110 Best Orphan Jokes That Will Surprise You

orphan jokes

The ‘humor in orphan jokes’ here will help you see the bright side of things. These jokes are funny because they balance fun with kindness.

Lost in Laughter: Uncovering the Humor in Orphan Jokes

Our ‘hilarious orphan jokes’ will cheer you up. These cute jokes will cheer you up.

Dark Orphan Jokes

Laugh aloud Dark orphan jokes always work. Orphan jokes are dark because they address sensitive topics. Honest dark orphan jokes are amusing. Never make orphan jokes personal.

  1. Alabaman virgins are known as what?

One who has no parents.

  1. What does an orphan have in common with an empty can of Coke?

Both are no longer exciting.

  1. What’s the best way to wound an orphan’s hands?

Instruct them to continue clapping until their parents return.

  1. Why do orphans drink their cereal?

Since their father went out and didn’t come back with milk for breakfast.

  1. What do you call an orphan in a house full of mirrors?

In the company of dear ones.

  1. Come on into Alex’s orphanage?

We’ll take what you can dish out.

  1. How can you tell a nose from a ginger orphan?

Nose picking is more common.

  1. Don’t make fun of orphans; their families will be offended.

Oh…. Wait… Continue.

  1. If they were orphaned, why would they be given an iPhone X?

Simply put, it lacked a “home” button.

  1. I don’t understand why more orphans don’t become computer technicians.

Because the motherboard has yet to be located.

  1. Orphan relatives are called what?

a wooden stump.

  1.  What makes E.T. superior to a homeless stray?

E.T. managed to make a phone call back to Earth.

  1. Does a family restaurant accept an orphan?

Yes, they do have family events and parties.

  1. What program is typically not installed on a computer that has been abandoned?


  1. Which film does an orphan enjoy watching the most?

There is no going back, Spider-Man.

  1. Why do armed forces seek and enlist orphans?

Because they are immune to homing missiles.

  1. Why can’t people just leave orphans alone regarding gloomy jokes?

That way, strangers can save orphans from being lonely.

  1. An orphaned adult of 18 years old is called what?


  1. If a cannibal eats his parents, what do you name him?

….a solitary child.

  1. If orphans can’t work for SC Johnson, what’s wrong with them?

It’s genetic.

  1. Kim Jong-un attends class.

“Who is your father?” he asks in class.

Simply said, since it runs in the family.

Kim Jong-un is beaming with pride. “Excellent. Give me the name of your mom right now.

  1. The learner doesn’t think twice. As the song goes, “The Land of True Korea, outstanding in her beauty, international superpower, and redeemer of all civilizations, she is our only mother.”
  1. Kim Jong is exuberant. Wow, class effort. What do you want to be?
  1. An orphan’s most anticipated what?


  1. Why don’t abandoned children engage in a game of hide-and-seek?

They won’t be located because nobody cares enough to try.

  1. Ring the bell!

Orphan: Is anyone home?

Not your mom and dad.

  1. Why is there a limit of 363 days in an orphan’s calendar?

Their calendar does not include holidays honoring fathers or mothers.

  1. Who would an orphan root for in a movie?

Potter, Harry.

  1. New Faculty Member: I grew up without a family.

Undergrads: “OOOF”

Do we have all of our students here?

Children, your parents.

  1. Why do orphans like tennis?

They’re alone.

I got a joke, but it’s an orphan and needs a home.

  1. What did the young poker player tell the older man?

If I ask you, “Will you raise me?”

  1. How did the poor kid become a star?

It was urged that one “Go Big or Go Home.”

  1. In comparison to an orphanage, how does a dog pound differ?

The public is eager to adopt dogs from animal shelters.

  1. What is the secret to making an orphan’s hand bleed?

Instruct him to clap his hands till his parents return.

  1. In GTA, why don’t orphans earn a perfect rating?

Simply said, nobody wants them.

  1. I need a synonym for “orphan.”


  1. For what reason are orphans excluded from school activities like field trips?

Signed by both Parents: _.

  1. How about a joke that no one else has ever heard before but an orphan?

A pun aimed squarely at fathers.

