go Into a Bar With a Parent?

Whether a minor can go into a bar or not depends on the local laws. Even in places where it is allowed, a child must not be served drinks regardless of who they are accompanied by, but there are some exceptions.

The laws around underage people going into a bar with parental supervision aren’t set in stone. In the US, no underage person may enter licensed venues or liquor stores generally. However, most states allow minors to accompany parents into a bar, but venues may choose to go against this. As bars aren’t generally family-friendly places and a minor present may ruin the image of the venue, they can individually refuse minors even with their parents.

Outside the US, there are some places that are more lenient. For example, in Germany, the drinking age is 16, and people of age may enter bars and consume beer, wine, and cider freely, but 14-year-olds can do so as well as long as a parent accompanies them.

It is important to always check the local laws regarding underage bar visits and alcohol consumption. To give an idea about the matter, here is a short list of some countries that allow underage people in bars with their parents:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Australia

Can a Minor Drink In a Bar With a Parent?

Minor Go Into a Bar With a Parent

Most places do not allow drinks to be served to minors, even with parental supervision. It is illegal to contribute to underage drinking, and anyone who does so may be penalized with a fine or jail time.

Typically, bars will not serve minors, even if their parents allow them to drink. The staff, upon noticing that a parent has given their kid an alcoholic beverage, may contact the authorities and remove the guests from the premises. The penalty for such action changes from place to place, but it ultimately ranges between a monetary fine to jail time.

There are some places and countries that allow underage people to drink in bars with their parents. As stated above, Germany is one, but even these countries have age requirements. In the UK, for example, 16-year-olds are allowed in pubs and such premises with adult supervision, and they can drink soft alcoholic beverages, such as cider, wine, or beer.

It’s important to note that although drinking with parental supervision in bars is allowed in a place, individual venues may choose not to abide by this. It’s important for the adult to ask the staff beforehand and not make a scene if they are refused service.

Can Parents Allow Minors to Drink?

In most places, minors are allowed to drink with parental permission if they are inside the premises of the household. There are other extenuating circumstances, such as drinking alcohol for religious or medical purposes.

Although minors can’t buy nor drink alcoholic beverages inside bars even with parental permission, many jurisdictions allow underage drinking, as long as it is inside the household and done under parental supervision.

However, there are still laws restricting underage drinking at home. In the UK, a child of less than five years cannot be offered alcohol under no circumstances, but between five and 17, children with permission can drink at home. If a parent unlawfully allows their kid to drink alcohol, they are punishable by a fine or jail time, while child services may also get involved.

There are other circumstances where an underage person can drink booze. Depending on where you are, these conditions may allow a child to consume alcohol:

  • Religious purposes (such as during mass)
  • Medical purposes
  • Research purposes
  • Educational purposes 


Whether or not a minor can enter a bar with parental supervision depends on the local law. Some places may not allow minors with any company in bars, even when it is allowed by law to do so. In the US, minors can enter bars with their parents, but individual venues can refuse service to them, as it could hurt the image of the bar. In other places, such as Germany, minors can enter bars with their parents and can drink light alcoholic beverages, provided they are at least 14 years old.

Although there are places where parents can drink with their children in bars, there’s usually a minimum age requirement still in place to do so. In places where a minor cannot drink in a licensed venue even with parental supervision, people who still want to drink with their kids will be refused service.

If they do it regardless, they will be removed, and the proper authorities will be contacted. Children can drink with parental supervision at home in most jurisdictions. Other extenuating circumstances include religious, research, medical, and educational purposes.

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