Does Superman Drink Alcohol?

Superman Drink Alcohol

Superman is one of the best heroes of our childhood. The way he used to showcase his skills using Kryptonian physiology is completely unforgettable. Additionally, the way he used to fly in the air, move at a speed faster than that of a fired bullet, ability to carry heavy weights as if they were nothing, etc., are some of his qualities that have also managed to fascinate us. But where he is endowed with these exceptional qualities, can he hold alcohol too,  unlike a normal human?

Yes, as long as Superman is under his Kryptonian physiology, drinking alcohol doesn’t get him tipsy or intoxicated. For him, alcohol works just like any other drink. That is why, though he has been depicted drinking once in movies and multiple times in comics, in most cases, he acted normal due to his superhuman power.

Want to know more about the relationship between Superman and alcohol? Then without delaying any further, let’s unleash the details.

Does Superman Drink Alcohol In Movies?

Superman Drink Alcohol

No, in most of the movies, Superman is not shown to get drunk. The reason is that most of the movie’s viewers are children and youngsters, and thus giving such a message is inappropriate. 

Additionally, there were some points where Superman has been shown to enjoy booze in the movie. However, because he has superhuman powers, he doesn’t get drunk, despite drinking alcohol.

But yes, Superman III is an exception to it. In it, the moral and responsible Superman splits into two persons: 

  • The good Clark Kent
  • The bad man of steel

So, in it, the synthetic kryptonite had a detrimental effect on the overall personality of Superman, thus evoking his wrong side. Consequently, the hero starts to act selfish and mean. And in this whole complex scene, Superman goes to a bar and drinks a lot of alcohol. There, he even gets drunk and starts to do some reckless activities. 

Additionally, there is one scene in Superman II, where in the fortress of solitude, Superman creates an icy table for Lois Lane and opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate. However, he was not shown to consume the champagne in any scene.

Does Superman Drink Alcohol In Comics?

Well, when the point comes to comic series and issues, yes, there are a few scenes where Superman has been shown drinking alcohol. 

But did he get drunk too? To figure it out, let’s analyze the situation. 

In comics, it is depicted that Superman gets his diet primarily from the sun, and therefore, he hardly needs to eat or drink. However, here are a few scenes where he is shown drinking alcohol in comics.

Superman’s Reaction To Sip Of Light Beer 

Recently, in the comics, Superman has been providing a power that allows him to expel all his superpowers from the body. 

Consequently, his body acts like a normal human. 

Initially, Superman was happy since he got the chance to live the life of a normal human. But later, the Justice League took advantage of his situation. They took Superman to a bar and offered him a drink.

Soon after the Man of Steel took a small sip of the drink, he became tipsy and started to say meaningless things, and then passed out. The League found this all hilarious, making fun of the tolerance level of Superman. 

The following morning, when Superman woke up, though he had gained some energy from the sun, he experienced a bad hangover.

Action Comic #15 Version 52

Previously, DC Comics was quite strict about not showing any drinking scenes. However, recently, they have become less rigid, as is evident from the comic # 15 scene.

In it, the landlady of Superman, Mrs. N, gives a toast to Superman, and he takes it.

So, in short, most of the time in the movies and comics, it has been avoided showing drinking scenes related to Superman.

However, there are some exceptions to it, a few of which we discussed.

Can Superman Get Drunk? A Few Possibilities To Eye On

The reason why Superman doesn’t get drunk or intoxicated even after drinking alcohol in some scenes is his superhuman power. Just the way he isn’t hit by a bullet or killed by deadly poison. Similarly, alcohol can’t get him drunk.

But here are a few possibilities in which Superman can be intoxicated. These include 

  • Kryptonite

First of all, when Superman is exposed to kryptonite, he can quickly get drunk. The reason is that kryptonite nullifies all the powers of Superman. 

As a result, he becomes an ordinary human who can not only get drunk by drinking alcohol but can’t fly, can be hit by a bullet, etc.

  • Magic Alcohol 

And here comes the biggest weakness of supermen- magic. Superman, although he isn’t affected by magic, as is a normal human, he claims to get damaged by magic too, as his body cells are not immune to magic.

  • Light Of Red Star

Similarly, if Superman sits under the light of a red star, then according to the storyline of Superman: Red Son, he can get drunk.

What Are Some Unique Powers Of Superman?

Last but not least, least enlist some of the unique powers of Superman. These include:

  • Super strength that allows him to move planets using his hands
  • Ability to fly, despite being a human
  • Invulnerable to a number of things, including poison, bullets, and even nuclear bomb
  • Solar Flare
  • High speed, more than that of a fired bullet
  • Microscopic vision eyes allow him to see things at a far distance 
  • Freezy breath
  • Time travel
  • X-ray and heat vision 

Final Verdict 

All in all, Superman hardly drinks in movies. There is only one scene reported till now in all movies, that is in Superman III, when the synthetic kryptonite evokes the bad side of Superman, causing him to drink alcohol and become a selfish and mean version.

Similarly, in the comics, there are just one or two scenes where Superman is reported to drink.

And most important of all, Superman doesn’t get drunk despite drinking alcohol due to his superhuman powers. 

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