Sheetz Alcohol Menu: Everything You Need to Know

Isn’t it great to have things you need or want within your reach and close? Well, convenience stores are the hub for being the backbone of America. Found at gas stations and otherwise. There have been some great franchises, but today we will discuss one such store. Sheetz comes under being one of America’s best convenience stores. 

It’s a multifaceted store, being a hub for coffee at the same time, shopping, and a prominent gas station that also provides hot food, beverages, gas, and convenience store items all in one. They have managed to carry quite a premium grocery selection in their stores. 

Along with freshly baked bakery items, it is often a great spot to hang out with friends just to eat and have fun in a casual setting. They manage to provide everyone a visitor needs. Still, today we will be discussing their alcohol menu and whether they offer it or not.

Beer Selections

Sheetz Alcohol Menu

Sheetz might not offer many options for alcohol, but within its range of beers alone, it lives up to the hype. They offer a diverse variety catering to anyone’s preferences and choices. From popular beer to locally crafted, everything is available at Sheetz.

The great thing about convenience stores is that the bigger, the better, and not just in slushie sizes. Sheetz even offers a wide range of quantity options. Anything from a regular can, large can, 6 pack, or bottled beer is available. Here are a few possibilities of beer offered within the Sheetz alcohol menu; these are fan favorites and go very well with any pairing of snacks at the store.

  • Budweiser: Being the King of beers in America, Budweiser is everyone’s first choice. It has been reigning for decades and is in every corner of the nation. Every convenience store is filled with this beer; it is only possible to enter a store in America that has Budweiser. A 36-pack costs 21$.
  • Coors Light: Many people feel that no other beer can compare to the feeling that Coors Light gives when chilled to the ideal temperature. It comes true to its name and appears to be the most cooling beer available. It costs 29.99$ dollars.
  • Miller: A popular quintessential American beer is Miller. The popularity of this brings it to the top three in this list. Due to the light nature of the beer, it is widely enjoyed. It goes nicely with modest snacks and small edibles at the convenience store. Miller Lite costs $10 for a 12-pack. 
  • Sierra Nevada: Many people in America adore and cherish the Sierra Nevada. What could be better than enjoying a craft brew whenever at your convenience? Not a lot, we wager. With its vibrant citrus flavors and a touch of sweetness, this is the perfect option for any beer connoisseur. It costs 38$ per pack.
  • Dogfish Head: Dogfish Head is a renowned brewery with unique and exciting flavored beers. Thanks to the oak undertones, it’s locally made craft beer with a strong taste. It costs 15$,
  • Victory: Victory Brewing Company comes up with a wide range of different craft beers. They are known for their lagers, stouts, and more, the specialty being the amount of detail being put into them. It costs 18$.

Wine Selections at Sheetz

There are two types of people in this world. Those who enjoy beer and those who want a delicious range of wines. Both interests and preferences are valid, so we must now list the wine menu. Sheetz manages to keep the fan-favorites like Barefoot, Sutter Home, and Yellow Tail intact, which cater to the regular wine drinkers and their treasured wines within reach.

They also manage to outsource wine from local wineries, which adds a distinct flavor and branding to the market. This is more for people who like trying new things and discovering unfamiliar options. Whether you are used to your Chardonnay or an intense Cabernet Sauvignon, Sheetz has its target audience locked and loaded. 

  • Barefoot: Barefoot wines are famous for being cheap and easy to attain. This fruity concoction offers a range of options like Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and more. Barefoot wines are known to be low maintenance and affordable. $9.99 per 750ml bottle.
  • Sutter Home: Sutter Home Also offers a wide range and ticks all the points with their Chardonnay to their fine Cabernet Sauvignon. Sutter Home wines are reliable, and you can trust them with consistency in their product. $6.00 per 750ml bottle.
  • Yellow Tail: Yellow Tail is a grape-centric brand widely acknowledged as one of the best. Yellow Tail creates fruity goodness within their Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, which are well worth the price and value. $5.97 per 750ml bottle.

Responsibility in Alcohol Sales for Sheetz

Sheetz has a no-tolerance policy for anyone trying to buy alcohol underage or for underage people. They have strict policies against selling and providing any alcohol to minors. Their guidelines must be religiously followed if anyone tries to work at Sheetz so much so that there is rigorous training for Sheetz employees to not allow alcohol to anyone posing as 21.

This is why they consistently check everyone’s id to avoid making a mistake and go against store policies. 

This is also why Sheetz does not carry the most comprehensive, unlimited range of alcohol. They don’t want it to get into the wrong hands and be misused and abused. Sheetz convenience store firmly believes in controlling alcohol consumption to prevent minors from indulging in vices.


These options cater to various tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for every beer enthusiast. The same goes for anyone who is okay with a bottle of wine from a convenience store. Only some people are picky about their alcohol. 

Something to acknowledge is that Sheetz Stores has security cameras to correctly record alcohol purchases. This helps them dictate later on whether they accidentally made any sales to minors. So the Sheetz alcohol menu is comparatively smaller, and their reasons are justified. 

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