Rainier Beer Review: Is Rainier Good?

Rainier Beer

Many people love to have a chilled bottle of beer. Whether you feel tired after spending hours working under the sun or whether you are about to sit for your dinner, you will always say “Yes” to a chilled and refreshing can of beer. Due to the growing popularity and the rising demand for beer, the United States has seen several new beer brewers across the nation. Although some brew at home for private needs, many brewing companies manufacture beer for the national and international markets.

One of the popular beer brands in the US is Rainier Beer. The alcoholic beverage is manufactured by Rainier, one of the old and reputed names in the country amongst beer brewers. Rainier Beer is made from golden barley that gives a rich texture and taste to the beverage. The fermentation process to make the beer is also done slowly.

Brief History

Rainier Beer

A.B. Rabbeson founded the Washington Brewery in 1854. Back in those days, it was the first commercial brewing company in Seattle. He renamed his company Seattle Brewery in 1872 and started manufacturing Rainier Beer in 1878. He produced the beverage and distributed it across the nation for the next decade. The company was later changed to Rainier Brewing Company sometime in the future.

The Rainier Brewing Company was one of the top names among beer manufacturers in the US for almost 150 years. The company was established in Seattle, Washington, and started brewing Rainier Beer in 1884. However, as written earlier, the Seattle brewery started brewing the beer in 1878.

The ownership of Rainier changed hands several times in the past. The company was sold to Stroh in the late 1990s. At a later date, it was sold to Pabst Brewing Company. Unfortunately, Pabst closed the brewery in 1999. Thus, the beer is no longer manufactured in Seattle.

What Type Of Beer Is Rainier Beer?

If you have tasted all types of beer and love the beverage, you should know that Rainier beer is an American-style lager beer. The reason behind the steady age-old reputation of the beer is its consistency and rich taste. The inclusion of golden barley to manufacture the beer is the primary cause behind the taste and texture. Rainier beer undergoes a slow and rigorous fermentation process under controlled conditions.

What Does Rainier Beer Taste Like?

Rainier beer has a rich taste that is consistent throughout. Even if you are on the brink of finishing your beer, it will give you the same taste as when you started drinking it from the can. The slow fermentation process of the golden barley is the main reason behind the consistent taste of the beverage. Rainier Beer also has a slightly fruity background and a malty flavor that can make you feel refreshed and satisfied within minutes.

Three different types of hops are also used with golden barley to make the taste of Rainier Beer unique and different. The best part about this beer is that you can have it with any food that has a spicy taste. This may include fried foods, nuts, cured meats, oily fish, and grilled meats.


Rainier Beer

The Rainier Beer is manufactured with love and care by the makers. They use pure spring water and natural ingredients to manufacture the alcoholic beverage that has won the hearts of many across the nation. The primary ingredient used to manufacture Rainier Beer is golden barley. This ingredient is responsible for giving a rich texture and taste to the beverage.

A special pedigree yeast is used during the fermentation process of the beer. This process is carried out under controlled conditions. The best part is the use of three different varieties of hops to make the beer. These include Mt. Hood, Willamette, and Chinook.


A 12 fl. oz can, or a bottle of Rainier Beer will have around 141 calories. If you are health conscious and seldom have foods with high calories, then you should know that swimming for around 12 minutes can help you burn 141 calories.

Alcohol Content

Rainier Beer is an American-style lager beer. The alcoholic content of such types of beer ranges from 4% to 6% ABV. Following the same rule, Rainier Beer has a 4.6% ABV.

Is It Healthy?

The Rainier Beer is like any other American-style lager beer. The calorie content of the beer is 141 calories with a total carb of 11gm, which is around 4%. On the other hand, it has 1gm of protein, which is 2%. Nonetheless, it is important that you consume a moderate amount of beer and follow a healthy diet to stay healthy and fit.

Excessive consumption of beer may lead to several health complications and may have negative effects on your heart and liver. On the contrary, if you drink a moderate amount of alcohol, it can boost your health in many ways. For instance, it may reduce the possibility of heart disease. Moderate consumption of beer will also not cause your body weight to increase, which can be the start of several diseases.


Rainier Beer is available in packs of different bottles or cans. It is available in packs of 12 or 24 cans. The prices of the packs may vary from seller to seller and from region to region. Nonetheless, the 12-can pack costs around $12.99, and the 24-can pack costs around $20.70.


Rainier Beer is a popular American-style lager that many love to enjoy. It has been a favorite among beer lovers for ages. Rainier Beer has a rich taste that is consistent throughout. You get to enjoy the same taste from the time you start drinking the beverage till it finishes. Although Rainier Beer is not one of those classic beers that you find at the stores, it still has its fair share of lovers.

Rainier Beer is made with natural ingredients, and the key ingredient is golden barley which gives it a rich and consistent flavor and taste. Other important ingredients used to make the beverage include three types of hops, such as Mt. Hood, Willamette, and Chinook. It does not have many calories and has 4.6% ABV.

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