  1. Jim happened upon a ragtag boy one day who was sitting on the curb. Is he an orphan? He inquired.

“Yeah, what gave me away?” the youngster asked.

Then Jim remarked, “His parents.”

  1. Alabaman virgins are known as what?

Someone who has no parents.

  1. Why was the orphaned girl so upset when having sex?

His sweetheart questioned, “Who’s your daddy?”

  1. Why can’t homeless people play baseball?

Simply put, they have nowhere to live.

  1. Kids left without parents in Ukraine who are moving to Scotland.

Straight into the next hellhole.

  1. Can a group of orphans go on a journey together?

False. They’re on the list.

  1. Is the letter F in “orphan” significant to you?


  1. What sets an orphan apart from an apple?

The act of picking an apple.

  1. Just hit an orphan to make yourself feel better.

Who will they tell if they do? Who raised them?

  1. When a couple has a small argument, and the lady changes her Facebook status to “single,” it bothers me.
  1. We have constant arguments, but I have yet to change my relationship status to “orphan.”
  1. Tell me what dialogue took place between the two orphans.


  1. Why wouldn’t a young orphan be able to see an adult website?

Given that you can’t enter without your parents’ permission.

  1. So, what do orphans get for Christmas?


  1. To whom is it forbidden to show PG films?


  1. Where can you feel the least judgmental if you make yo mama jokes?


  1. Suggested Reading: Yo Mama Puns

Who eats by themselves at a family meal?

Someone who has no parents.

  1. Why don’t strays fare better in baseball?

They don’t understand “home”.

  1. An orphan who posts a selfie online has been dubbed a what?

Picture of the whole gang.

  1. That’s why orphans love Grand Theft Auto.

Simply said, people respond positively to being sought after.

  1. Is having no parents a blessing?

Shareable chip packs.

  1. Which Hollywood film would an orphan recommend?

Stuck at Home.

  1. Can you guess the film an orphan hates the most?

We’re the Millers, a criminal comedy.

  1. The TA in the computer lab should have known better than to let a group of orphans use the Internet during his first lecture.

They were getting their fathers via download.

  1. Why did the lonely child start attending services?

The result was that he now had someone he could call Dad to.

  1. Orphans cook bread with what flour?


  1. For what reason do orphans gravitate to boomerangs?

Because they always come back.

Funniest Orphan Jokes

Orphan Jokes

Orphan jokes are funny because they are a cathartic release that avoids possibly offending subject matter. However, humor knows no bounds and may tackle taboo or controversial topics in a manner that few other fields can.

  1. In the third place, what did the one orphan say to the other?

Robin, please hop in the Batmobile.

  1. Many orphaned children succeed.

You don’t choose all or nothing.

  1. The doctor is too busy today.

Tomorrow, kid?

Doctor: No more visits.

Why adopted?

Why? I’m a family doctor.

  1. If orphans have no parents to learn from, why can’t they learn to play poker?

They don’t understand full houses.

  1. What brought the orphan to sit all by himself?

In other words, they needed some quality time together as a family.

  1. Kid: Have you ever wondered what the f meant in the word “orphan”?

The word “orphan” does not have an “f”.

Junior: That’s right.

  1. Where is it that an orphan never seems to be able to shop?

The Home Depot.

  1.  Which beer does an orphan enjoy the most?


  1. What sets Pikachu apart from an abandoned child?

Thank goodness Pikachu was the pick.

  1.  When a couple fights and the woman changes her Facebook status to “single,” it annoys me.
  1. We have constant arguments, but I have yet to change my relationship status to “orphan.”
  1. To what extent are runaways and orphans alike?

At least society needs criminals.

Messed Orphanage Jokes

Orphan jokes are the most offensive but funny. Orphan jokes are the most likely to offend. Orphan jokes can send the wrong message. For comedians prepared to tread that tight line, delivery is crucial. 

  1. Jimmy Saville saw the orphanage. What did the priest say?

Hunters plz.

  1.  A fantastic way to relieve boredom is to punch some orphans.

They can’t tell Mom and Dad or anything.

