Top 5 States That Drink the Most Alcohol

States That Drink the Most Alcohol

Welcome, today; let’s go on and explore the indulgent side of our very own United States! We must take this journey to figure out a leering question that rattles all our brains occasionally. 

The question is: Which State can be placed first on a list of the most alcohol-consuming states in the United States of America? 

Figuring out this question means going through all the states about how often and how much they like to consume alcohol. 

So let’s get set and get all the answers for an ever-so-curious mind.

Which States Drink The Most Alcohol?

Alcohol statistics and how much each U.S. state consumes vary on many things. The factors include cultural practices, alcohol rules, population, and drinking problems. 

The global ranking for the U.S. lands somewhere in the 25th position for alcohol consumption, which is more than many countries according to the population. The U.S. consumes 8.7 liters of pure alcohol annually. While the global average limit is 8.3, the U.S. does exceed that limit.

Many U.S. States have increased their per capita alcohol consumption goals since 2016. The data recorded by The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse also noted New Hampshire as scoring first on the list nationwide. The lowest ranked is Utah, consuming 1.34 gallons per person. 

Keeping the legal drinking age in the U.S. for every state as being 21 in mind, let us move forward and look at the top 5 alcohol-consuming states in the U.S.

1. New Hampshire: Live Free Or Die

Let’s start with a fun fact about New Hampshire, shall we? So this state was the first nation to get its freedom from Britain. It successfully freed itself and came up with a slogan for itself: Live Free Or Die. The motto has stood the test of time, as it is said even today by the residents with utmost pride. 

However, this slogan also perfectly encapsulates why they are ranked number 1 on this list. This state has managed to consume the most amount of alcohol. Fun fact, New Hampshire is low if we were to rank the states with the most binge drinking habits.

New Hampshire is a small state; it is surprising how much the people within it can drink. With 4.67 gallons as the average annual amount of alcohol per person, it easily deserves its place on this list. Another fun fact for you is that New Hampshire is the most beer-consuming state in the U.S.

2. Delaware can Drink!

With the population of the state being recorded as 998,619. It also accounts for it being a relatively small space in terms of its surface area. That doesn’t mean this state can’t take its fair share of alcohol, though! 

It also takes the spot for being the 2nd most binge-drinking state, and rightfully so. The state’s law allows alcohol pick-ups, deliveries, and even takeout from any establishment owning a liquor license. The state indulges in 3.52 gallons of alcohol per person annually.

3. District of Columbia: A Toast To Power and Libations in the Capital

D.C., the nation’s capital, ranks third in the U.S. for alcohol consumption. The people of D.C. indulge in 3.79 gallons of ethanol because of its prominent nightlife.

The state has a very diverse population with different interests. The bars, clubs, and restaurants cater to everyone and are very inclusive. It can be a factor as to why it comes third. D.C. also consumes the most wine and tops the list in that regard.

4. Nevada: When In Vegas Baby

Nevada contains Las Vegas, so isn’t it obvious already? The home and hub of casinos, gambling, bars, drinking, entertainment, and fine dining must be number four in every regard. The nightlife has spoken for itself throughout these years.

Nevada also has a large tourism pull, which might be why the state consumes 3.43 gallons of alcohol per capita per year. For tourists and locals alike, alcohol is served 24/7 and is always available no matter where you are.

Due to the no mandatory closing times and availability issue, people consume alcohol like their life depends on it. There are also very loose laws regarding drinking openly in public at any time of the day, so the shame aspect goes away.

5. North Dakota: Where the Drinks Flow and Spirits Soar

North Dakota lands number 5 on this list due to its renowned love for beers. So much so that the state is ranked as 3rd among the top states that enjoy beer; it consumes the highest amount of beer per person. 37.5 gallons being the record.

One thing that the state suffers from, however, is underage binge drinking. Most residents start drinking from the age of 13, which has been recorded, according to a study conducted in 2015. 

The harsh weather can also contribute to some of the drinking issues in the state. Most of the time, the climate in North Dakota is biting and cold, which may lead some to drink more than if they were in hotter weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

There you go, those are the Five states which indulge in the most amount of alcohol. Whether it is binge drinking or not, every state is unique. Some prefer beer and some wine; there’s a palette for every taste.

This tells us how distinguishable they are and can’t be in a box. From New Hampshire’s free spirit (quite literally), Delaware’s small space but large tolerance, D.C.’s liberated wine drinking, Nevada’s chill drinking culture, and Monatana’s cold weather. 

One thing that should be a priority is responsible drinking. Let’s raise our glass and toast to these wonderfully diverse states and their indulgences.

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