Should You Put a Raw Egg in Beer? A Quick Look Into the Facts

raw egg in beer

Eggs in your beer? Seriously? Why in their right mind would anybody want to put eggs in their beer? While it may sound quite gross, a lot of people put raw eggs in their beer to either get over a hangover or ferment their drinks. Some others crack eggs into their cocktails to alter the texture and make them more flavorful. 

It’s a common practice, especially in the Western world where home-brewers are used to gulping down their drinks with eggs in them. But the question arises, should you put a raw egg into beer? Can it cause health complications? Does it really help you to cure a hangover

This article will discuss everything you need to know about mixing eggs into beer. Let’s dive into the details to find out interesting facts on the topic. 

Putting Eggs in Beer: A Centuries-Old Practice

Millions of people consume beer across the globe. Some are habitual drinkers, while others sip on it only occasionally. Putting eggs into beer is a centuries-old practice and isn’t a new idea. Drinks like flips and eggnogs have been using raw eggs as a major ingredient for years. 

Some people believe the idea originated in England somewhere around the 17th century, while others are of the view that it’s purely an American practice. 

No matter where it came from, the idea soon got popular in the 19th and 20th centuries, with more and more people adding eggs to their beer for added health benefits. 

However, the practice started to fade away with the dawn of the 21st century, but there are countries where the practice is still prevalent among the masses. 

 It’s a commonly seen practice among heavy drinkers, and they have all the right reasons to do so, apparently. Consuming raw eggs might trigger allergies in some people and result in Salmonella poisoning that could be fatal in some cases. 

Despite the consequences, thousands of people continue the practice for several different reasons. Let’s now look into the reasons why people drink beer with raw eggs mixed into it. 

3 Main Reasons Why People Put Raw Eggs in Beer

1. For Health Benefits

Eggs are, without any doubt, a great source of protein. A lot of people put eggs into their shakes and drinks, especially after a workout, to get a boost in their energy levels. While beer itself isn’t good for health, people crack eggs into their beer, claiming it helps them stay fit and healthy. 

But keep in mind the fact that cooked eggs outperform raw eggs when it comes to the total amount of protein to be consumed. 

2. To Cure a Hangover

Many individuals drink beer with a raw egg as they think it helps them to cure hangovers. In older times, people used to believe that an egg in beer could help in getting rid of a hangover. People were of the view that protein in the egg would keep the hangover away in the morning that followed after the night they consumed the beer. 

However, from a scientific point of view, it’s mostly just a myth. Drinking a glass of water after the beer does more good than consuming a raw egg. 

3. To Give Texture to Cocktails and Drinks

Some people add eggs to their beer and cocktail drinks to have a thick and creamy texture. They believe it makes their drink a lot tastier, frothier, creamier, and more nutritious. Raw eggs make the drink a bit more fulfilling and give it a texture that feels nice to the taste buds. 

So basically, people consume raw eggs with beer to get a protein fix, for tastier drinks, and to cure hangovers. 

Potential Risks of Consuming Raw Eggs with Beer

Now that you are well aware that people in some parts of the world are habitual of putting eggs into their beer, you must also be aware of the fact that consuming raw eggs have its fair share of consequences. 

You must be cautious when consuming uncooked eggs as they can cause allergies that might be fatal in some cases. 

Here are some downsides of cracking raw eggs into your drinks. 


In some countries, the governments warn their residents of the potential harm of consuming raw eggs. It’s just because the risk of contracting an infection named Salmonella is high when eating uncooked eggs.

If you plan on putting eggs into your beer, beware, as you might put your health at risk. 

If after consuming the drink you experience vomiting, blood in stool, high-grade fever, and dehydration, rush to a nearby healthcare facility as these are common signs of Salmonella Infection. 


Some people may react quite adversely after consuming uncooked eggs, especially beer. It’s merely because the immune system is unable to tackle the ingredient and ultimately resulting in an allergic reaction. 

This does not hold for everyone. Some people may be fine when eating raw eggs, while others may experience nausea, skin rash, or high fever. 

Allergy flare-ups can sometimes be fatal, so it’s better not to take a risk. 

Ready to Crack an Egg into Your Beer? 

While the reasons for putting a raw egg into the beer are quite controversial, people across the globe still continue with the practice as part of the drinking culture. Adding an egg to your beer may be a great source of getting a quick protein fix and enhancing the texture of your cocktails. You might actually like it too. 

But bear in mind the practice isn’t free of risks. Despite helping some people in curing their hangovers (not proven scientifically, though), this combination of beer and egg can trigger allergies and cause food poisoning in some cases. 

So if, after all the debate, you still choose to put an egg into your beer, keep an eye on the symptoms after the consumption, and better contact a healthcare provider in case of adverse signs. 

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