  1.  A youngster, dressed only in filth, was lounging by the roadside. “Are you an orphan?” I queried.

He said, “Yes,” in response. As in, “What gave me away?”

To begin with, your parents.

  1.  Because of my careless shelving of parenting books in the fiction area, I was fired from my position at the local orphanage.
  1. Is it the key distinction between a pound for strays and an orphanage?

People often return for their pets, especially dogs.

  1.  Why do so many orphans enjoy tennis?

since it is their only love.

  1. Where does an orphan constantly seem to get turned away from shopping? Building materials supplier So what if he’s an orphan? He can’t just dash home, you see.
  1. Telling an orphan to clap until their parents come home is a surefire way to make their hands bleed.
  1. How can you tell whether a child without parents is being truthful? Why do orphans eat porridge with water, they ask, “On their mother’s life.” Since their father went out and didn’t come back with milk for breakfast.
  1. What film best depicts growing up without a parent? Dead End for Spider-Man Here. In a house full of mirrors, what do you call an orphan? In the company of dear ones.

Knock Knock Orphan Jokes

Complex knock-knock dark orphan jokes are funny. Knock-knock orphan jokes are perilous but funnier than topical jokes. The best jokes are memorable. 

  1. It’s like a game of “Who’s there?”

It wasn’t your pa.

  1. Orphan, who’s there when you knock?

The Orphan: Who needs a movie?

Stuck at Home!

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Law enforcement, your parents have been murdered.

  1. Parents 

Ring the bell! Orphan

What’s the word? Not your mom and dad. 

Is anyone there?

  1. Movie

Ring the bell.

An orphaned voice: 

Hello? Movie A movie about an orphan? 

  1. Conferencing of the Family Ring the bell.

An orphaned voice.

Hello? Meeting of the clan Orphan

 Who needs a family reunion? Time for oneself. 

  1. Beer of Choice Ring the bell.

Orphan: What’s the word? 

The beer you like most. So, who has the best beer? 


  1. Orphan Priest

Ring the bell! An orphaned voice.



Best Orphan Jokes

orphan jokes

If you want to get people laughing, tell an orphan joke. However, they must be broken at the optimal moment and place. 

  1. April Fools’ Day pranks include visiting children’s homes and telling them their parents have returned. 
  1. So, what do orphans get for Christmas? Lonely. The parents aren’t around, so the orphanage is throwing a wild party tonight.
  1.  When will S.C. Johnson start hiring orphans? The reason is, It’s a family business.
  1.  An orphan’s family portrait is a what? The Selfie A little orphan at my school performed poorly on an exam and began to cry.
  1. I reassured her, “Your parents won’t say anything if they find out.” An orphan’s favorite band or song is. Provide Cover 
  1. When making bread, what kind of flour do orphans prefer? Self-raising.
  1.  Why aren’t jokes about orphans funny? The joke is lost on you. Which store would be an orphan’s last choice? Warehouse for home improvement.
  1. What prevents orphans from marrying? For the simple reason that they will never get their parent’s approval.
  1. In what ways are a parentless child and a person interested in raw metals dissimilar? Each has a unique name: an orphan and an Ore fan.
  1. Which type of work do orphans have the least experience with? Homework.
  1. My ex-spouse grew up without a parent. That ought to have been the primary warning to abandon her. I shouldn’t want her if they didn’t. As an orphan, I cannot help you as a family doctor.
  1. To what end do you think orphans behave like a boomerang? Unlike their parents, they don’t disappear forever.
  1. How do orphans travel so much? They’re never homesick. A juvenile was convicted of murdering his parents. 
  1. To compare an orphan to cotton, what are the differences? Someone is chosen.
  1. In what way prevents orphans from studying Egyptology? Since kids are too young to know what a mummy is. Orphan’s “F” is for “family,” after all.


We hope you enjoyed our orphan humor tour. We’ve explored humor’s surprising twists and turns, showing that laughter may come from everywhere. Orphan jokes are meant to lighten difficult situations with comedy. As we part, remember that laughter can provide hope and joy even in the worst times. Keep laughing.

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