Does Taylor Swift Drink Alcohol?

Taylor Swift Drink Alcohol

Taylor Swift, the singer-songwriter, developed an acclaimed profession that started when she was just 16 years old. Her exceptional musical talents and performances she does onstage are outstanding to date. 

The famous song composer just launched her 7th album named Lover. Swift’s life has gathered curiosity recently, precisely her way of life and alcohol indulgence. In this blog, let us discover the singer’s journey with alcohol from the beginning of her 20s to her recent status.

Taylor’s Clean Start in the Media Industry

Taylor Swift, a budding starlet in her teen years, did not appear eager to dive into the world of alcohol. Swift’s attitude towards drinking was traditional until she turned 21, a milestone frequently marked by events and alcoholic beverages. According to “Taste of the Country,” Swift said, “I don’t consume much alcohol.” She admitted to preferring sweeter drinks with candy- or sparkles-like appearance. She occasionally chose wine because it makes her think “classy,” but avoided harsher drinks like Scotch.

Taylor’s Changing Preferences

Since Swift made those comments almost ten years ago, her attitude toward alcohol has changed. She posted an enigmatic picture of pink flowers and what appeared to be Scotch in a decanter on her social media in the spring of last year. 

Since there was no caption, fans speculated whether the drink was just a prop or Swift was starting a weekend of cocktails. Fans are now debating whether Swift’s preferences have evolved past wine and sugary drinks after more than ten years of adulting. 

She increasingly accepts most sorts of alcoholic beverages on a broader scale. Swift might depend on relationships, but she does not seem drawn to substance misuse. 

Taylor Swift’s interests have changed, similar to everyone else’s. She has previously admitted to enjoying a “Diet Coke along with vodka” combination, in keeping with her position as the Diet Coke representative. However, as she has grown older and accumulated significant riches, her net worth was $320 million in 2018, and her tastes have probably evolved beyond those of her childhood. 

Swift’s choices today reflect her development and accomplishment, whether it be an alcoholic beverage of Dom Pérignon or a vintage reversion to her preferred Diet Coke and vodka.

Swift spoke candidly about her views on drinking and marijuana use in an appearance on 60 Minutes when she was 22. I have had alcohol, but I avoid drinking regularly. She confessed, “I do not drink to become intoxicated because that is not cute. And because I sing, I do not want to smoke anything.” 

Swift’s song and alcohol

The famous star’s album all relates to the evolving bond of alcohol towards her with her stunning lyrics. Her initial two songs, “Taylor Swift” and “Fearless (2008),” have a very different vibe from her subsequent works because they don’t reference alcohol.

The little mentions of wine, bars, and beverages in “Speak Now ” followed by “1989 (2014)” give the reader a tiny glimpse into her experiences. Swift’s lyrical terrain drastically changed as she switched to “Reputation (2017).” 

The album reportedly has 13 references to alcohol, with whisky, a glass of champagne, and even beer receiving special attention. 

Swift’s most recent work, “Lover (2019),” expands on the concept with eight songs that weave together references to booze, particularly wine. Also, these songs talk mainly about her significant achievements towards her career improvement. 

Taylor Swift’s sober rumours

Through billions of admirers for the songs that she makes, Taylor Swift has won thousands of hearts and prominent women for talent and mystery. The recent rumor that has come into the spotlight is that Taylor Swift is sober or indulges in alcohol.

Taylor Swift is not new to the spotlight; popularity brings scrutiny. Her appearances in public, when she could be occasionally photographed hanging out with close companions and appeared to be relishing a joyous ambiance, raised suspicions regarding her sobriety. 

It is necessary to highlight that even though these incidents provided cause for rumors and insinuations, they do not offer definitive confirmation regarding her sobriety. Swift said in a chat with British Vogue that she was sober until she was 21. She is now frequently seen at gatherings where people enjoy drinks, but she does not binge drink and knows her limitations.

Swift’s alcohol and overeating

Nobody would deny that the pop star’s physical features have changed to an extent; notably, she has put in weight that raised many discussions among critics and fans. 

I have long appreciated her svelte shape; therefore, I am encouraged to consider how she changed from her previous image to her present one. The way she feels about alcohol has also changed significantly. Taylor Swift has publicly recognized her love of wine and her identity as an occasional alcoholic. 

She was previously known for preferring Diet Coke mixed vodka for calorie reasons. This shift has affected her way of life, so now she is very keen on her fitness. 

Taylor’s Balancing Indulgences and Wellness

It is simple to picture celebrities overindulging in a glamorous industry. Taylor Swift’s dedication to health, nevertheless, is still apparent. She has an incredible presence on stage and exercises tirelessly to keep fit. 

Swift, famous for her energetic performance, dedicates herself to fitness and working out, as shown by her dance-based workouts at the Bodywork taken by Simone class in New York City. For her overall wellness, she performs regular activities, including running, doing push-ups, and lifting light dumbbells.

The core characteristics of a contemporary superstar who understands that some of the most lavish pleasures ought to be supported by regular physical activity are apparent in this healthy way of living.


As long as Taylor Swift remains in the limelight’s eye, her path through popularity, songs, and her private choices remain a mesmerizing mystery. Her public image and lyrics depict the evolution of her relationship with alcohol. 

She was open in social forums until she was 21 and sober, which is not the case now. Swift is not an excessive drinker; however, she indulges in moderation. From her early, careful relationship with alcohol to her more upfront acceptance of its significance in her life, Swift is proficient in the intricacies of celebrity. Swift’s compositions altered during her creative journey and personal growth, resembling the ever-shifting evolving dynamics associated with her drinking habits.

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