Does Sex Cure Hangovers?

Sex Cure Hangovers

Have you also heard that having sex cures Hangovers? But ever thought about how it can help in curing?

Indeed, hangovers are the worst consequences of drinking booze in excess. It leaves you nearly unconscious and tired even after hours of sleeping. But recently, it has been found that having sex after drinking alcohol often helps surmount the unwanted repercussions. The reason is that not only it turns out to be a good exercise, but it also induces changes in hormones by secreting oxytocin- the cuddle hormone.

Now let’s delve through the article and find out the surprising role of sex in curing and managing a hangover.

How Does Sex Cure Hangover? The Hormonal Release

Oxytocin hormone, commonly known as the love hormone, perfumes the following duty in the human body.

  • Sexual Arousal in humans
  • Managing Human behavior 
  • Building trust and a romantic relationship with your partner
  • Mother-infant relation
  • Share anti-inflammatory properties

Out of these, the last property helps to reduce swelling and inflammation in the body.

Actually, the hormone is known to completely block cytokine production. As a result, the body’s inflammation gets reduced to nearly half.

Similarly, it plays a role in boosting the body’s immunity by increasing the production of helper B and T cells.

Last but not least, this love hormone is known to aid in repairing injured tissues and reduce overall body pain.

Benefits Of Having Sex To Cure Hangovers

Sex Cure Hangovers

Apart from releasing oxytocin, having sex has a lot of other benefits that help to cure Hangovers. For example, it is a healthy exercise for the body that boosts the immunity of the body and aids the sleeping rhythm. 

So, let’s blow-by-blow, discuss all these benefits and find how they contribute to combating hangover symptoms. 

A Good Mood Booster

One of the major gifts that having sex grants us is that it helps to boost one’s mood. The reason is that it releases the oxytocin hormone that induces a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in the body. Moreover, it helps fight depression. 

As a result, one feels more active and happy, thus helping fight the fatigue, anxiety, and depression which come as an unwanted gift with a hangover. Consequently, one feels happier and more active. 

Sound Exercise

Secondly, since sex involves a lot of energy, it is considered a healthy body exercise. And we all know exercises are one of the ways to cure hangovers. The reason is that as you do excessive active body movements, there is better blood circulation throughout the body, thus aiding the release of toxins.

Moreover, it is known to increase the release of endorphins, enhancing mood and energy.

Similarly, sex is a great way of increasing body metabolism, which accelerates the breakdown of alcohol, and thus aids in excessive removal.

Increases Cognitive Function 

Another problem associated with drinking booze is that it affects cognitive function, thus making us less responsive.

On the other hand, sex helps combat it too. It reduces the stress and anxiety build-up and helps the brain work more actively.

In fact, research claims that people with fewer sexual encounters have less active cognitive function and memory than those who have sex more frequently. 

Helps Fight Prostate Cancer 

Yet another risk associated with excessive booze consumption is that it increases the risk of prostate cancer onset. On the flip side, sex has an essential role in preventing the onset of prostate cancer. The reason is that through sex, one often ej*culates chemicals, thus avoiding the build-up, which can turn into harmful toxins with time.

Aids The Sleeping Process

Last but not least, hangovers often result in irregular sleep patterns. On the other hand, sex releases prolactin, too, in addition to oxytocin. As a result, people sleep a lot and, in fact, enjoy a healthy nap after sex, thus, helping reduce hangover fatigue by providing the body with ample sleep.

So, these are a few ways in which sex can turn out to be effective in combating the nasty symptoms of hangovers as well as excessive alcohol consumption. Moreover, it contributes to keeping the heart functioning actively and maintaining its health. 

What Are The Best Positions To Cure Hangovers?

Indeed, sex position matters a lot. It offers more satisfaction and pleasure. So, here are a few sex positions that can help you better overcome the symptoms:

  • Sitting Up Sex
  • The saucy spoon
  • Mutual Masturbation 
  • C*nnilingus
  • Side by side
  • Sofa Sex
  • Good Ole’ Missionary

A Few Other Ways That Can Help Cure Hangover

Apart from having sex, various other remedies and tips can help cure hangovers. Some of these are:

  • Drink tons of water to avoid dehydration. The reason is that dehydration not only results in hangovers but worsens the symptoms too.
  • Have a heavy, carbohydrate-rich breakfast in the morning 
  • Drink an energy drink or herbal tea to boost your mood.
  • Consume vitamin B and zinc.
  • Replenish the lost electrolytes. 
  • Enjoy a sound nap in order to keep muscle aches and fatigue at bay.
  • Exercise a bit to speed up the rate of metabolism and alcohol breakdown. 

However, all of these tips are used to cure hangovers, not prevent them. So, next time you consume excessive alcohol, why not get cozy with your partner, and enjoy some leisure time?


Sex is one of the vital needs of humans that helps them feel better. However, it is equally beneficial for relieving hangover symptoms too. Engaging in sexual activity stimulates the release of hormones like oxytocin and prolactin, which enhance mood and energy levels. 

Moreover, it is counted as a great exercise that increases one’s metabolism; in short, it helps combat hangovers by alleviating the symptoms like fatigue, depression, and restlessness. 

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