How to Sober Up Before Bed: 9 Tips To Help You

sober up before bed

Following an enjoyable night spent with your buddies or a special occasion, you may experience the need to sober up rapidly before bed. After drinking alcohol, the task of getting sober again happens to be known as “sobering up.” Although there isn’t an instant remedy for sobriety, there are specific steps you may take to quicken the process.

This blog will discover some proven strategies for sobering up before bed. These are safe to try and do not have any side or harmful effects on the body. 

9 Ways to sober up before bed

It is wise to understand that apart from time, nothing can decrease your blood alcohol level.

Discovering an easy way to stay sober up can be a never-ending search. There are plenty of urban legends and exclusive recipes that claim to provide a solution to this dilemma. However, none of them have scientific support. Let us explore some popular myths regarding quickly sobering up after drinking alcohol.

1. Drink coffee 

Sober Up Before Bed

Alcohol induces slumber. Although caffeine is a stimulant that may assist in you feeling more alert, it does not quicken the metabolic activity of alcohol. Caffeine use is problematic since it misleads people into imagining they are sufficiently sober to drive a motor vehicle. 

It is essential to remember that caffeinated beverages may have additional side effects, such as raising the rate of your heart and anxiousness. As an outcome, it is safer to stick to a single glass of coffee daily and remain attentive to how you feel afterward.

2. Shower in cold water 

Sober Up Before Bed

A further technique to awaken up is to take the best cold shower. A refreshing shower might speed you up but won’t make you more comfortable after drinking.

People say the cold shower method is the easiest way to become alert before bed quickly. The cool water may make you not become as tired, become more attentive, and have a better mood.

Remember that enjoying an incorrect cold shower could turn potentially fatal. Ensure you take a warm shower rather than an ice-cold one to minimize potential dangers. Furthermore, be sure that you take a 10-minute max shower and consume lots of water.

3. Keep Hydrated

Sober Up Before Bed

To keep alcohol consumption under control, you must take in total water along with every alcoholic beverage. Water intake can mitigate the drying effects of booze, even when used in moderate amounts. 

Also, keeping yourself hydrated by drinking excessive water can give the liver the time to process the intoxication from your system.

4. Exercise

Yet another excellent approach for quickly getting sober before bed is to work out strenuously. You can improve the blood flow through exercise, which can lessen the adverse effects of alcohol on the human system. Exercising can also enhance consciousness and decrease tiredness. 

Choose a workout that raises the rate of your heart, which might include squats jumping jacks, or running, whenever it comes to physical activity types. Remember to take regular breaks and monitor the heart rate since excessive exercise might be harmful. Furthermore, remember to hydrate well throughout, before, and following your workout.

5. Lemon 

Another fantastic approach for quickly getting sober while going to bed is to take on a lemon wedge. The lemons have a great deal of vitamin C, which might lessen the adverse consequences of liquor on the body’s systems. Taking in a wedge of lemon can also improve alertness and reduce fatigue.

The lemons are acidic; thus, you should restrict your intake to just a single wedge. To help neutralize the acidity in your mouth after taking on the lemon wedge, make sure you also consume a lot of water.

6. Consume Carbs

Foodstuffs such as bread may help with alcohol digestion, yet consuming any carbs can slow down the absorption of alcohol. Naturally, following so may decrease the possibility of ingesting too much alcohol.

Eating meals high in calories, proteins, or carbs can extend stomach emptying and lessen the amount of liquor taken in, based on a 2012 study published in the Clinical Liver Disease Journal.

But alcohol digestion gets slow by dietary intake of fatty things like cheeses and meat, so your system still has to break down the drink you have consumed ultimately.  

Even though consuming may make you more comfortable because of the sugar and other nutritional effects on the brain’s chemistry, eating might reduce the process of intoxication breakdown. 

7. Throwing up

Sober Up Before Bed

You cannot lower the blood’s level of alcohol by vomiting since liquor enters your circulatory system rapidly. However, a single sip will not make you feel sick. 

But excessive drinking could make you uneasy, and throwing can help cure uncomfortable feelings. Because once you throw up, you will immediately feel refreshed and alert. Still, trying to induce vomiting is not an excellent strategy.

8. Nap

Napping is another excellent option for rapidly waking up before bed if you’re too exhausted to exercise. Becoming asleep after a nap may be easier because it can increase attentiveness and aid with exhaustion. In addition, taking a nap helps lessen the adverse impacts of alcohol on the body’s systems. 

It is essential to think that an extended nap could be harmful, so try to keep your rest to no longer than 20 minutes. Set up a timer to prevent sleeping for a prolonged time. Finally, remember to hydrate well both before and following your nap. 

9. Broth 

Sober Up Before Bed

A small bowl of warm broth is an excellent way to attempt to become sober before going to bed. Electrolytes are substances abundant in the broth that can fight tiredness and increase attentiveness. Furthermore, broth is a good source of minerals and vitamins, which may help provide for lost nutrients by consuming alcohol. 

While picking the kind of broth, it is advisable to choose one that is lower in salt, which might be chicken or, deliberately, vegetable broth. Bouillon cubes tend to be heavy in salt. Thus you must stay away from this kind of broth recipe. The final step is to follow the broth with a lot of water.


Suggested above are natural and safe home methods which do not lead you to any side effects. You can sober up before bed quickly and have an enjoyable night’s rest if you consider these suggestions.

To sober up from excessive alcohol consumption, give yourself enough time, ease, and rest. The methods discussed above could make someone feel and seem more awake; however, they won’t make their blood levels of alcohol go down. Unexpectedly, each person is distinct. A combination of variables, specific individuals absorb alcohol more quickly than others.

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