TGI Fridays Alcohol Menu in 2023

TGI Fridays Alcohol Menu

Enter the lively and spirited world of TGI Fridays, where delectable foods are combined with a remarkable selection of alcoholic drinks. TGI Fridays, one of the top restaurants, has won over customers with its enticing charm and vibrant atmosphere. The expertly crafted Alcohol Menu, a tribute to the craft of mixology that highlights various libations, is central to this experience. The fascinating world of TGI Fridays’ alcohol menu is explored in this article, enabling you to delve into the symphony of flavors and find the ideal cocktail to enrich your dining experience.

TGI Fridays Alcohol Menu

TGI Fridays’ beverage selections promise a voyage through flavor and enjoyment, creating an enduring imprint on your palette. They range from traditional cocktails to modern creations. 

Prepare to set out on a lovely journey where each sip serves as a reminder to enjoy the present and bask in the happiness of having shared experiences with friends and loved ones.


Strawberry margarita $10.99

Indulge in the refreshing sweetness of TGI Fridays’ Strawberry Margarita. This classic cocktail is expertly crafted with a perfect balance of tequila, triple sec, and freshly muddled strawberries, creating a vibrant and delightful flavor profile. Served in a salt-rimmed glass, this margarita pairs exceptionally well with Tex-Mex favorites like sizzling fajitas or zesty nachos.

Mojito $10.99

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with TGI Fridays’ Mojito. This timeless cocktail features a medley of fresh mint leaves, zesty lime, and smooth white rum, all muddled together and topped with sparkling soda water. The Mojito is a perfect companion to seafood delights, such as grilled shrimp or fish tacos. Its crisp and refreshing taste harmonizes beautifully with the oceanic flavors, making your dining experience a taste of the Caribbean.

Barbados rum punch $11.99

Unleash your inner beachgoer with the Barbados Rum Punch at TGI Fridays. An irresistible blend of dark rum, tropical fruit juices, and a hint of grenadine, this cocktail is an exotic escape in a glass. Pair it with TGI Fridays’ Caribbean-inspired dishes, like jerk chicken or coconut shrimp, to elevate the island vibes. The Barbados Rum Punch’s fruity notes and smooth finish create a harmonious dance with the rich flavors of these delectable dishes.

The best Fridays margarita $10.99

As the name suggests, The Best Fridays Margarita is a crowd-pleaser at TGI Fridays. A classic combination of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, this well-balanced cocktail sets the bar high for margarita enthusiasts. Enjoy it with TGI Fridays’ sizzling steaks or hearty burgers for a delightful pairing. The Margarita’s tangy zest and citrusy undertones complement the savory goodness of these dishes, making them a perennial favorite.

Electric Lemonade $11.99

Spark your taste buds with the Electric Lemonade, a vibrant and electrifying concoction at TGI Fridays. Vodka, blue curaçao, and lemonade blend to create a citrusy delight. This drink pairs exceptionally well with TGI Fridays’ appetizers, like loaded potato skins or buffalo wings, thanks to its zesty and refreshing qualities that balance these dishes’ savory and spicy notes.

Blueberry Long Island Iced Tea $12.99

Look no further than the Blueberry Long Island Iced Tea at TGI Fridays for a bold and spirited choice. A fusion of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and blueberry puree, this twist on a classic packs a punch of flavor. Enjoy it alongside TGI Fridays’ smoky barbecue dishes or hearty ribs for a fantastic combination. The Blueberry Long Island Iced Tea’s fruity twist complements these dishes’ smoky and savory essence, making it an ideal choice for BBQ enthusiasts.

Aperol Spritz $11.99

Transport yourself to the charming streets of Italy with the Aperol Spritz at TGI Fridays. An energizing and bittersweet symphony is produced when Aperol, prosecco, and soda water are combined. This delightful aperitif pairs beautifully with TGI Fridays’ pasta dishes or light salads, accentuating the flavors and adding a touch of Italian sophistication to your meal.

Limoncello Gin & Tonic $11.99

Experience a zesty twist on a classic favorite with the Limoncello Gin & Tonic at TGI Fridays. A delightful blend of gin, tonic, and tangy limoncello liqueur, this cocktail is a burst of citrusy goodness. Pair it with TGI Fridays’ Mediterranean-inspired dishes, such as grilled chicken or lemon-herb salmon, to enhance the harmonious flavors of the meal.

Greek Mule $12.99

Embrace the Mediterranean charm with the Greek Mule at TGI Fridays. Crafted with ouzo, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice, this cocktail offers a delightful fusion of flavors. Sip it alongside TGI Fridays’ Greek-style appetizers, like spanakopita or tzatziki with pita, for a compelling pairing that celebrates the essence of Greek cuisine.

Fresh Strawberry Mule $12.99

The Fresh Strawberry Mule at TGI Fridays is a must-try for a berry-infused treat. Vodka, fresh strawberries, ginger beer, and lime juice combine to create a delightful and fruity delight. This cocktail matches TGI Fridays’ salads or grilled chicken dishes, as the strawberry infusion adds freshness to the meal.

Fresh Strawberry Daiquiri $11.99

Embrace the sweetness of summer with the Fresh Strawberry Daiquiri at TGI Fridays. Rum, fresh strawberries, and lime juice combine for a luscious and delightful cocktail. Pair it with TGI Fridays’ seafood selections or fruity desserts to enhance the dining experience with a symphony of fruity flavors.

Long Island Iced Tea $12.99

A timeless classic, the Long Island Iced Tea at TGI Fridays packs a powerful punch. Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, and sour mix combine to make a powerful yet well-balanced cocktail. Enjoy it with TGI Fridays’ hearty and savory dishes like loaded fries or chicken quesadillas to balance the bold flavors with this iconic cocktail.

Peach Sangria $12.99

Savor the taste of summer with TGI Fridays’ Peach Sangria. A delightful fusion of peach schnapps, white wine, and a medley of fresh fruits, this sangria is a delightful and refreshing choice. Pair it with TGI Fridays’ light and vibrant dishes, such as grilled vegetables or shrimp skewers, for a delightful combination of flavors that celebrate the season.



  • Carlsberg $5.99
  • KEO $5.99
  • Heineken $6.29
  • Kornenbourg $5.99


  • Carlsberg $7.29
  • Leon $6.99
  • KEO $6.99
  • Corona Extra $7.29
  • Estrella Damm $7.29
  • Heineken $7.49
  • Erdinger Weissbier $7.99
  • Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime $7.99
  • kornenbourg $7.29
  • Guinness $8.49



  • Mateus $4.50


  • Gancia Prosecco $4.80
  • Henkell $4.80


  • Moschofilero Boutari $4.80
  • Aes Ambelis $4.60
  • Bibila Chora $4.80


  • Agiorgitiko Boutari $4.80
  • Aes Ambelis $4.60
  • Bibila Chora $4.80


TGI Fridays’ alcohol menu offers an enchanting array of beverages catering to various palates and preferences. Every sip demonstrates their commitment to mixology, which is a blend of timelessly elegant classics and cutting-edge inventions. Whether you seek the comfort of a familiar favorite or the thrill of trying something new, TGI Fridays’ alcohol menu promises a journey through flavors that will delight and surprise you.

So, the next time you step into a TGI Fridays restaurant, be prepared to embark on a spirited adventure, where the fusion of delicious food and exceptional drinks sets the stage for unforgettable moments with family and friends. Cheers to the vibrant world of TGI Fridays, where every sip celebrates taste and togetherness.

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