Risk of Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks or Caffeine

Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks or Caffeine

Energy drinks are a great source to treat hangovers. But wait, are you thinking of mixing alcohol and energy drinks to avoid the nasty symptoms? Then stop right here and read the article in detail to unleash the risks of mixing too.

Mixing alcohol and energy drinks containing caffeine can risk your life. You might think of it as an exaggeration, but that’s true. Caffeine present in energy drinks acts as a masking agent that masks the effect of alcohol to some extent. As a result, people drink comparatively more and thus put their lives at risk.

But ever thought how? Then delve through the article as it covers all the bits about it.

What Are Energy Drinks?

Energy Drinks, especially caffeinated ones, are quite popular among the young generation. They claim these drinks to be a sound source that helps them feel refreshed, boosted, more alert and concentrated. 

The reason is that in CEDs, Caffeine is present in addition to the energy-boosting ingredients that help to add a sudden dose of energy blast to the body.

In fact, studies show that adding caffeine to the normal composition of energy drinks is known to increase mental focus and alertness. 

And the effect is so strong that people drink energy drinks to overcome their hangover after heavy consumption and keep its awful symptoms at bay. These drinks help to cure hangovers and headaches and refill one’s energy-drained body to kick-start the day with overflowing enthusiasm and vigor.

However, the problem comes when people start to mix it with alcohol, thinking that it will work even better. But the game turns the opposite there. To know how jump to the section.

How Do Energy Drinks With Caffeine Interact With Alcohol? 

Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks or Caffeine

It is often said that one should not mix caffeinated energy drinks. Similarly, doctors often claim that drinking caffeine with alcohol directly has various hazardous effects. But have you ever thought why it is so? How does caffeine all of a sudden turn out to be so poisonous? 

Most people think that caffeine sobers up the effects of alcohol. But that’s not true. Mixing the two is like mixing cold drinks with tea.

Now, here alcohol acts as a depressant for the central nervous system. In contrast, caffeinated energy drinks function as stimulating agents for the brain. When the two drinks are mixed together, they fail to cancel each other out. Instead, the two components work at their end. 

As a result, the brain feels alert and active despite high alcohol consumption. Consequently, you drink more, thus risking your life even more.

Why Do People Mix Alcohol With Energy Drinks Caffeine?

One important question is why people think of mixing alcohol with energy drinks and caffeine. So, here are a few common reasons:

  • They think mixing the two will help them keep the hangovers at bay
  • To make the drink taste better
  • To remain more vigilant 

Risk Of Mixing Alcohol And Energy Drinks Caffeine

Mixing Alcohol and Energy Drinks or Caffeine

Now that we are well abreast with how Alcohol and Energy Drinks with Caffeine mix let’s enlist some of the risks of mixing the two drinks. 

These are:

Reduces The Sensation Of Intoxication

One of the risks of mixing alcohol and CEDs is that it reduces the sensating effect of alcohol. As a result, the person doesn’t get unconscious, but the cognitive function gets somewhat impaired. It feels like binge drinking. 

Heart Associated Issue 

Yet another risk of mixing the two drinks is that it increases the chance of developing cardiovascular problems. It lowers the radius of heart vessels, thus reducing the blow flow. This results in blood impairment and irregular heartbeat.

So, in short, it has the risk of potentially damaging the heart.

Increased Calorie Intake

Can you imagine one glass of the mix has up to 500 calories? So, if you have these two drinks together, the calorie intake is increased by multiple folds. And a high-calorie intake has the worst effect on your body. The loaded calories increase blood sugar, blood pressure, and triglycerides. 

You Feel Less Drunk

Yet another problem of mixing the two is that the drinker feels less drunk due to the stimulating effect of alcohol. As a result, they drink more and more to enjoy the drunk feeling. And consequently, the person often ends up drinking more than the safe limit. This can result in alcohol poisoning, and even sudden expiry (rarely)

Alcohol Dependency Risk

Last but not least, as we just mentioned, due to the presence of caffeine, the person drinks more to get drunk. As a result, his body gets habitual of binge drinking or heavy drinking. Thus, he becomes more prone to alcohol dependency and mostly becomes alcohol dependent. 

So, these were some of the risks of mixing alcohol with energy drinks containing caffeine. Therefore, it is better to avoid mixing, too, to keep such consequences at bay.

What To Do If You Have Consumed Alcohol And Energy Drinks With Caffeine Together?

If you have just mixed alcohol with energy drinks containing caffeine as a vital ingredient, and are wondering what will happen next, just control your nerves. You surely aren’t going to die by doing it one time.

Calm down, and get some healthy sleep. Moreover, drink juices and water to avoid dehydration.

However, if you feel uncomfortable, it is better to go to the hospital and get advice from the doctor.


Mixing Alcohol And Energy Drinks with Caffeine is not a good option. The two drinks have quite the opposite effects. Where one turns out to be a stimulant for the brain, the other works like a depressant. 

Therefore, you should avoid mixing and consuming them together. Otherwise, you can risk your life and develop different health problems like cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, cognitive impairment, etc.

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