Not Your Father’s Root Beer Review

Not Your Father's Root Beer

The US beer market was once considered extremely predictable and safe. However, over the years, this beer market has become extremely unpredictable. Unfortunately, this resulted in several negative consequences. Soon the market for craft beer grew in leaps and bounds, which encouraged many homeowners to brew beer at home. This resulted in greater competition in the beer market.

As a result, the national and international market saw many new American beer brands from the early 2010s. One beer brand that was introduced to the people during that time was Not Your Father’s Root Beer. This so-called hard soda soon shot to stardom and became a common name in the American drinking culture.

Brief History

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a popular beer brand produced by Small Town Brewery. Tim Kovac and John Dopak started this brewing company in 2010 in Wauconda. After almost 2 years of development, they finally released Not Your Father’s Root Beer. The founders released the beer in 2012 in Illinois.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer was originally sold in kegs at various local bars. The beer had 19.5% ABV when it was sold at liquor stores and local bars. However, the manufacturer soon decided to introduce the beer in two separate packaging of 10.7% ABV and 5.9% ABV. The makers also had 22-ounce bottles for the 10.7% ABV version.

Small Town Brewery got into a partnership with Pabst Brewing Company for the national distribution of Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Soon the success of this beer started a new alcoholic beverage industry known as hard soda or flavored beer. The success of the beer brand also encouraged the manufacturers to introduce new items in the market, such as Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale and Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale.

What Type Of Beer Is Not Your Father’s Root Beer?

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a craft beer. However, due to its unique taste and alcohol content, it soon got categorized as a hard soda. Although there were several small-scale manufacturers of hard sodas in the US, Not Your Father’s Root Beer was the first to cater to the taste buds of hard soda lovers.

The success of Not Your Father’s Root Beer also introduced a new category of beer in the market, known as “flavored beer.” The rapid success of Not Your Father’s Root Beer also made people realize that hard sodas could gain popularity amongst the non-beer-drinking community.

What Does Not Your Father’s Root Beer Taste Like?

Not Your Father’s Root Beer has a fine alcoholic taste. The 5.9% ABV gives the beverage a smooth and balanced flavor, making it a favorite among craft beer and non-beer lovers. This alcoholic drink tastes sweet with a hint of silky and spicy flavors. When you pour the beverage into glassware, it forms a very deep brown color, almost making the beer appear black.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a fizzy drink and does not form any crown. The beverage will hit your nose with spice and herb flavors when you drink it. However, the most dominant flavor is vanilla.


Not Your Father’s Root Beer is a rare beer brand manufactured with the help of natural ingredients. It is brewed with herbs, botanicals, and spices, including sarsaparilla bark, wintergreen, nutmeg, anise, honey, vanilla bean, and cinnamon. These ingredients combine to give the beer its old-fashioned root beer taste.


Not Your Father’s Root Beer, released in 2012, comes in a 12 oz bottle with a calorie content of 177 calories. However, on average, other varieties of hard sodas in their 12 oz bottles contain 192 calories.

Alcohol Content

When Not Your Father’s Root Beer was started, it came out in three variations. Each variation had different alcohol content. These were 5.9%, 10.7%, and 19.5% ABVs. However, soon the Not Your Father’s Root Beer, with 5.9% ABV, gained popularity. So, you will find Not Your Father’s Root Beer with 5.9% ABV in most stores.

Is It Healthy?

Unlike most other beer brands, you may enjoy Not Your Father’s Root Beer anytime you want. With 5.9% ABV and 177 calories, Not Your Father’s Root Beer has a commendable nutritional profile. However, it is advisable to be cautious with any alcoholic beverage.

Additionally, Not Your Father’s Root Beer is gluten-free. Those who suffer from gluten intolerance may have a hard time enjoying alcohol. Thankfully, Not Your Father’s Root Beer is unlike other beer brands. Therefore, it is a safe and delicious alternative for gluten-sensitive people.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer has excellent antioxidant properties since it is made from natural ingredients. This can keep you stress-free and protect your body from all possible free radicals. So, if you have been through a stressful day at work, sit back and relax with a bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer in your hands.

The natural ingredients used to manufacture the beer also have numerous health benefits that do not cause any harm to your body. Some of these include anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.


The cost of Not Your Father’s Root Beer depends on many factors. Firstly, it depends on your location and how many bottles you need. It is usually available in packs of 6 bottles and 24 bottles. The cheapest for the 6-bottle pack is $11.99, and for the 24-bottle package is $42.44. There are also different-sized packs, and their prices will vary depending on your location.


Not Your Father’s Root Beer is one of today’s most famous and delicious beer brands. It is also unique in that it contains an acceptable level of alcohol and is considered high in the nutritional table. However, it is advisable to have the beer responsibly and not get intoxicated so much that your health is harmed.

Not Your Father’s Root Beer is probably one of those few beer brands that tasted success within a short span. Although initially, the beer contained 19.5% ABV, it was later lowered substantially by the makers to cater to the needs of the consumers.

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