Does Robert Pattinson Drink Alcohol?

Robert Pattinson Drink Alcohol

The reputation Robert Pattinson has gained in the cinema film industry has been outstanding till recent years. Billions of fans throughout the globe have fallen in love with Pattinson thanks to his breakthrough performance playing Edward Cullen for the Twilight franchise and his critically lauded performances in several films. 

Like most famous people, followers are naturally interested in the lifestyles and habits of their favorite stars. One frequently asked subject is if Robert Pattinson drinks alcoholic beverages. In this article, let us explore the association between Robert Pattinson and alcohol throughout his life. 

Views of Robert Pattinson on Alcohol

Before getting into the details of Pattinson’s connection with alcohol. Does he drink alcohol? It has an answer that is quite enlightening. Yes, Robert Pattinson was formerly said to be a light drinker who also liked to smoke. Following the completion of Twilight, His name expanded his career, and he started acting in various films, notably some indie ones. 

He maintained to focus on his musical endeavors throughout the entire process, despite rumors and chitchat that he occasionally indulged in excessive drinking.

According to a source for Star Magazine, “Rob had a difficult time adjusting to stardom and his split with Kristen [Stewart], which is why he went to booze to dull it all. Every night and even while filming, he drank a lot. However, his health was deteriorating, and he knew his image as a heavy drinker would cost him lucrative assignments.

Robert Pattinson appears to be feeling the strain associated with being regarded as one of the most frustrated teen idols in history, and it has a negative impact. NW claims that Rob has just started drinking. According to their informant, Rob engages in risky behavior and excessive drinking. 

“His family is very concerned and beginning to believe he needs to go to rehab.” 

Rob frequently has the appearance of having just crawled out of bed. But getting a little drunk would not be all that unusual.

The reason behind Robert Pattinson’s alcohol use

Recent claims and clues from Hollywood sources suggest that Robert Pattinson might have had a covert drinking issue that no one knew. 

Robert Pattinson got an issue with alcohol in addition, and that was before his girlfriend exposed their illicit relationship to the world.

Robert Pattinson took up liquor as a comfort when Kristen Stewart shattered his heart by cheating. And currently, according to friends, the man cannot quit consuming alcohol. According to a close insider, Rob “became completely devastated after Kristen’s cheating, so took to alcohol to drown in the heartbreak.” 

Rob drinks alone in the house and with others whenever he is out, and his breath smells of alcohol. During those periods, Pattinson’s friends were worried about him but were also unaware that if he reconciled with Kristen with her again, things would even worsen.   

According to trustworthy sources, Rob has continued to use alcohol, and he and Kristen regularly engage in late-night binges that frequently go until seven in the morning when there were in a relationship.

His friends want to help him quit the drinking habit because they are concerned about how he worsens daily. Rob now brings vodka to the set where he works all day since he has gotten so reliant on it.

Pattinson Gate crashed the “Harry Potter” Premiere

As many of his admirers know, star Robert Pattinson played a role in one of the popular series of the movie Harry Potter. However, did you believe that the Batman performer carried out one of the weirdest things during that time?

After consuming pizza and beer throughout the day, Robert admitted that he stormed a movie theatre for the Harry Potter and Order event of the Phoenix premiere.

He acknowledged this in an interview, saying, “I was simply strolling along Hollywood, and it took me a lengthy walk, I cannot recall probably a 45-minute get around, and it was scorching hot. I had only had pizza and beer for the entire summer, and it looked terrible.”

He continued by saying that countless Harry Potter lovers were present there, but he didn’t give them a second thought as he calmly went over, and I looked terrible in the photo captured during that event. 

Favorite alcoholic drinks of Robert Pattinson

People working at a nearby restaurant said Robert Pattinson enjoys Global cocktails and spaghetti with meatballs. Apart from this, he loves to try almost all varieties in the bars. Below are specific incidents that say he has tried out nearly all alcoholic beverages. 

Pattinson revealed that he had some vodka backstage before he did feature on Jimmy Kimmel Live, so it might have appeared to be a mistake.

He acknowledged to Kimmel that he sipped vodka and held his balance. He added that because his shoes were overly big, he gave the impression of being a clown.

According to his buddies, when he is not sipping vodka, he orders the whisky soda combo over the bar and prefers spending time in Brooklyn. 

Following these incidents, when his girlfriend cheated on him, Pattinson was spotted drinking beer with fatty friends in Sydney. 

Nobody is quite sure what wine he prefers, but news sources claim he enjoys dining and drinking with his now-on-again (at least that’s what we assume) girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. 

Quit Drinking for the Batman Movie

According to an article in OK! Actor Rob Pattinson gave up alcohol to prepare for his upcoming role in Batman. It seems Warner Bros wants to ensure Robert is physically fit for the position because many believe it might be a career-defining one for him. The studios appear to have the correct idea of providing Robert with exercises, eating well, and giving up alcohol to be at his best. 


In the final, Robert Pattinson’s involvement in binge drinking alcohol is apparent in his assertion on numerous websites. His separation from his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, is due to alcoholism. Despite these instances, he remains loved for his outstanding abilities and loyalty to his performing profession, and they respect his desire to have a private life.

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