Does Spider-Man Drink Alcohol?

Spider-Man Drink Alcohol

Let it be a girl or boy, Spider-Man has been one of our favorite characters throughout our childhood. We loved to see the way he used his superpowers, like web-slinging, to overcome daily life struggles and challenges, and yet always managed to choose the right path. But a commonly asked question is, does Spider-Man drink alcohol?

Well, as far as the movie character is concerned, spider man never drank booze in any of the scenes of the movie. However, there are one or two shots in the comic issues like Web of Spider-Man issue no. 38, where Spider-Man is shown to be drunk. 

Moving to the real-life character of Spider-Man, Tom Holland has been into drinking. In fact, he claims to be addicted to drinking booze. Want to know if he still drinks alcohol?

Then, without any further ado, straight away buckle down through the article and find out in more detail if Spider man drinks alcohol either in the movie or his real life.

Does Spider-Man Drink Alcohol in Movies?

Spider-Man Drink Alcohol

No. The director and producers have granted the spider man character a number of human-like properties, one of which is drinking alcohol. 

But in movies, they have never shown the character to drink alcohol. The reason is that in the contract, Marvel made it quite clear that there should be no scenes in the movie where the central heroic character Spider-Man gets drunk.

So, as far as the spider man movies are concerned, no, the spider man doesn’t drink alcohol in any of the scenes.

However, yes, there are a few (only one or two) scenes in the comics of Spider-Man where he is shown either drinking alcohol or getting drunk. Here comes the detail of such scenes.

1. Web of Spider-Man #38

In this scene, Peter Parker throws a party with his wife, Mary Jane, in the joy of their marriage. But his landlady got angry. To make Peter’s mood better, Mary gave him a fruit punch, unaware that it was spiked with alcoholic liquor. Well, spider men continuously drank it and got drunk.

To make the situation even worse, Hobgoblin, Spider-Man’s enemy, puts in to attack him. When Spider-Man attacked in return, his web shots started to fail as he was drunk.

When Hobgoblin realized the spider man was drunk, he attacked even more. But luckily, he fell into the radio tower, and the spider man got saved.

But that was when he realized he couldn’t fight well when drunk, and later on, he scolded Mr. Muggins for adding alcohol to the fruit punch.

2. Spider-Man Clone and Alcohol 

Another story about alcohol is related to the clone town of spider man- Ben Reilly. When the clone realizes he is not the real Peter Parker, he gets frustrated and drinks a lot of booze.

As a result, he gets tipsy, and the bad side of the clone starts to appear. He starts to yell at Cliff, a bartender who was sitting next to him and gave him drinks too.

Later, the spider-sense of a clone alerted him that something was wrong, and after he founds Cliff was about to suicide. 

There, the clone saves him from suicide and motivates Cliff and himself to start a new life. That is where the clone names himself Ben Reilly and starts a new, better life.

3. Wolverine # 74

In the Wolverine 74 scene, it became pretty evident that Spider-Man doesn’t prefer drinking alcohol. In it, he goes to a bar and decides not to drink there, despite having an open option.

4. Amazing Spider-Man # 601 

In this scene, it is believed that Spider-Man drank alcoholic champagne at Aunty May’s wedding, and as a result of getting tipsy, he ends up sleeping with Michelle Gonzales. However, later, it became clear that it wasn’t the reaction of being drunk as the champagne he consumed was non-alcoholic.

Overall, we can conclude that except for one scene where Spider-Man throws the party, there are no other scenes in the coming where we can see him drunk, and thus, we can say that no, spider man doesn’t drink alcohol. 

Can Spider-Man Drink according to the contract between Marvel and Sony?

No, according to the contract signed between Marvel and Sony, Marvel restricted any scene related to alcohol consumption by Spider-Man. 

Does Spider-Man drink alcohol in real life? Tom Holland’s Addiction 

Yes, Tom Holland used to drink alcohol in reality. He claims that there was a time he used to enjoy a very boozy and full of alcohol in December (2021). And it was only until dry January. 

Tom Holland said that he decided to take part in dry January, and during the whole time, the only thing he could think of was alcohol. At that time, he became well abreast with his addiction and decided not to drink alcohol from now on.

However, later Tom Holland overcame his Alcohol Addiction. He said that on his 26th birthday in June, he was halfway through his complete abstinence as he hadn’t drunk alcohol since January. 

And the best part was that Tom Holland claims alcohol abstinence to be one of his best decisions in life. He said in an interview that since he has cut his alcohol consumption to zero, he no longer faces any sleep issues. In fact, he can better manage his life and male decisions.

Final Verdict 

So, when it comes to movies, no, spider man doesn’t drink alcohol at all. In fact, the contract between Marvel and Sony strongly states that no booze consumption scene related to Peter Parker should be there in the movie.

However, there are one or two drunk scenes in the comics of Spider-Man. Similarly, the real-life character of Spider-Man, Tom Holland, was previously involved in drinking. However, later, he gave up its consumption ultimately. 

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