Top 10 Best Mug Root Beer Memes

Mug Root Beer Memes

Close your eyes and picture yourself sipping on a frosty glass of Mug Root Beer. Picture this: the face on the bottle starts chatting with you. In other words, what would it say? How would you react to it? Would you laugh, cringe, or throw up? This is the idea of Mug Root Beer memes.

This internet joke series uses the brand’s name and slogan to create unexpected and amusing situations. Here, we’ll explain where the Mug Root Beer meme came from, its meaning, and why it’s so hilarious. These Mug Moments are hilarious whether or not you like the beverage being referenced.

Where the Mug Root Beer Came From: The History of Mug Root Beer Memes

The popularity of Root Beer in mugs as a meme may seem contemporary. But the tradition was initiated in the 1940s. That year, the Belfast Beverage Company of San Francisco, California, introduced Mug Root Beer to the market under the name Belfast Root Beer.

Since 1877, this company has been producing carbonated beverages like ginger ale and sparkling water; to differentiate itself, it came up with a clever new name and designed a logo in the shape of a mug.

The product’s name evolved through time, first becoming Belfast Old Fashioned Mug Root Beer, then Mug Old Fashioned Root Beer, and finally just Mug Root Beer. Since its purchase by PepsiCo in 19864, the brand’s popularity has skyrocketed among soda drinkers and meme creators.

The 10 Best Mug Root Beer Memes

If you’re a fan of Mug Root Beer and love a good laugh, you’re in luck – we’ve scoured the internet to find the 10 best Mug Root Beer memes that will make you smile!

1. “Skyler, where is my Mug?”

The “Skyler, where is my mug?” meme is a hilarious take on a famous Breaking Bad TV series clip. In the show, Walter White, aka Heisenberg, confronts his wife Skyler about missing money, but the scene has a hilarious twist in this meme. Instead of cash, Walter is now asking about his mug, leaving Skyler confused and frustrated. This meme perfectly captures the situation’s absurdity and will make you chuckle.

2. “Pepsi Man had a Mug Moment”

In this hilarious meme, Pepsi Man seems to have had a moment of confusion as he’s caught holding a can of Mug Root Beer! Dressed head to toe in his signature Pepsi blue, he has forgotten which beverage he should promote. But who can blame him? After all, Mug Root Beer is a delicious drink in its own right. It’s a classic case of mistaken identity, and we can’t help but chuckle at Pepsi Man’s adorable mix-up. Cheers to the power of a good meme!

3. “Mug Gamer”

The “Mug Gamer” meme features two contrasting images: one of a nerdy-looking guy named Virgin Scoot and the other of a buff dude named Chad Bulk Bogan holding a mug of beer. The caption below Virgin Scoot reads “Not Mug Gamer,” while Chad Bulk Bogan’s caption declares him a “Certified Mug Gamer.” The meme plays on the stereotype of gamers as socially awkward and uncool, highlighting that drinking beer while playing video games makes someone a more legitimate gamer.

4. “BBQ Water”

The BBQ Water meme hilariously captures the effect of different flavors on our brains. The top image of spicy water shows a mild reaction in the brain, but the tangy water image shows a much stronger response. And then we have the final appearance of BBQ water or mug beer which has caused the human brain to explode in humor! The meme is a funny reminder of how different flavors can pack a punch and leave us reeling. So the next time you sip something new, brace yourself for the taste bud explosion!

5. “Relationship with Pepsi Max ended”

The “Relationship with Pepsi Max ended” meme captures the feeling of betrayal when your favorite drink disappoints you. The meme features a person who has been a loyal Pepsi Max drinker but has now switched to Mug Root Beer. The image is a funny yet relatable way to express how your taste buds change and how you can move on to a new favorite drink. In addition, it’s a reminder that even though things may not work out with one brand, there are always other options to explore.


The “MUG IS ON THE MENU!?!?” meme perfectly captures the joy and surprise of discovering your favorite drink on a menu. The image depicts a group of people with wide eyes and dropped jaws, amazed to see that the elusive Mug Root Beer has made it onto the menu. It’s a relatable feeling we’ve all experienced when we find our favorite food or drink unexpectedly available at a restaurant or store. This meme is a reminder to appreciate the small moments of happiness that can come from the most unexpected places.

7. “MUG treasure”

The MUG treasure meme perfectly captures the age-old adage “Never give up.” This hilarious meme shows a hard-working treasure hunter on the verge of giving up after digging for hours without any luck. Little did he know that further exploring would have led him to the ultimate treasure: a cold, refreshing mug of root beer. This meme is a funny reminder that success may be just around the corner, and sometimes it takes a little extra effort to strike gold. So, whenever you feel down, recall the MUG treasure meme and keep digging!

8. “Good Morning Sir, Here’s a mug root for you.”

The meme likely involves a humorous or unexpected pairing between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a famous actor and former wrestler, and Mug Root Beer, a renowned brand of non-alcoholic soda. The pairing may be based on the contrast between The Rock’s tough, muscular image and the casual, laid-back nature of drinking root beer. Alternatively, it could be a random and amusing mixup of two superficially unrelated things.

9.  “I’m Not Saying Mug Root Beer is the Best Root Beer, But It’s the Best Root Beer”

This meme features a picture of a person holding a bottle of Mug Root Beer with the caption, “I’m not saying Mug Root Beer is the best root beer, but it’s the best root beer.” It suggests that Mug Root Beer is the superior root beer brand.

10. “Mug Root Beer: The Choice of a New Generation”

This meme features a picture of a distracted boyfriend looking at a passing girl as if it is a bottle of Mug Root Beer. It suggests that Mug Root Beer is a drink for younger generations even after you are with your girlfriend.

Final Words

Mug Root Beer memes have become a widespread phenomenon that has taken over entire digital media. They originated from simple photos and have evolved into entertainment that people worldwide enjoy. Memes have become popular because they are relatable, easy to create, and humorous, making them an effective way to communicate with others.

Mug Root Beer memes are a form of entertainment and reflect our culture and society. They represent the shared experiences, emotions, and values that we hold dear. Mug Root Beer memes have provided a platform for people to express themselves creatively and humorously, giving us a sense of community and belonging in the digital age.

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